Summer Transfer Window – Major Moves This Far

The Summer Transfer Window for 2019 is almost coming to an end, and there have been many significant transfers already completed worthy of note. Some of these transfers are noteworthy due to the massive amounts of money paid for players and some because of the vast ways it will impact some of the most significant leagues and teams. Let’s explore how much and why some of these deals got signed for.

Jasper Cillessen moving to Valencia and Neto to Barcelona

An excellent move for both. Cillessen previously tried to become the No. 1 keeper for Valencia, and this is his opportunity to do it again. In return, Neto is awarded with a much better contract as well as playing for a great club. The move entails much more than that. This was also an accounting driven decision by both Barcelona as well as Valencia to avoid any troubles from Financial Fair Play. For Valencia to stay within the guidelines of FFP, they had to arrange more transfer income before their new financial year started on the 1st of July. Therefore Neto was sold to Barcelona for the amount of €35 million to avoid any penalties. Then Barcelona sold Cillessen to Valencia for the same amount. With Cillessen’s purchasing price only entering the books after the 1st of July, it seems that Valencia is ending off their financial year on the plus side. If the purpose of the FFP was to avoid that the larger clubs outplay the smaller clubs with their bulky wallets, then they have failed at that. What it did cause was much more creative thinking from the larger clubs to get away with the same kind of deals.

Tyrone Mings moved to Aston Villa

Thanks to the vast sums received from English Premier League given upon promotion, it was evident that Aston Villa would probably spend large amounts this summer. Still, nobody expected such a big splash as them paying a total of £26.5 million to keep Tyrone Mings, who was there on loan, permanently. This is an unprecedented amount to pay for a player who can be rated as mediocre at best. It does tell us a couple of things about the market, though.

First of all, central defenders, like Mings, are hard to find if clubs are willing to pay that much money for them. Secondly, the prices paid for defenders did become somewhat inflated over the past couple of years, until the turning point occurred with the outrages sum of £75 million for Virgil van Dijk by Liverpool. From there onwards it was slightly deflating again.

A third thing which teaches us about the transfer market is that English clubs still are looking for English talent. Evidence of this is also rooted in the rumours of Man United planning on buying Harry Maguire for a staggering £80 million. This English international player from Leicester City will then become the player for which the most was ever paid in history. Let’s hope he is as good as the money is which paid for him.