Philadelphia Union Placed into Concacaf Champions League

The Concacaf Champions League is finding itself with a new inductee in 2021. It’s been confirmed that for the first time in franchise history, Philadelphia Union FC is entering the Concacaf Champions League. Their arrival into CCL follows after Columbus Crew lost to Orlando City on November 4th. It meant that both Columbus & Orlando had been removed from the Supporter’s Shield, meaning that other than Philadelphia Union, Toronto FC is the last team remaining to obtain the award & another spot into the Concacaf Champions League.

Analysts of Major League Soccer have collectively agreed that it’s Toronto FC most likely to stand victorious over the Supporter’s Shield & will overcome Philadelphia Union in the Concacaf Champions League. Analyst’s selecting TFC isn’t unbelievable, with Toronto acquiring two MLS Championships, seven Canadian Voyageur Cup Championships & multiple Supporter’s Shield. Toronto FC has never ascertained victory with the Concacaf Champions League, with their highest position being 2nd.

Philadelphia Union FC has reacted positively towards earning placement in the Concacaf Champions League. Head Coach Jim Curtin expressed that Philadelphia Union entering the international stage will be an incredible experience for his players. Curtin emphasised that it’s a tremendous honour to know the club achieved this goal under his leadership & noted how hard his footballers had worked to acquire Concacaf placement. Statements ended by Head Coach Jim Curtin expressing how proud he is with everyone involved at Philadelphia Union FC.

Sixteen positions are awarded yearly for the Concacaf Champions League, meaning the majority of clubs in MLS aren’t contenders for placement. That’s because the sixteen clubs awarded positions are selected from the Caribbean, North America, or Central America. There are five to six positions awarded to football teams in Major League Soccer & Philadelphia Union FC has been the only team announced for Concacaf contention in 2021. For Canadian-established MLS teams, it’ll be a battle between TFC & the Montreal Impact for placement.

Milestone Accomplished

It should be clarified that Philadelphia Union FC entering contention for the 2021 Concacaf Championship is a substantial milestone for this club. Philadelphia Union FC has worked prominently throughout the last five years to sustain excellent results in MLS, with 2019 & 2020 seeing those goals acquired for coaching personnel. It’s expected that continued growth will be maintained for Philadelphia Union FC during the Concacaf Championship.