Wayne Rooney Back to England

After a couple of days of rumours based on a suitable combination of optimism and uncertainty, it has now been made official that from January on, Wayne Rooney would be part of the English football scene again.

Rooney Returning to English Soil

It comes as no surprise that Rooney is returning the local soil. The former Manchester United and English captain made no secret of the fact that he and his family is not entirely adjusting to life on the east coast of the USA. Currently, he is playing for DC United in Major League Soccer. He was still contract bound until 2021, but the 33-year-old player was mentioning for a while already that he has been receiving offers from clubs both in the UK as well as in the States concerning coaching positions. Coaching is one of the goals in his career, which he still wanted to achieve, and now this seems to become a reality for him.

Derby County

Initially, Mel Morris, Derby County owner, didn’t want to confirm whether Rooney was signing with them for sure. He expressed that they do want him in a player-coach position and that discussions were ongoing. Rooney had an early August visit to Derby County. It was also mentioned that the decision which they made to offer the position to Rooney was one which was only recently decided upon and that it carries the backing of Derby manager, Philip Cocu. Cocu, previously playing for Barcelona, only recently took on the position of manager at the Championship club. He took over from Frank Lampard. Derby County already had their first success in a 2-1 victory over Huddersfield in their opening game. Morris also admitted that he is positive that Rooney will sign with them amidst knowing that offers from other clubs will stream in to get Rooney as well, based on the knowledge that he is planning on returning. He agreed that nothing is inevitable in the industry until signed.

Rooney’s Contract

Morris got his certainty when Rooney signed an 18-month contract with the club, starting in January 2020. Having the English top scorer in their camp is naturally a cause for excitement for Derby County. They are keen to learn from his knowledge and experience. Rooney is also known not only for his superb skills but also as a player with exceptional leadership abilities, character and professional work ethic. He will be a significant contribution to the club, inspiring the players and taking their game to greater heights.

Rooney on His Decision

Rooney arrived at DC United roughly a year ago and was immediately a success. His contract with them which he is now ending sooner, was still valued at $3.5 million and returning to England is bringing a pay cut, but Rooney made it clear that his family was his priority in the decision. They were struggling to adjust in the States and wanted to return to England. Hence the return in January when the winter transfer window is opening up again.