MLS Creating Soccer Fields for Black Communities

Major League Soccer committed earlier this year to stand alongside the Black Lives Matter movement. It prompted a new MLS-Organization to be created, adeptly named “Black Players for Change”. Their leader, Justin Morrow, announced on September 10th that BPC has partnered with Musco Lighting & the United States Soccer Foundation. This partnership will allow for the construction of twelve “Mini Fields” in Black communities across the United States.

Each respective pitch will honour the twelve founding board members of the “Black Players for Change” organization. It’ll mark the beginning of a lengthy partnership between the Musco Lighting, the United States Soccer Foundation, and BPC. Their goal in developing these Mini Fields is breaking down barriers of systemic racism in youth-based soccer.

The Co-Founder & Director of BPC Strategic Partnerships, Quincy Amarikwa, addressed the announcement made on September 10th. Quincy emphasized the BPCs commitment towards investing in African American footballers across America, where the Co-Founder noted that BPC is starting from the grassroots level. This means an emphasis on youth soccer, which could traverse to MLS with additional programming available.

Quincy Amarikwa thanks the United States Soccer Foundation & Musco Lighting, expressing that their partnership marks the first step in creating tangible assets that can assist African American Youth. Thanks, extended towards their communal investment, and launching platforms that provide African American Communities with future dividends that impact long-term growth.

Donated Funds

The United States Soccer Foundation & Musco Lighting have combined their donated assets towards developing these twelve communal fields. BPCs announcement confirmed that these organizations donated $1.8 Million towards the creation of these fields, with expected locations being announced by October 15th. It’s known that each founding member in the BPC will select an area in their impoverished hometown communities, focusing on African American neighbourhoods. Each founding member will attend the grand openings of their honoured mini fields.

The BPC Executive Director & CO-Founder, Justin Morrow, noted the organization’s thrill in partnering with Musco Lighting and the United States Soccer Foundation. Morrow evoked that it’s the beginning of a long-term partnership that’ll see nationwide scaling of African American soccer.