Willy Caballero Confirms Interest in MLS

Major League Soccer is becoming a prominent franchise for international football. Athletic personalities that mentioned beforehand they’d never join MLS have changed their mindsets. Individuals like Lionel Messi has mentioned his public consideration for MLS after departing Barcelona FC. Another player announcing an interest in MLS is Willy Caballero, goalkeeper for Chelsea FC. Caballero is an iconic goaltender sustaining veteran status in the Premier & Champion’s league. Mentioning his interest in MLS will evoke prominent franchises like LA Galaxy, Toronto FC, and the Seattle Sounders to inquire about acquisition.

Willy Caballero spoke with a prominent outlet in Great Britain named “The Athletic”. It’s mentioned that before switching to Major League Soccer, Caballero wants to extend his career in the Premier & Champion’s league. Those aspirations will falter after the skillsets of Caballero have descended in-comparison to younger goaltenders. Rarely is Caballero witnessed in official matches, with Chelsea FC downgrading the once prominent goalie to training backup at Stamford Bridge. Analysts anticipate Caballero’s move to MLS will be sooner than later, with his contract to Chelsea ending after next years campaign.

Chelsea FC Coaches Force Caballero’s Hand

Thirty-eight appearance for Chelsea Football Club have been sustained by Willy Caballero. Analysts & supporters never understood why coaching personnel didn’t evoke the skillsets of Caballero, who acquired champions for the Argentinian National Team before leaving for Great Britain in 2014. Caballero joined Manchester City, where his goaltending capabilities became famed & feared. Acquiring the Premier League Championship Cup wouldn’t have been possible without Willy Caballero in 2015.

Negotiations are being sustained between Chelsea FC & Willy Caballero, with the defining factor being Caballero’s return to first goaltending position. Coaching personnel have forced Willy into second position for three years, which Caballero cannot sustain any longer. The chances he’ll move to Major league Soccer increase with each day an updated contract isn’t formed with Chelsea FC.