Michael Bradley Resigns with TFC

Michael Bradley, the Captain for the Toronto Football Club, is remaining on with the team for many years going forward. This didn’t surprise fans of the football team, who knew that Bradley had full intentions of remaining in Toronto. TFC had been rumoured to make this announcement for some time but hadn’t confirmed it until December 12, 2019. Michael Bradley will see himself move over to the targeted allocation money bracket, which drops him down from the designated player status. However, this decision drops his yearly wages by a substantial amount. Starting in the 2020 Season, he will earn $1.1 million going forward. Before the 2020 Season, Bradley earned $6.5 million yearly.

When Toronto Reporters pressed Michael Bradley for more details regarding his contract, he elected to remain entirely about the contract status for 2020. Staying faithful to his behaviour as the TFC Captain, he didn’t want this issue to become a distraction from the upcoming season. However, Michael Bradley did note that money wasn’t an issue and that his love for Toronto remains evident.

Taking on this decrease in pay is the most significant act Bradley has ever displayed as the TFC Captain. Each MLS team is allowed to have three designated players, with those athletes earning a higher salary than all other members with the organization. The maximum that can be spent on a five-year contract is $35 Million, which was the previous figure maintained by Michael Bradley. Jozy Altidore and Alejandro Pozuelo are the two TFC players on the maximum salary budget cap, leaving officially one more player available for acquisition in 2020. Unfortunately, it isn’t known who the team will acquire.

Targeted Allocation Money

There is also another option that can playout with Michael Bradley’s recent decision. Instead of selecting a third player for the designated player allocation bracket, TFC’s Head Coach could use the $35 million to acquire multiple new players through the targeted allocation money bracket. Greg Vani hasn’t provided any details on which option he will select, with the acquisition period not beginning for another month. However, it is known that he intends to acquire another forward that can contend with Jozy Altidore and Alejandro Pozuelo.

It should be noted that Greg Vani is on his last legs as the head coach for the TFC. Last season there was a considerable losing streak, which luckily ended and saw them make it to the MLS Championship. Unfortunately, Toronto Fans were left disappointed when the reds couldn’t win their match against Seattle. Unless Vani can acquire some of the best players in the MLS or Premier League, he will find himself without a coaching position for 2021.