MLS Unveils 2020 Coronavirus Contingency Plan

Major League Soccer’s Corporate Division announced their “Coronavirus Contingency Plan” for the resumption of their official 2020 season. This announcement comes after their confidence to protect players grows with minimal infections at the “MLS is Back Tournament” in Florida. Protecting their footballers & team personnel when each respective outfit returns to home stadiums will be considerably harder than ensuring safety in Florida. MLS Corporate Division will struggle to maintain a watchful eye on 26 Teams, which are slated to play a remainder of 18 Games during the regular season before Championship Rounds begin.

Major League Soccer is departing from their recent tournament by August 12th, which marks the date when Nashville FC will compete against the Dallas Football Club. These teams will maintain a three-game series that’s played back-to-back, which comes after Nashville & Dallas were forced to withdraw from the “MLS is Back Tournament”. An influx of confirmed infections prompted the removal of both teams. It’s been confirmed that this series, and all remaining games within the regular season won’t allow fans to maintain attendance. This is to ensure that cities hosting MLS Teams don’t have an influx of infections, which will be hard to guarantee with the current conditions associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic in America.

Additional regulations being implemented by MLS to guarantee that an outbreak doesn’t unfold with any of their 26 Teams is the requirement of Charter Flights. Teams aren’t permitted to use standard methods of flying, with these organizations also provided the option of using a multitude of Team Busses. Chartered Flights can’t allow for the full team on a single plane, similar to the requirement of multiple Team Busses if road travel is selected. This regulation could prompt safe environments for MLS Teams if footballers avoid contact with local populations at home or away cities.

Canadian Teams Not Considered

The one element that doesn’t work with Major League Soccer’s Contingency Plan is the implication of travel restrictions onto Canadian Teams. MLS avoided adding Canadian Teams into their Contingency Plan, leaving sports analysts to speculate that these three outfits aren’t being allowed into the regular season. This would create lasting implications on relationships between MLS’s Corporate Division & the Canadian Teams. Those outfits include the Montreal Impacts, the Vancouver Whitecaps, and Toronto FC.