Norwich Showing Up Manchester City

Premier League Champions, Manchester City suffered an embarrassing defeat over the past weekend. The underdogs, Norwich City, managed to take victory over what many consider to be the most active team in the world with a 3-2 final score. To add further misery to their pain, Norwich earned their victory with eight of their first-team players, off the field. Their style of play was immaculate, and praise is streaming in from all the corners of the sporting industry.

Holding On To Their Style

The kind of game which Norwich played is nothing new in the Premier League, but what is making it so commendable is the fact that it is seldom, if ever that a team who has only recently made it into the Premier League, can execute it so flawlessly. Often the groups which have only newly been promoted into Premier will be seen performing an aggressive attack against their competitors. This is often the case when clubs like Bournemouth and Swansea are in action. Norwich decided to stick to their playing style. They never let the ball clear, regardless of the mounting pressure they were under. In the end, they managed to show the soccer league that newcomers can be able to prosper within the league.

Blackpool Almost Having Success with the Same Style

Blackpool had a limiting budget against them, which most probably meant that their success when they were the first team who tried to play this kind of game, was short-lived. They have managed to end up on the last day of the 2010-11 season, with only 1 point away from safety. More impressive though is that they stood on 55 goals, a remarkable number which was equal to what the number five on the rankings at that time, Tottenham, had.

Fulham Also Tried Their Hand at This Style of Playing

Last season we witnessed Fulham’s attempt of the same playing style in Premier League. Despite having a hefty investment into the club, they couldn’t make it happen. Slaviša Jokanović tried relentlessly to unite his team with the senior new editions to the club which was signed during the summer period. His failure to succeed, meant his end as he was fired in November last year.

Norwich is Different

Norwich is nothing like Fulham and Blackpool. They managed to achieve 94 points on the scoreboard while Blackpool and Fulham barely made it through the playoffs. Under the management of Daniel Farke, the team shows continuity in their play. For a long time, English football was hoping for the day when teams can be promoted to play in the Premier League and then manages to stay on, in it. They want these teams to play a great game and not to try and ensure their position within the league by spending money and buying great names. They want these teams to play out of the back and to play a game based on possession. It seems that Norwich might be what they were hoping for.