Toronto FC Loses MLS Cup

After a prolonged battle into the cold, bitter winter months of Canada, Toronto FC has lost their fight against the Seattle Sounders for the MLS Playoffs Cup. This came as a major disappointment for fans, who suffered a hard season where the team couldn’t get out of 7th or 6th position. However, towards the end of the season, Greg Vianney and his team turned things around to gain a spot in the playoffs. Considerable efforts from Michael Bradley, Alejandro Pozuelo and Omar Gonzalez enabled for the team to make it to the final matchup of the 2019 MLS Playoffs. Unfortunately, after one of the longest matches in MLS history, Toronto lost 3 to 1 against the Seattle Sounders. This loss came on Sunday, November 10th, 2019.

Most sports analysts were anticipating that Toronto FC would win another MLS Playoff Cup. However, after a shocking and incredible performance from the Sounders, they gained the goals necessary to win the match. These goals came after the team was struggling for the majority of the game, with Toronto having priority control over the ball. Towards the end of stoppage time, the Sounders released a final burst of energy and succeeded with two goals in a short period.

Fans of both teams were excited at the prospect of their sporting organizations receiving a second cup. The Sounders won the 2016 MLS Cup after a prolonged shootout, and Toronto won the series in 2017 with a two nothing lead. Even with Toronto’s majority possession of the ball, Toronto was vulnerable for counter-attacks without Altidore to assist Pozuelo. Seattle continually put pressure on Alejandro Pozuelo, who surprisingly danced around their defence until nearly the end of stoppage time when his body gave up. Pozuelo himself feels they could’ve won the cup if Jozy Altidore wasn’t on the bench for the final match of the season.

Seattle’s Story

The Seattle Sounders began their breakthrough against Toronto FC on the 57th Minute. It was here that Seattle’s Ruidiaz found his teammate Leerdam at the penalty box. Leerdam took a shot, which went between the legs of Chris Mavinga and then his Justin Morrow. It was then that the ball flew into the right corner of the net. Rubbing it in, the Peruvian Player ran off and threw his jersey in the air before swinging it around. Ultimately, this resulted in a yellow card and him being removed from the MLS Championship. It wouldn’t be until after stoppage time was nearly over that Seattle gained their second goal. It was considered a tie until the referee’s determined that Ruidiaz made a legitimate shot, even after he showboated. TFC Fans were left unimpressed.