Spain’s La Liga Resumes Training

Supporters of Spanish Football were thrilled over the weekend, with La Liga permitting their official organizations to resume training at the lowest level possible. This meant supporters saw Lionel Messi training for the 1st time in 60+ days, with the infamous footballers forced to reside indoors after a national lockdown was implemented in Spain. The Coronavirus pandemic prompted lockdowns worldwide, with the Spanish Government starting the 1st phase of lifting lockdown measures. This meant that La Liga could permit footballers to engage with individual training sessions.

The 1st three clubs permitted to begin their training was Barcelona FC, Villarreal FX, and Sevilla FC. Neither of these outfits has completed their regular routines since March 14th, which followed after Spain and Italy both became pandemic zones for the novel coronavirus. After two months of overwhelming conditions, both nations have found it possible to resume the economy, albeit on a considerably smaller level than usual.

La Liga Spain permitted two other outfits to begin training on May 8th. Those included Real Madrid FC and Atletico Madrid, with these five outfits and all other organization in the La Liga being informed that seasonal play will resume on June 1st. Civilians won’t be permitted as spectators, with teams having to implement strict guidelines for their safety and the protection of on-site personnel. Refusal will prompt substantial fines and the immediate banning from all remaining seasonal games.

Challenges with Training

Executives with La Life Spain demanded that team personnel, coaches, players, and filming crews be tested before entering the facility. Those same tests were maintained for individuals leaving the facility. Results haven’t been released publicly by La Life, with Spanish News Outlets claiming three unnamed footballers from the five teams training were confirmed with COVID-19.

Some are calling for the lockdown of La Liga Spain to remain active until late summer, with executives ignoring these pleas for safety. Ultimately capitalism requires money to thrive, and La Liga team owners want profits immediately. That will always come first when making such a substantial investment. It should be mentioned that cleaning crews are continually working in these training facilities, ensuring that all surfaces are clean from the virus. La Liga hopes this’ll stop the spreading of COVID-19 amongst their athletes.