Russian & Spanish Football Leagues Resuming

La Liga isn’t hesitating to move forward with the resumption of their seasonal operations. They’d initially announced that four players would be permitted to train together, with that valuation of training footballers now including the full team. This will begin on June 1st, with the training period active for eleven days for seasonal matches resume. Restarting their football seasons began after Bundesliga, the German Soccer League confirmed their resumption of operations.

Multiple sporting outfits have reviewed Bundesliga to determine if similar measures could be enacted with their league. Most determined that the social distancing requirements issued by Bundesliga & La Liga aren’t viable enough to ensure player protection. Under this determination, sporting outfits like Major League Soccer won’t resume for a prolonged period.

La Liga Spain wasn’t permitted to operate since March 12th, with their operations restarting by June 11th. This means a three-month delay on football matches occurred, with it being the most extended postponement in Spain’s football history. Don’t expect the season matches to lost for a prolonged period, with eleven rounds remaining before the playoffs. La Liga’s Championship will be completed by July 20th. It’s suspected that Barcelona will dominate over Real Madrid in the Championship Rounds.


Following the continued operations of Bundesliga & La Liga Spain, the Russian Football League announced their resuming services by June 21st. What shocked health experts worldwide is that Vladimir Putin is allowing fans to attend these football stadiums, which will inevitably create an influx of confirmed infections across Russia. It should be noted that a maximum 10% capacity of the stadium is permitted. Outfits refusing to abide by these temporary measures will be imposed with significant fines.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia provided formal statements regarding the reopening. He noted how both professional footballers & supporters have desired for these matches to resume, that hearing cheers from the stands will bring life back into multiple communities across Russia. It should be mentioned that mandatory face coverings are required, with this extending towards visitors bringing their hand sanitizer. It’s unknown if visitors will be checked for their temperature upon entering & leaving the stadium.