La Liga Launches Twitch Account

Streaming officially licensed sports properties is increasing worldwide thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Sporting institutions like Formula One saw a prominent rise of popularity behind F1 eSports throughout March to June 2020. Their growth has prompted multiple professional leagues to announce their respective eSport offerings. For La Liga, that meant being the 1st sporting institution to create a Twitch account.

La Liga selecting Twitch for their eSports Package follows after popularity for “La Liga Santander eSports” rose during the pandemic. Instead of focusing on gamers that have zero affiliations with La Liga, the official Twitch account will permit contracted footballers to compete in eSport events during the off-season. It’s presumed that popularity will increase tenfold from players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi potentially competing in an eSports event.

This announcement benefits Twitch, which has worked towards creating eSports content with official leagues for months. La Liga being their 1st prominent account holder, will prompt other professional sports to consider the service. It’s been rumoured that Nascar & IndyCar in North America could sustain Twitch accounts by 2021. These motorsports joining Twitch would cement its position in the eSports community.

Corresponding to the announcement that La Liga has registered for an official Twitch account, details regarding upcoming content was revealed. It’s known that La Liga eSports will release Compilations, Special Programs, Highlight Clips, and Streams that’ll be available in English or Spanish. Revealed information also noted that “La Liga eSports – North America Division” will work alongside the Relevant Sports Group to provide exclusive content for Mexico, Canada, and America.

Exclusive Shows for North America

American content will comprise of Matchday Reviews, One Minute Highlights, Upcoming Schedules, Long Streams, and Short Streams from eSport matches. There’ll occasionally be exclusive matches for North American viewers, enabling La Liga to reach wider audiences in this massive region. It should be mentioned that the Director of Digital Strategy for La Liga has clarified that new content formats will create a greater global fanbase. The popularity behind Spain’s La Liga has been sustained in the European Union. There have always been challenges when approaching a global audience, which could change with La Liga eSports.

Top Athletes Announce Positive Tests for Coronavirus

International football supporters were shocked on October 13th. The Portuguese Football Federation revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for the coronavirus. It’s meant his immediate removal from international duties with Portugal National FC. Fans are concerned that supporting footballers won’t contend against Sweden FC without Cristiano Ronaldo’s formidable skillsets as the first lineup forward.

Infection of the virus would’ve been sustained while competing against the national clubs for France, Lisbon, or Spain. Contract tracing of Ronaldo’s positive condition has been challenging, eliminating any opportunity to curb the international outbreak amongst footballers. Portugal National FC conducted rapid tests of their players & team personnel, with the best-case scenario occurring for Head Coach Fernando Santos.

Fernando Santos spoke for Portugal National FC during a press conference. He evoked that there isn’t a football club worldwide that’ll do better without its primary player. However, Santos stated that statistically that the team has shown the capacity to handle matches without the influence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Fernando Santos also mentioned that Ronaldo is doing better than expected & managing the infection with positivity.

Santos ended his statements by stating Ronaldo is still engaging with team discussions for the 2021 season, through virtual meetings & conversations held via his balcony three floors above. Dedicated supporters of Portugal National FC are disappointed by the revelation of Ronaldo’s infection. It means he’ll be unavailable for international contention until 2021.

PGA Tours Top Athlete Announces COVID Contraction

The international sports community wasn’t exclusively shocked by the revelation that Ronaldo had contracted COVID-19. Another World #1-Ranked Athlete also tested positive for the coronavirus on October 13th. The Professional Golf Association announced that Dustin Johnson has COVID-19 with minor symptoms, meaning that unlike Ronaldo, his infection isn’t asymptomatic.

The Professional Golf Association has a minor outbreak of COVID-19 after the United States Open. Multiple healthcare experts predicted that the PGA Tour wouldn’t avoid coronavirus infections after the US Open. All professional golfers that’ve sustained a positive case for COVID-19 include:

  • Dustin Johnson.
  • Tony Finau.
  • Sam Horsfield.
  • Scottie Scheffler.
  • Chad Campbell.
  • Nick Watney.
  • Cameron Champ.
  • Denny McCarthy.

FIFA 2021 is Now Available!

Football fans can rejoice with the official announcement of FIFA 2021, the latest instalment in EA Sports yearly franchise. Supporters of this video game series have anticipated the newest edition, which will introduce new mechanics & teams for long-time fans. Conventionally, each yearly edition into this franchise will launch new features & stadiums. However, new groups are rarely released with few clubs being introduced into FIFA-established leagues per decade.

The Premier League & Champions League don’t see any new team editions, with the two latest outfits coming from Major League Soccer. Nashville SC and Inter Miami from MLS are being featured in FIFA 2021, the 1st instance of their arrival on the international sports game. It means that hundreds of thousands worldwide that are unfamiliar with MLS outside of the FIFA franchise will be introduced to Nashville SC & Inter Miami for the first time.

Supporters of Major League Soccer will see additional changes related to their competition. It’s known that the first iteration of the redesigned Providence Park will appear in FIFA 2021. Providence Park is the home stadium for the Portland Timbers & has been outdated for five years since the club was introduced to MLS in 2011.

An updated Providence Park joins other virtual stadiums for MLS supporters. All stadiums in MLS supported by FIFA 2021 are listed down below.

  • Vancouver’s BC Place.
  • Seattle’s Century Link Field.
  • Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Los Angeles Digital Health Sports Park.
  • New York’s Red Bull Arena.
  • Portland’s Providence Park.
  • Toronto’s BMO Field.

Enhancements towards the MLS division of FIFA 2020 extend beyond new rosters, fields, and teams. Player ratings have also been updated to their recent scorecards. This means that competitors like Alejandro Pozuelo, Josef Martinez, Carlos Vela, Jozy Altidore, and numerous others have increased their respective ratings.

Those that purchase FIFA 2021 for $90.00 can create desired MLS teams & take the best players of each squad. It’s just one of the numerous features that make the FIFA franchise popular amongst millions of football fans worldwide. Consumers can purchase FIFA 2021 on the Xbox One, PlayStation4, and PC. It’ll launch with next-generation upgrades when the PS5, XSX, and XSS are released this holidays season.

Incredible Records Obtained for TFC in September

The Toronto Football Club has regained its prominence through Major League Soccer and become one of the more feared teams after the “MLS is Back Tournament”. Their growth throughout the 2020 season has been extensive, and two TFC footballers are being awarded for their improved skillsets. The first came with Richie Laryea, a defender for TFC. He was named MLS Player of the Week, for Week 14 of 2020.

Richie Laryea obtained two assists & One goal during the September 27th match-up against Columbus Crew SC. Toronto FC was already in the lead when Laryea received the 3rd goal of this match, with Columbus Crew having one goal against TFC. What Richie Laryea displayed during his assists & goal was formidable talent, with the defender weaving between opposing players. Richie shot between the legs of Eloy Room, the Columbus Crew FC Goalkeeper & everyone at that moment knew that TFC had stood victorious of this match-up.

The award marks Richie Laryea’s 1st MLS Player of the Week, which is surprising when considering the Toronto-born native has competed with TFC for two seasons. It should be mentioned that throughout the 2020 season, Richie Laryea has scored four goals & made eleven appearances in official matches with two assists.

TFC Midfielder Becomes Player of the Month

Richie Laryea wasn’t the exclusive member of TFC to be awarded a significant title. Alejandro Pozuelo received the “MLS Player of the Month” title for September 2020. It marks the 5th notable title for Alejandro Pozuelo since arriving in Major League Soccer for the 2019 MLS Season. Unlike Richie Laryea, Pozuelo has competed in fewer games because of injury. His record stands at 3-2-1 for a period of six games. 15 of the 24 goals obtained this season were acquired by Alejandro Pozuelo, showing domination as a team leader.

Alejandro Pozuelo has obtained four other titles since arriving in Major League Soccer. He’s stood victorious as MLS Player of the Week for the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th weeks for the 2020 Season. These titles evoke fear amongst competing teams & will likely allow TFC Head Coach to employ Alejandro Pozuelo in a strong offensive position.

Ryan Reynolds Possibly Investing into Wrexham AFC

The Wrexham Football Club could receive the investment of Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhanney, two well-known actors/writers in Hollywood. It’d be a shocking investment for the actors to sustain, with Wrexham FC supporting placement in the English Football Leagues 5th tier. The proposal that Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhanney will come during a general meeting later into September, where team owners are expected to negotiate & ultimately accept the investment. Maintaining a connection to Ryan Reynolds would drastically increase Wrexham’s popularity in Great Britain.

Inside sources indicate that 97.5% of the team owners have agreed that investment from Reynolds & McElhanney would favour their growth. The Wrexham Supporters Trust Board issued an official statement regarding the interest of these two Hollywood elites. It was revealed that proposed bids had been seen and that two known investors are considering Wrexham AFC for ownership. Sentiments from WSTB continued by showing McElhanney & Reynolds have a designated vision of where Wrexham AFC can go, and that an official vote will be maintained during a Special General Meeting.

Clarification on the proposal’s details hasn’t been issued by Wrexham AFX, Ryan Reynolds, or Roy McElhanney. It’s known that when Wrexham began looking for possible investors on September 15th, the request for investment was at $2.5 Million. Reynolds & McElhanney could easily afford the $1.25 Million to become leading forces with Wrexham AFC.

The World’s Oldest Club

Wrexham AFC hasn’t ever been permitted the opportunity to compete in the Premier League, England’s top-tier football competition. Their closest reach to professional football at Premier League level was competing at the FA Cup Quarterfinals, where they famously defeated Arsenal during the 1992 Third Round. This historic club also obtained the Winners Cup in 1984, which occurred when defeating Porto FC in the European Football Tournament.

Most aren’t aware that Wrexham AFC is the oldest professional football club in history, with their launch date occurring back in 1864. Wrexham AFC is 156 years of age and competes at the most senior football arena worldwide. The iconic “Racecourse Ground Stadium” was first constructed in 1807, sustaining a lifespan of more than 213 years. The Racecourse Ground Stadium is small in stature, allowing for a maximum of 10 thousand fans. It’s these unique historical record that likely has garnered the interest of Reynolds & McElhanney.

Quarantine for Bayern Munich Supporters

Budapest is hosting the 2020 UEFA Super Cup, marking the 45th time this competition has been held. The involvement of two dominating clubs is required for the UEFA Super Cup, with the top team from UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League, competing against each other. For 2020, the leading teams have been Bayern Munich for the Champions League & Sevilla FC for the Europa League. These two opponents are slated to compete on September 24th at the Puskas Arena in Budapest.

Budapest stands as the capital of Hungary, which is facing high percentages of COVID-19 infections. It’s prompted the German Government to consider if Bayern Munich footballers, coaching staff, and personnel should maintain two-weeks of quarantine upon their arrival home. The Government began their consideration of isolation after Germany’s Centre of Disease Control & Infection determined Budapest a “High-Risk Capital”

Quarantine resulted in hundreds of cancellations

Bayern Munich coaching staff, footballers, and personnel aren’t the exclusive parties being targeted. It’s known that 2100 supporters of Bayern Munich are travelling to Budapest, having purchased tickets online & analytic agencies recording that data. Those some agencies confirmed on September 21st that hundreds have cancelled their trip to Budapest, knowing that two-weeks of self isolation would be required.

The Minister President of Bavaria, which is integrated with German Government proceedings, provided clarification towards the potential quarantining of civilian personnel. Markus Söder remarked that high levels of infections run rampant throughout Hungary’s capital of Budapest. Sentiments from Söder evoked concern that the 2020 Super Cup could repeat a football version of Ischgl, one of the primary infection sites of COVID-19 in Germany.

The United European Football Association has permitted twenty thousand supporters to attend the 2020 Super Cup at Puskas Arena. Each club was permitted 3,000 tickets for national supporters. Spanish supporters that were excited to watch Sevilla FC compete live against Bayern Munich, aren’t risking their safety. 2,500 of the 3,000 tickets sold have been returned as of September 21st. Contraction concerns are prevalent for Spanish & German supporters, with Budapest having 120 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. How Bayern Munich & Sevilla FC can keep their employed personnel safe under these conditions isn’t known.

MLS Creating Soccer Fields for Black Communities

Major League Soccer committed earlier this year to stand alongside the Black Lives Matter movement. It prompted a new MLS-Organization to be created, adeptly named “Black Players for Change”. Their leader, Justin Morrow, announced on September 10th that BPC has partnered with Musco Lighting & the United States Soccer Foundation. This partnership will allow for the construction of twelve “Mini Fields” in Black communities across the United States.

Each respective pitch will honour the twelve founding board members of the “Black Players for Change” organization. It’ll mark the beginning of a lengthy partnership between the Musco Lighting, the United States Soccer Foundation, and BPC. Their goal in developing these Mini Fields is breaking down barriers of systemic racism in youth-based soccer.

The Co-Founder & Director of BPC Strategic Partnerships, Quincy Amarikwa, addressed the announcement made on September 10th. Quincy emphasized the BPCs commitment towards investing in African American footballers across America, where the Co-Founder noted that BPC is starting from the grassroots level. This means an emphasis on youth soccer, which could traverse to MLS with additional programming available.

Quincy Amarikwa thanks the United States Soccer Foundation & Musco Lighting, expressing that their partnership marks the first step in creating tangible assets that can assist African American Youth. Thanks, extended towards their communal investment, and launching platforms that provide African American Communities with future dividends that impact long-term growth.

Donated Funds

The United States Soccer Foundation & Musco Lighting have combined their donated assets towards developing these twelve communal fields. BPCs announcement confirmed that these organizations donated $1.8 Million towards the creation of these fields, with expected locations being announced by October 15th. It’s known that each founding member in the BPC will select an area in their impoverished hometown communities, focusing on African American neighbourhoods. Each founding member will attend the grand openings of their honoured mini fields.

The BPC Executive Director & CO-Founder, Justin Morrow, noted the organization’s thrill in partnering with Musco Lighting and the United States Soccer Foundation. Morrow evoked that it’s the beginning of a long-term partnership that’ll see nationwide scaling of African American soccer.

Diego Valeri 3rd MLS Player to Reach 80 Goals

The Portland Timbers confirmed that their long-time Midfielder, Diego Valeri, has become the 3rd player in Major League Soccer history to obtain 80 Goals & 80 Assists. This notable accomplishment was obtained previously by Landon Donovan and Jaime Monero. However, these two men captured the record of 80 Goals & 80 Assists faster than Diego Valeri. It took Diego several years to obtain this gaol with the Portland Timbers.

The 80th career goal for Diego Valeri came against LA Galaxy at Providence Park on September 2nd. It was a controversial goal that saw referees favour LA Galaxy, prompting the Portland Timbers to lose at 3-2. Most supporters and MLS analysts believed that Diego Valeri’s goal should’ve tied the game, with LA Galaxy’s 3rd point being offside. Diego worked diligently towards obtaining a third goal to tie-up the game, which failed before the 90th-minute closed-out.

Diego Valeri is 34, one of the older footballers in Major League Soccer. He’s maintained eight appearances in the 2020 MLS Regular Season, garnering four goals & two assists in fourteen days. His pace resulted in Valeri acquiring the Portland Timbers a goal every 87-Minutes of playtime. Most analysts praise his talents and note that the Timbers wouldn’t have won the “MLS is Back Tournament” this year without Diego Valeri. It’s expected he’ll be the Major League Soccer’s MVP for 2020. It’d follow suit with Landon Donovan & Jamie Monero obtaining Most Valuable Player after achieving 80 Goals & 80 Assists.

Valeri is notably one of the better competitors throughout the 2019 & 2020 MLS Campaigns. However, his skillsets aren’t the greatest seen in Major League history. He’s ranked 18th for highest goals scored and is unlikely to reach a higher record in his older age. Diego Valeri likely has six years left in professional soccer, where he’ll have to switch over to coaching.

Lack of Fanfare

The Portland Timbers are one of the best teams in Major League Soccer. However, the Portland region hasn’t adopted the football club & it’s resulted in minimal fanfare. Most of their victories are often overshadowed by LA Galaxy, Toronto FC, the Seattle Sounders, or NYFC. After being victorious at the “MLS is Back Tournament”, Portland Timbers has gained more fanfare & could become a contender for the MLS 2020 Championship.

Michael Bradley Discusses Altidore’s BLM Support

The Toronto Football Club was without one of their leading forwards on August 27th. Jozy Altidore determined that the match against Montreal didn’t require his services, sitting out the game for cited personal reasons. This announcement wasn’t issued by Jozy Altidore but instead by his Head Coach, Greg Vanney, which was made after the game had concluded. Altidore was seen sitting in the stands wearing a “Black Lives Matter Movement” shirt.

Greg Vanney didn’t give an official reason for Jozy Altidore’s refusal to compete. However, sporting analysts suspect that the leading forward refused after Wisconsin law enforcement killed Jacob Black, an African American male. Altidore has been a vocal activist amongst the ongoing protests relating to the “Black Lives Matter Movement”. Jozy has demanded racial equality in North America, and the deconstruction of police brutality.

Supporters of TFC from all ethnicities have begun turning against Jozy Altidore, something that an influx of athletes has experienced in recent weeks. Support complaints evoke that these individuals are paid millions to compete in professional sports, and political opinions cannot permit these individuals from not complying with their contractual obligations. American sporting associations aren’t political organizations, and throughout 2020 have begun thinking otherwise. It’s resulted in a large percentage of MLS, NBA, NFL, and NHL supporters from not watching 2020 matches.

TFC Captain Talks Altidore

Michael Bradley was questioned by TSN & ESPN on his thoughts behind Jozy Altidore sitting out the August 27th match-up with the Montreal Impacts. Bradley clarified that the Toronto Football Club supports the decision of Jozy Altidore and that it isn’t his position to expand on why Altidore didn’t compete against the Montreal Impact.

It should be mentioned that the Toronto Football Club has multiple players that are of African descent, including Justin Morrow. The TFC Full-Back leads the “Black players for Change” in Major League Soccer and still didn’t sit out the Montreal Impact match. It’s led multiple competitors to wonder what Altidore’s excuse. Some believe it’s a powerplay from Jozy, which is infamously an attribute of his character when negotiating with clubs. Jozy Altidore could be using the same strategies he’s known for during an influential political climate, which would go against the core nature of supporting the BLM movement.

Manchester United Face Challenges in 2020/21 Season

Both Manchester City & Manchester United are facing notable challenges in the upcoming 2020/21 Premier League Season. These challenges were noted late into 2019/20s season, with other clubs like Liverpool & Chelsea proving more formidable than these two squads from Manchester. Additional trials have arisen after the Premier League announced their 2020/21 Fixtures List on August 20th. The challenges mainly arise with Manchester United, who’ve been placed against serious contenders for several back-to-back games.

Fixtures for all other football clubs in the Premier League were also released, with Liverpool learning their first game will be against Leeds FC on September 12th. This comes after Leeds has waited sixteen years to repromotion into the Premier League, and Liverpool acquired their first championship victory in thirty years. Unsurprisingly, the Fixtures List places these two clubs against one another, with their former Premier League rivalry historically remembered amongst supporters. It’ll be interesting to see how Liverpool Head Coach Jurgen Klopp will approach Leeds FC in the Premier League.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Premier League organizers to create an unusual calendar of fixed matches, accounting for prior games that’d been postponed in the previous season. It’s known that Manchester United will compete against Burnley FC in their opening game for 2020/21, who are listed as the 2nd highest-rated team in the Premier League to date. Manchester City is going up against Aston Villa, while Arsenal FC is going against Fulham. The final fixture for opening day is Tottenham Hotspurs vs Everton, which will be a highly viewed match-up.

The Hurdles for MU

Challenges for Manchester United will continue after competing against Burnley FC, with their next fixture being against Manchester City. Then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will have to compete against Tottenham Hotspurs and Leeds FC. After what’s expected to be multiple losses for United’s Head Coach, they’ll compete against Liverpool FC on May 1st. Another round of matches then follows with Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham. All these clubs have dominated Manchester United in the Premier League standings throughout recent seasons. Without the cheers & screams of supporters in the stadiums, Manchester United hasn’t the motivation required to compete for championship contention in 2020/21.