The First Player in MLS History

Major League Soccer is set to see a milestone as a sporting organization as they celebrate their 25th-year anniversary. This has led many to wonder about the history of this ever-growing sport. Most don’t know that the head coach for the Houston Dynamo’s, Tab Ramos, was the very first player in history to sign on with Major League Soccer. He signed a contract to play in the MLS back on January 3rd, 1995, it was a nationally televised event that will forever go down in sporting history.. At that time, he was a prep star with New Jersey and signed on with his hometown team of the Metro Stars. Eventually, they would become the New York Red Bulls.

The alteration from the European league of La Liga to Major League Soccer was a significant leap of hope for Ramos. He played for Real Betis, while also being a substantial component for the US National Soccer team. Tab Ramos was a talented player that took his capabilities to the inaugural season of MLS, seeing the potential for what this league could become. Subsequently, Tab Ramos became part of the first US National Soccer Team in 1996, where he would play with formidable legends in the league. This includes Cobi Jones, John Harkes, Tony Meola and Alexi Lalas. With the assistance of these legends, Ramos would go on to become a three-time all-star player in Major League Soccer. Collectively, he experienced several professional seasons with MLS.

Tab Ramos Retires

The first fans of Major League Soccer were saddened when Tab Ramos retired from professional soccer, where he founded the first US Soccer Development Academy in New Jersey. It wouldn’t be until 2011 that he would return to professional soccer, except not in the player capacity but instead as the head coach for the US Under-20 national team. He’d continue coaching this organization for eight years, acquiring four championship titles. This allowed Ramos to become an inducted member with the US Soccer Hall of Fame. However, going forward, he won’t be coaching the U20 American national team. For the first instance in more than twenty years, Ramos is returning to Major League Soccer.

Houston Dynamo

The recent expansion period in Major League Soccer saw multiple new teams be implemented into the sporting organization. One of those teams includes the Houston Dynamo, who are slated to play their first matchup in 2020. When this team was publicly announced, it was confirmed that Tab Ramos would return to MLS as the head coach for the Dynamos. This provides the team with a formidable leader who’s acquired champions in the past and sees Ramos return to the MLS field in 15 years.