Asymptomatic Footballers & Officials with Covid-19

The Covid-19 Global Pandemic has affected the international football community drastically over the last month. All notable football leagues have been postponed, including the Premier League and Major League Soccer. This extends to the Mexican Liga Soccer League, who confirmed their President had acquired the Covid-19 Virus on March 20th. Enrique Bonilla expressed that he isn’t displaying any severe symptoms. Acting as the league president, he stands at an older age. There are serious concerns amongst investors that his older age will prompt Covid-19 to take Enrique’s life. Regardless, Bonilla will continue to operate the Mexican soccer league while in self-isolation.

The First-Division Football Matches for Liga MX were postponed last week. Their remittance into official play wasn’t confirmed, with Enrique Bonilla expressing that the decision had been made for the safety of supporters and Mexican Communities. Postponing the league followed before any respective officials were confirmed with Covid-19. Enrique Bonilla wasn’t the 1st to become affected. Alberto Marrero also became infected with Covid-19, making the Team Head concerned for his life. It should be mentioned that the Mexican Government hasn’t implemented Mass Gathering Restrictions, with them instead of encouraging minimal social distancing measures. It’s for this reason that there’s been a rapid rise in confirmed cases.

Paulo Dybala Acquires Coronavirus

The Mexican Football Division isn’t the only affected league, with a Spanish player with the Italian Series A being confirmed with Covid-19. Paulo Dybala tested positive for the coronavirus, showing no symptoms of the disease. He’s the first amongst the international professional football community to be asymptomatic. Being soccer forward for Juventus and the Argentina National Football Team, his health has become a top priority for coaching staff. It’s prompted his immediate enclosure for self-isolation until March 31st, with potential extensions until April 15th.

It should be noted that this decision was voluntary, and Paulo Dybala is expected to live from Covid-19, with his physical body and no previous medical conditions assisting in his fight against the disease. Some medical experts believe his athletic capabilities are helping with the asymptomatic conditions that Paulo Dybala is displaying. Those presumptions can’t be confirmed until testing on Covid-19 from international organizations is complete.

MLS Cancelled for Thirty Days

The increasing pandemic surrounding COVID-19 has prompted multiple sporting leagues to terminate their operations going forward. This included Major League Soccer, who confirmed that they’d be shutting down their season for thirty days. Additional delays now follow for David Beckham, who hasn’t experienced the Home Opener for his respective expansion team.

It was expected that Inter Miami FC would experience their inaugural Home Opener on March 14th. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible for Jorge Mas or David Beckham, the Co-Owners of Inter Miami FC. Supporters were lucky enough to receive a taste of what’s to come in thirty days, with all twenty-six outfits having the opportunity to compete in official season games.

National Team Cancellations

The United States Soccer Federation expressed that they’d terminated all exhibitions with National Teams for both Men’s & Women’s. It was anticipated that the US Men’s Soccer Team would compete against the Netherlands on March 26th, which would’ve then extended to a second series with Cardiff on March 30th. These events would’ve been held in anticipate of the World Cup Qualifying, which is still slated to begin in September 2020. When it applies to the female athletes with the US Women’s National Team, they would’ve competed against Australia on April 10th and Brazil on April 14th. It’s unknown when their respective Pre-Seasons will be relaunched.

Inter Miami FCs Public Remarks

The Inter Miami Football Club informed their coaches and players that Major League Soccer would be suspended by thirty days. David Beckham provided detailed information to his employees, with everyone then collectively agreeing that it’s the best decision possible to ensure public safety. Jorge Mas confirmed that Inter Miami Football Club supported the actions of Major League Soccer, with the team hoping that the coronavirus pandemic can be solved within the next month.

Jorge Mas still anticipates that thirty-four matches will be played throughout the 2020 MLS Season. This follows after he was directly involved with a conference call through the Board of Governors. It should be mentioned that for most MLS fans, the symptoms would be moderate and hard to determine if any potential infection is present. We’ll keep our readers informed if any additional postponements follow the Major League Soccer 2020 Season.

Achara – The New TFC Hero

There’s a new talent in the Toronto Football Club that’s grabbing the attention of supporters. This follows after Greg Vanney, the Head Coach for TFC, announced that Ifunanyachi Achara would be receiving his first taste of Major League Soccer on March 7th. Instead of this young athlete performing on the basic level, he proved himself to be a quality asset for TFC. This 22-year-old could’ve acquired potentially three goals while TFC competed against NYFC. However, these goals were limited to one with the determination of referees. When questioned on this player, Greg Vanney mentions that Achara displays formidable confidence and composure. It’s suspected this young footballer will become of the first starts for Toronto.

Multiple sporting analysts were looking forward to seeing Ifunanyachi Achara, who was acquired as the 25th Draft Selection for the 2020 MLS Season. Most were expecting him to maintain a standout performance, with Achara proving them right before twenty-five minutes into the first half. After losing his 1st goal in Major League Soccer, he kept pushing forward and eventually acquired his first professional shot-on-net. It should be noted that Greg Vanney told Achara that he’d be starting ninety-minutes before this official match. It’s impressive how quickly this player composed himself and moved forward.

Achara spoke with MLS Reporters, where he stated: “When they told me I was going to start, I was like, Okay, I’m going to go out there and do my thing and try to score goals and be in the right position. Two goals would have been much better. But I’ll take one.”

Endoh Removed

It was initially anticipated that Endoh would be placed into the starting lineup on March 7th. However, he wasn’t able to attend this event after hurting his left knee. Endoh couldn’t perform the testing series held by TFC, which ensures every player is capable before the start of an official match. Greg Vanney was forced to bench one of his star athletes, which ended up working out for the head coach. Those wanting to see this shot-on-net can skip 81 minutes into the TFC vs NYCFC game. Though it should be mentioned that this was one of the best football matches in recent MLS history.

Nashville Soccer Clubs 1st MLS Season

The Nashville Soccer Club is embarking on their debut season in Major League Soccer, with some of their hired footballers already shocked with the rate this organization has improved. This included Walker Zimmerman, their leading defender. He’s had previous experience with expansion teams and has been active in the MLS since 2013. Walker is considered a veteran of this sports league, with multiple other notable footballers being hired to Nashville SC. This includes Anibal Godoy and Dax McCarty.

Just because Nashville has selected a few players with veteran status in MLS, fourteen teammates are entering their first professional season of soccer in America. However, all chosen players have previous experience in Central America or European football leagues.

Walker Zimmerman’s official statement reads: “It’s a great group, really hard-working group. And I was really surprised at the camaraderie that was already established in the first month of preseason. So hats off to everyone for really getting along, buying into this process. It’s not easy, but I think everyone’s excited about this weekend.”

The First Game

The Nashville Soccer Club is competing against Atlanta United for their first official match in Major League Soccer. It’s slated to be the first match for the MLS Season Opener, which will be located at Nissan Stadium. The popularity of this event became evident after the Atlanta United stadium saw its highest level of purchased tickets, which stands at fifty thousand. This number was nearly achieved previously when Nissan Stadium hosted a football match against Manchester City and Tottenham FC.

Players with this newly created football club were excited at the prospect of competing against Atlanta United FC. They are considered one of the dominating teams in Major League Soccer, having won two championship titles previously. Considering that Atlanta was also an expansion team that saw incredible popularity over a short period, Nashville SC will want to mimic the similar rate of growth that their first opponents experienced. It should be noted that this soccer club still has plenty to accomplish before it can move forward as a fully-designated outfit in Major League Soccer. This includes creating their football stadium, which has experienced delay after delay.

MLS Weekly Roundup for February 17th

Three significant new stories were released to MLS supporters this week. The 1st is related to the LA Galaxy, who announced that they’re considering to contract out Lionel Messi. Born in Argentina, Lionel Messi includes the option to leave Barcelona yearly with the end of each season. The latest contract for this professional athlete expires following June 2021, leaving countless outfits in the Premier League and Major League Soccer, negotiating for Messi’s updated contract.

The announcement that Lionel Messi could join the Los Angeles Galaxy Football Club came from Radio Continental. Guillermo Barros Schelotto, the Argentina Head Coach for LA Galaxy, confirmed to this radio channel that they’re interested in this potential contract. It’d follow after Zlatan Ibrahimovic didn’t adhere to his contract with LA Galaxy, who abruptly left to enter an illegal agreement with AC Milan.

Differences in leagues forced this otherwise illegal action to go unnoticed for punishment. Guillermo wants to avoid this going forward with any other potential famous athletes, with Lionel Messi infamous for his loyalty to new outfits. It should be noted that neither Guillermo Barros Schelotto nor Lionel Messi has begun discussing if he’ll move State-Side following the 2021 MLS Season.

Javier Hernandez Starts Preseason with LA Galaxy

Another announcement regarding the Los Angeles Galaxy Football Club was made this week as well. Representatives with the team confirmed that Javier Hernandez had made his debut preseason appearance on Saturday, February 15th. LA Galaxy competed against the Toronto FC, who dominated over Los Angeles by 2-1 at the Dignity Health Sports Park.

Javier Hernandez was considered one of the best components for the LA Galaxy’s side, with him being the single-player to acquire a goal. When it applies to the Toronto Football Club, two points were achieved through Alejandro Pozuelo and Infunayachi Achara. These points were obtained through the false strategic behaviours implemented by Guillermo Barros Schelotto. The LA Galaxy Football Club competed next week on the 22nd against Chicago Fire FC.

LA Galaxy will have to formulate new strategies to compete for the MLS Championship. Both the Seattle Sounders FC and Toronto FC are looking to be the best teams in 2020. It’d follow a similar pattern from last season, which works against LA Galaxy, who used to be considered the team outfit in MLS with David Beckham. They’d hope similar popularity with Zlatan, who let down team owners and managers by leaving without any warning.

Nashville FC Stadium Greenlit

Local government in Nashville confirmed today that the new stadium for this cities football club had been greenlit. This announcement was made by John Cooper and John Ingram, the Mayo on Nashville and owner of this soccer club. Demolition regarding the previous facility is slated to begin immediately, with development of their new property starting in April. When speaking with reporters at this announcement event, John Ingram expressed that he’s thrilled to move forward with the stadium’s development. He noted that this investment isn’t for the soccer team exclusively, but Nashville as a whole. It’s expected that the development period will compete following January 2022, which would be before the 2022 MLS Season.

The Nashville Soccer Club is one of the newest organizations in Major League Soccer, with their admittance into the league being formalized in December 2017. Substantial delays followed with the development of their football stadium, with local politicians demanding that historic buildings in the Nashville Fairgrounds remain untouched. Additional delays regarding the associated development cost forced the stadium’s completion date by three years.

The associated cost with developing this stadium is $375 Million, with it, slated to be the largest MLS stadium in North America. Multiple investors were expected to compile the substantial funds for development, with this announcement confirming that the cost will solely fall onto Nashville SC. Local politicians reverted their previous statements which agreed that $50 million would be supported via taxpayers. The significant backlash to this decision from Nashville citizens forced politicians to terminate this donation. Infrastructure costs will be first deployed by Nashville SC, costing them $19 million. It should be noted that Nashville Metro must assist with lease payments to this new stadium, costing that collective $35 million yearly.

When this announcement was made with John Ingram and John Cooper, both men expressed that they’re grateful to Nashville Soccer Holdings. Without their approval to spend additional funds on development, the creation of America’s most expansive soccer stadium wouldn’t have been possible. It also ensured that taxpayers wouldn’t be involved in the development process. Until the Nashville SC Stadiums development period is completed, this football club will be forced to play at Nissan Stadium. Individuals wanting to witness their inaugural season in Major League Soccer will be hard-pressed, with most of the 30+ thousand tickets being sold for each matchup. There’s always the chance that Nashville SC could enter the MLS Playoffs, allowing for new tickets to be purchased.

Colorado Rapids Lose First Pre-Season Game to TFC

The Toronto Football Club is continuing to display their dominance after losing the MLS Championship last season. The 2020 Pre-Season has seen TFC compete against their first notable organizations, winning the slated matches. The winning streak began against the Colorado Rapids, who lost by four points to nothing in California. Featuring two sixty-minute halves, this game was longer than usual and tested these athletes to their full capabilities. Notable players like Jonathon Osorio, Jozy Altidore and Erickson Gallardo acquired the first three points. It was the younger Jacob Shaffelburg from Newfoundland that earned the 4th goal, which is his first of the pre-season.

This marks the first during the 2020 Pre-Season that the Colorado Rapids were defeated. Fans shouldn’t be concerned about the Rapids though, as their next matches are against college programs in the United States. Colorado’s football team has competed in multiple pre-season competitions, with this marking Toronto’s first of the year. It shows the overwhelming dominance of Toronto, with the only organization able to defeat them in recent memory being the Seattle Sounders. Toronto FC will compete against the Los Angeles Football Club on February 12th, with the Colorado Rapids competing in their next MLS pre-season match against the New England Revolution. Both organizations will compete in minor training sessions before their respective events.

Montreal Impact Defeated by Orlando City

The Montreal Impact faced their first pre-season loss in 2020, with Orlando City dominating over the Canadian-based football club. This followed after Luis Nani, and Pedro Gallese performed at heightened levels. Located at Exploria Stadium, both organizations displayed formidable defence that forced delayed reactions with shots-on-net. However, a free-kick from Luis Nani allowed Orlando to acquire a singular point.

Pedro Gallese is being praised for the two points he saved minutes after the 39th-minute goal from Nani. Considering that the Orlando City football club couldn’t acquire championship contention last season, losing to them causes significant concerns for supports of the Montreal Impact. They’ll shortly be competing in CONCACAF and with these skills, will quickly be eliminated after February 20th.

Mexico Nationals Joining MLS

Major League Soccer has begun to engage with Mexican football leagues for acquisition purposes. For twenty-five seasons there has been a minimal presence for Mexican nationals playing in the American league. Considering that Mexico citizens account for 11.3% of the American population, there has been a considerable desire for more Mexican players. Entering their 25th season, MLS allowed for the San Jose Earthquakes to purchase Oswaldo Alanis for a loan contract. Playing for the Mexican national team, Oswaldo Alanis will have a permanent role with San Jose. However, whenever he’s required for an international game with Mexico, the Earthquakes must return Alanis for a short period. Analysts believe that acquiring one of Mexico’s most popular players will assist the growth of MLS in this community.

There was another Mexican addition made into Major League Soccer, with Javier Hernandez being selected to the Los Angeles Galaxy football club. This follows after this professional athlete ended his career with Sevilla FC, noting that this marks the beginning of his retirement. These statements offended executives with Major League Soccer, who are trying to remove the notion that MLS is for players wanting to retire. Ageing stars from European Leagues have infamously switched over to this American league. Considering that a former Mexican national by the name of Andrea Pirlo players with New York City FC, hearing Hernandez state that he’ll be retiring shortly after joining MLS at 31, comes as a significant disappointment for potential fans.

Hernandez Struggles

This Mexican-born national has struggled throughout the last three seasons, with age becoming a significant issue. Before his skillsets began to decline, Javier Hernandez would acquire double digital goals by seasons-end. He recently hasn’t surpassed this mark, meaning he’s obtaining less than nine goals per season. Moving over to Major League Soccer, Hernandez believes that he’ll receive double digits and continue his legacy. This emphasizes that there’s the belief that players in MLS don’t have the skillsets of European Leagues.

However, numerous young players have switched over to American organizations. Javier walks into MLS as an enemy against his new employer, which could see his career-ending pre-emptively. Those interested in seeing what Javier Hernandez can accomplish in Major League Soccer can see by March 1st. Analysts suspect that his unsatisfactory behaviour will prompt significant losses to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Still, the question remains instead Mexican nationals will begin to support MLS will the increased presence of their community.

Costa Rica Calls Upon MLS Players

Professional players in Major League Soccer have been requested to join the Costa Rican National Football Team. This included several players from MLS organizations. Those players include Marvin Loria for the Portland Timbers, Carlo Gonzalez from the LA Galaxy, Luis Diaz from Columbus Crew SC, New York FC’s Ronal Matarrita, Randall Leal from Nashville SC and Ulises Segura from DC United. Ronald Gonzalez will direct them with the Under-23 National Team. These events are slated to begin on February 1st, 2020.

The most athletic and capable player with these several professionals is Ronal Matarrita. He’s appeared in eight-five professional games since joining the New York City Football Club in 2016. Standing at twenty-five years of age, he’s participated in numerous events for Costa Rican football teams since 2015. The oldest and most knowledgeable player engaging in this specialized unit is Carlo Gonzalez. Throughout his career, seventy-one appearances have been made, twenty of them with LA Galaxy. When it applies to Ulises Segura, he’s one of the few players to exceed 1500 minutes of playtime. This follows with fifty-six professional experiencing dating back to 2018. He’s one of the highest desired athletes for the 2020-21 MLS Season.

Marvin Loria maintains the highest-scoring record of these several players, allowing him to have a formidable role as a head striker. Managing to make more than forty professional goals, Marvin Loria is the only athlete on this squad to play a USA Championship. The youngest athlete competing for the Costa Rican national football team is Luis Diaz, with the Columbus Crew SC player standing at twenty years of age. Costa Rican selected Randall Leal for the midfielder position, with him acquiring eight goals last season for Nashville SC.

New Signing to LA Galaxy

Coaching staff with the Costa Rican national football team weren’t the only individuals making exclusive trades this week. It was confirmed that Javier Hernandez would be transferred to an undesignated team. Afterwards, supporters of MLS learned that Atlanta United would acquire Julian Gressel for $750,000.00. That valuation could jump to more than $1,000,000.00 with subsequent bonuses. Julian Gressel will now take a leading role with Atlanta United, who maintains numerous trophies in Major League Soccer. It’s the most significant move of Gressel’s career. Unfortunately, details regarding how long this contract will remain effective weren’t provided by Atlanta United. Sporting analysts believe that for the cost of $750,000.00, it’s a one-year service contract under targeted allocation funds.

Major League Soccer Signings in January 2020

The Los Angeles Football Club confirmed that they’d acquired Kenneth Vermeer. The LAFC announced this information on January 15th, 2020. The Dutch Goalkeeper stands at 34 years of age, with most of his career being spent domestically in the Netherlands for the Eredivisie Football League. Kenneth Vermeer has spent the last several seasons with Feyenoord FC, where he left under the targeted allocation money offered by LAFC.

Kenneth Vermeer previously spent ten professional years playing with Ajax FC, where he was a substantial component in them acquiring four championship titles. Throughout his professional career, thirteen championship matches have been performed by Vermeer. This included five international appearances, where he became a noticeable entity for Los Angeles.

This announcement follows after the Los Angeles Football Club began their training camp without a starting goalkeeper. It marks the third season in LAFC history that this has happened, with Tyler Miller’s contract running out in December 2019. Analysts haven’t figured out why LAFC terminated Miller, with his previous season including 34 games won with 19 shutouts. It’s estimated that personal disputes resulted in him not being invited back, even after he assisted Los Angeles in winning the 2019 Supporter’s Shield. However, Miller was a significant component as to why the LAFC lost the MLS Western Conference Final.

Joel Waterman to Montreal Impact

Montreal Impact FC announced that they’d acquired Joel Waterman for the defender position. This marks the first time that an athlete from the Canadian Premier League has been selected for Major League Soccer. This permanent transfer was made for an undisclosed amount, which follows after Joel Waterman became the number one draft pick in the CPL. Throughout his professional career in the Canadian Premier League, Joel played more than 1900 minutes and acquired one goal, with three assists. His defender position will most likely be on the second lineup.

Aidan Morris to Columbus Crew FC

The final MLS signing that was confirmed this week came from Columbus Crew SC. They announced that Aidan Morris, a Midfielder for Indiana University, will be joining their organization for the 2020 season. This player being eighteen years of age will maintain a professional tutor going forward, allowing for his education to continue onwards in the MLS. Throughout his university season, Morris obtained two goals and eight assists throughout twenty-two matches. It should be noted that Aidan Morris previously trained with the Columbus Crew SC for their U-19 Development Academy.