Quarantine for Bayern Munich Supporters

Budapest is hosting the 2020 UEFA Super Cup, marking the 45th time this competition has been held. The involvement of two dominating clubs is required for the UEFA Super Cup, with the top team from UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League, competing against each other. For 2020, the leading teams have been Bayern Munich for the Champions League & Sevilla FC for the Europa League. These two opponents are slated to compete on September 24th at the Puskas Arena in Budapest.

Budapest stands as the capital of Hungary, which is facing high percentages of COVID-19 infections. It’s prompted the German Government to consider if Bayern Munich footballers, coaching staff, and personnel should maintain two-weeks of quarantine upon their arrival home. The Government began their consideration of isolation after Germany’s Centre of Disease Control & Infection determined Budapest a “High-Risk Capital”

Quarantine resulted in hundreds of cancellations

Bayern Munich coaching staff, footballers, and personnel aren’t the exclusive parties being targeted. It’s known that 2100 supporters of Bayern Munich are travelling to Budapest, having purchased tickets online & analytic agencies recording that data. Those some agencies confirmed on September 21st that hundreds have cancelled their trip to Budapest, knowing that two-weeks of self isolation would be required.

The Minister President of Bavaria, which is integrated with German Government proceedings, provided clarification towards the potential quarantining of civilian personnel. Markus Söder remarked that high levels of infections run rampant throughout Hungary’s capital of Budapest. Sentiments from Söder evoked concern that the 2020 Super Cup could repeat a football version of Ischgl, one of the primary infection sites of COVID-19 in Germany.

The United European Football Association has permitted twenty thousand supporters to attend the 2020 Super Cup at Puskas Arena. Each club was permitted 3,000 tickets for national supporters. Spanish supporters that were excited to watch Sevilla FC compete live against Bayern Munich, aren’t risking their safety. 2,500 of the 3,000 tickets sold have been returned as of September 21st. Contraction concerns are prevalent for Spanish & German supporters, with Budapest having 120 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. How Bayern Munich & Sevilla FC can keep their employed personnel safe under these conditions isn’t known.