MLS 2020 Championship Altered Following Postponement

The United States of America is sustaining an increase of coronavirus infections, with more than two millions nationwide having been infected by Covid-19. Multiple sporting institutions are having to reimplement their postponement measures to guarantee the safety of athletes. This includes Major league Soccer, who confirmed on October 29th that they’d postponed six matches following concerns for the coronavirus. It’d take four days for MLS Corporate to reveal their new scheduling plans, which confirmed minor speculation that the MLS Playoffs would sustain a “Points-Per-Game” format. This announcement has changed expectations for the 2020 MLS Championships, and who could become the dominating team.

Multiple football clubs in MLS have the opportunity to benefit from this announcement, including the Colorado Rapids. This club is sustaining the 2nd lowest amount of points in the Western Conference Division, which meant that prior to this announcement, the Colorado Rapids weren’t making championship contention. Entering the playoffs now marks an entirely different scenario for the Rapids & multiple other low-ranked clubs.

Depending on how many points are scored by these teams during initial playoff matches, athletes & coaching personnel can move to the next division. For the Colorado Rapids it’s an opportunity to show their team hasn’t become weaker, and that if not for the coronavirus outbreak of five players & thirteen staff members, they would have made MLS Championship contention. Analysts not anticipate that the Rapids will battle the Seattle Sounders or Toronto FC during the 2020 Semi-Finals.

Rescheduled Games

The last time Major League Soccer implemented a format of this nature was in 2001, with multiple matches being cancelled after the September 11th attacks on New York City’s World Trade Towers. Through this announcement, it was also confirmed that the Colorado Rapids & Los Angeles FC would have rescheduled matches in the coming weeks. This also applies to the LA Galaxy, with all teams slated to compete in a full twenty-three game schedule after matches are rescheduled. It should be mentioned that official dates for upcoming games hasn’t been confirmed by MLS. We will keep our readers updated when the Colorado Rapids will have their rescheduled games against LAFC & the LA Galaxy.