MLS Cancelled for Thirty Days

The increasing pandemic surrounding COVID-19 has prompted multiple sporting leagues to terminate their operations going forward. This included Major League Soccer, who confirmed that they’d be shutting down their season for thirty days. Additional delays now follow for David Beckham, who hasn’t experienced the Home Opener for his respective expansion team.

It was expected that Inter Miami FC would experience their inaugural Home Opener on March 14th. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible for Jorge Mas or David Beckham, the Co-Owners of Inter Miami FC. Supporters were lucky enough to receive a taste of what’s to come in thirty days, with all twenty-six outfits having the opportunity to compete in official season games.

National Team Cancellations

The United States Soccer Federation expressed that they’d terminated all exhibitions with National Teams for both Men’s & Women’s. It was anticipated that the US Men’s Soccer Team would compete against the Netherlands on March 26th, which would’ve then extended to a second series with Cardiff on March 30th. These events would’ve been held in anticipate of the World Cup Qualifying, which is still slated to begin in September 2020. When it applies to the female athletes with the US Women’s National Team, they would’ve competed against Australia on April 10th and Brazil on April 14th. It’s unknown when their respective Pre-Seasons will be relaunched.

Inter Miami FCs Public Remarks

The Inter Miami Football Club informed their coaches and players that Major League Soccer would be suspended by thirty days. David Beckham provided detailed information to his employees, with everyone then collectively agreeing that it’s the best decision possible to ensure public safety. Jorge Mas confirmed that Inter Miami Football Club supported the actions of Major League Soccer, with the team hoping that the coronavirus pandemic can be solved within the next month.

Jorge Mas still anticipates that thirty-four matches will be played throughout the 2020 MLS Season. This follows after he was directly involved with a conference call through the Board of Governors. It should be mentioned that for most MLS fans, the symptoms would be moderate and hard to determine if any potential infection is present. We’ll keep our readers informed if any additional postponements follow the Major League Soccer 2020 Season.