Top Goal Scorers in the History of Football

Soccer is undeniably a beautiful game, and the goals that are scored in matches is a key ingredient as to why more than half the population of the world loves to watch this incredible sport. Below, we take an in-depth look at the best goal scorers in the history of football and include the number of goals they scored during their careers.

1. Josef Bican – Total Goals: 805

The most outstanding goal scorer in the history of football is undoubtedly Jose Bican, but there aren’t a lot of football fans that even know this player to be honest. Bican was an Austria football star during the 1930’s and was a member of the squad that managed to reach the World Cup semi-finals in 1934. Bican continued playing soccer until 1955 and retired at the age of 42. As a two-footed forward with immense pace, he managed to rake up 805 goals.

2. Romario – Total Goals: 772

Ronaldo, the Brazilian soccer legend, said that he learned the art of scoring goals from Romario. Johann Cruyff, the former Barcelona coach, also stated that Romario was a genius when it came to the penalty area. There’s no denying that Romario was one of the best finishers when it comes to football where he managed to score a total of 772 goals in only 994 matches in his career.

3. Pele – Total Goals: 767

Pele is considered to be the greatest football player of all time by Franz Beckenbauer. Pele is also regarded as the most prolific football forwards the beautiful game has ever seen. Pele is a three-time World Cup winner while playing for Brazil and was nicknamed “The King” where he netted a total of 767 goals in only 831 appearances. This means that he boasts with an impressive 0.92 strike rate per game.

4. Ferenc Puskas – Total Goals: 746

Ferenc Puskas is referred to as “The Galloping Major”. He was a key player in two of the greatest football squads in the history of the sport, including Real Madrid during the 1960 European Cup and the Magnificent Magyars from Hungary. Puskas was small, stocky, and his right foot wasn’t very strong. However, his left foot was a canon which he used to score most of his 746 goals in only 754 matches.

5. Gerd Muller – Total Goals: 735

Gerd Muller, the supreme poacher, was world-renowned for his incredible predatory instincts when it came to the penalty area. As an icon for Bayern Munich, Muller scored the winning goal for West Germany during the World Cup final in 1974, and he averaged over a goal a game when it came to the international level, scoring 68 goals in only 62 matches.

6. Christiano Ronaldo – Total goals: 670

He initially started as a fleet-footed winger, but quickly transformed himself into a sensational goalscoring machine. The football superstar for Portugal has broken several records in his career and continues to do so while playing for Juventus.