Montreal Impact Contract Four Academy Players

Major League Soccer’s popularity has flourished since 2010, with millions in North America witnessing incredible talents compete for championship dominance. American & Canadian children have started dreaming of opportunities in Major League Soccer, which was proven a possibility with the Montreal Impact. Most organizations in MLS don’t support academy players, contracting high-profile footballers from the European Union.

The Montreal Impact didn’t sustain that strategy for 2021 lineup of players. It was announced that four homegrown footballers from Montreal Impact’s Academy had obtained contracts. Those individuals include Rida Zouhir, Nathan-Dylan Saliba, Jean-Aniel Assi, and Sean Rea. Preparing those young footballers for Major League Soccer cannot begin until December 15th.

Sporting Director Oliver Renard of the Montreal Impact discussed these player acquisitions. Renard clarified that disruptions associated with Covid-19 prompted strategic redevelopment of acquisition finances, prompting substantial opportunities for younger players partnered with the Montreal Impact Academy. Sporting Director Renard expressed his excitement & pleasure at providing young footballers with this pivotal opportunity.

  • Jean-Aniel Assi, Aged 16. Right Winger.
  • Nathan-Dylan Saliba, Aged 16. Midfielder.
  • Sean Rea, Aged 18. Midfielder.
  • Rida Zouhir, Aged 18. Midfielder.

The Montreal Impact are revising the Midfield Lineup, accounting for younger footballers enhanced stamina & capability to compete for longer timeframes. The Impact’s decisions to elect younger competitors is strategic, with organizations in Major League Soccer beginning to consider youthful options regularly. The Impact’s main rivals of TFC have acquired multiple footballers aged younger than Montreal’s lineup.

Montreal Impact Academy Director Patrick Leduc has praised these youthful footballers for sustaining the skillsets required to achieve placement in the MLS Division. Athletic qualities associated with these men was detailed in exemplary manners by Patrick Leduc. It’s rare that Leduc witnesses’ players trained by himself entering the premier division of Major League Soccer. Leduc hopes that Zouhir, Rea, Saliba, and Assi will perform admirably for the Montreal Impact. It could mean additional Academy players being elected for future seasons.