Nashville SC Leaves MLS is Back Tournament

The MLS is Back Tournament has lost their 2nd team amid continued outbreaks of the novel coronavirus. Nashville SC is the most recent organization to announce their departure from the tournament, leaving a remaining 24 teams. The first team leaving the competition was FC Dallas after they saw ten personnel tested positive for COVID-19. Several individuals were players, with one individual being on the coaching lineup, and the remaining two standing at team personnel.

Nashville SC announced over the weekend that one of their players contracted COVID-19 after arriving in Florida on July 1st. That individual exposed an additional eight players on their team, with it being rumoured that employed personnel were also infected. The Commissioner of Major League Soccer, Don Garber, clarified that an influx of positive coronavirus tests within Nashville SC prompted team owners to depart from the “MLS is Back Tournament”. Lack of training throughout seven days would’ve made it impossible for Nashville to compete accurately against their opponents.

The History of Nashville SC….So Far

Considering that Nashville SC is an expansion team for Major League Soccer in 2020, their first season hasn’t been remotely positive. Nashville played two matches before MLS entered their lockdown period, with both games being lost to their opponents. Then the COVID-19 pandemic forced their 1st official season in MLS to be postponed. If that wasn’t enough to deter Nashville, politicians actively fought against the approval of this soccer club’s new stadium. Combine all those factors with the outbreak seen since arriving in Florida & Nashville SC is done with their first season.

Nashville SC would’ve competed in Chicago FC on July 8th. That was postponed for unknown reasons until the next morning, where Don Garber would clarify that Nashville wouldn’t be competing any longer. The team released a formal statement remarking their devastation for not being able to compete, noting that most have tested Asymptomatic for the novel coronavirus & thus cannot risk the lives of opposing players.

Sports analysts are questioning if Major League Soccer will be forced to shut down their tournament. Continued infections throughout Florida are continuously putting footballers at risk, which isn’t right for the league to do for financial gain.