Top Premier League Scorers

Being ranked as one of the top goal scorers in the Premier League is a prestigious position which is the result of brilliant talent, absolute passion and built upon the foundation of hard work. Therefore the success of Jamie Vardy created quite a stir within the circles of Premier League when this former amateur player forced football legend, Christiano Renaldo, to move one down in the rankings.

This past Sunday saw a match between Leicester City and Newcastle United. The final score was 5-0 in Leicester City’s favour. Two of these five goals came from none other than Jamie Vardy. Vardy’s first goal came from within the box, and the second was a header. These two goals tallied his total amount of goals on 85, which is one more than Renaldo’s record of 84.

Vardy’s new personal record also placed him ahead of Carlos Tevez who was previously in action as a striker for both Manchester United and Man City. Vardy is now also in an even run with two names from Chelsea, Fernando Torres and Eden Hazard. An additional prestige to his achievement is that Vardy who only entered the Premier League at the age of 27 years old, managed his record in 183 games, while it took Renaldo 196 to achieve his career.

His Playing Career

At the age of 16, the now 32-year-old started playing for Stocksbridge Park Steels. After three years for the Steels, he moved on to the Northern Premier League Club, F.C. Halifax during 2010. Here Vardy managed a whopping 25 goals during his first season, and he was hence named the club’s Player’s Player of the Year. Then he spent some time at Fleetwood Town before Leicester took a massive gamble on him. Leicester City paid a record-breaking amount in transfer fees at the time for him totalling at £1 million. This was money which brought a high return on investment though.

Vardy scored 20 goals for the club during his first two seasons playing for them. The 2015-16 season was, however, when he showed his actual value. Vardy excelled under the guidance of the Italian, Claudio Ranieri. During this season Vardy managed 25 goals for Leicester City, moving them into promotion into Premier League. It was also during this season that Ranieri started to describe him as a priceless player and his transfer fee was increased from £2.1 million to £18.8 million. His weekly salary was also adjusted to £80 000 per week.

During 2016, Arsenal made a bid on Vardy of £22 million, a proposal that Vardy rejected. Arsenal couldn’t promise him a place in his position, and their offer was denied, and Leicester came to the table with some improvements to his contract. Vardy’s contract was set to expire in 2019, but Leicester City did the sensible thing and extended his contract once again until 2022.