Gotze had just played a volley above Romero’s hand into the net. The cross Coming from fellow substitute Schuller, Germany was World Champions for the 4th time same as Italy and just one World Cup behind Record wonders Brazil .

Four years later in kasan, Gotze and Schuller wouldn’t be around to save the Germans as they became the first casualty of a queer World Cup.

Russia 2018 World Cup is the 21stFIFA World Cup mad the 3rd to hold in East Europe. Beyond the stats is a World Cup that has impressed on the field and off it.

The first surprise of the World Cup was a 5-nil drubbing of the Saudi Arabian National team by the host team.

The host team has been described as poor in mildest terms and unsurprisingly so.  The least ranked team playing in Russia 2018 just 3 steps below the Saudi Arabia team, they surprised the world with their goal scoring prowess. They showed the world that it wasn’t a one off by condemning the Mohammed Salah Egyptian team to their second loss out of the 3 games Egypt would go on to lose.

The Russian team have lived a fairy tale until they were knocked out  via an entertaining penalty lottery by Croatia another team living the dream in Russia.  The Russians were not given a chance but they preservered to the quarters, sending Pre tournaments favourites the Spainish nationalteam back to the warmth of Spain.

Russia 2018 has seen it’s share of wonderful goals, Goal keeper blunders, of uninspiring performances by the game best players ,break out performances and the introduction of the Video assisted refeering  on the biggest stage.

Off the field antics like Maradona showing his middle fingers to a Nigerian fan during their game against his beloved team Argentina or the face of Peter Schemechiel after his son Kasper Schemechiel saved Modric’s last minute penalty are two events at opposite ends of a spectrum at this World Cup.

Russia 2018 imitates other World Cups held before it in bringing fans from different  countries together, fans can be sending at fan zones mingling together and enjoying the company of their foes before the games.

The World Cup is seen arguably as the biggest sporting event bringing the best of the sport together for one year to win the biggest prize of their careers;  The golden cup . This is why the inconsolable tears, the depressed shoulders and the heart wrenching pain felt by both fans and players after being booted out of the football mundial is quite understanding

The World Cup in Russia is already at  Semi Finals,  with 4 teams who have delighted millions of football fans around the world with their talent, discipline, tenacity and strong will over the last three weeks slugging it out. In another week the winner of the 21st edition of the World Cup would be known but this World Cup wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry.

The Faces of joy, incredulity and pain of fans are etched in eternity. The Goal celebrations ranging from the funny, the deeply emotional, the respectful and the political celebrations wouldn’t go forgotten.  Neither would the volleys,the belted thunders, curlers and the numerous last minutes goals that have decorated this World Cup is all part of the miracle called Russia 2018.

Russia 2018 would be ending by the night of the 15th of July without gang fights, unprovoked hostilities and other dangers that fans have been warned about before the tournament started.

Rather it would end with a thunder, a bouquet and a pure stream of joy that has always been the epitome of the world most emotional Event.

It is Russia 2018, it is the Queer World Cup .