Michael Bradley Discusses Altidore’s BLM Support

The Toronto Football Club was without one of their leading forwards on August 27th. Jozy Altidore determined that the match against Montreal didn’t require his services, sitting out the game for cited personal reasons. This announcement wasn’t issued by Jozy Altidore but instead by his Head Coach, Greg Vanney, which was made after the game had concluded. Altidore was seen sitting in the stands wearing a “Black Lives Matter Movement” shirt.

Greg Vanney didn’t give an official reason for Jozy Altidore’s refusal to compete. However, sporting analysts suspect that the leading forward refused after Wisconsin law enforcement killed Jacob Black, an African American male. Altidore has been a vocal activist amongst the ongoing protests relating to the “Black Lives Matter Movement”. Jozy has demanded racial equality in North America, and the deconstruction of police brutality.

Supporters of TFC from all ethnicities have begun turning against Jozy Altidore, something that an influx of athletes has experienced in recent weeks. Support complaints evoke that these individuals are paid millions to compete in professional sports, and political opinions cannot permit these individuals from not complying with their contractual obligations. American sporting associations aren’t political organizations, and throughout 2020 have begun thinking otherwise. It’s resulted in a large percentage of MLS, NBA, NFL, and NHL supporters from not watching 2020 matches.

TFC Captain Talks Altidore

Michael Bradley was questioned by TSN & ESPN on his thoughts behind Jozy Altidore sitting out the August 27th match-up with the Montreal Impacts. Bradley clarified that the Toronto Football Club supports the decision of Jozy Altidore and that it isn’t his position to expand on why Altidore didn’t compete against the Montreal Impact.

It should be mentioned that the Toronto Football Club has multiple players that are of African descent, including Justin Morrow. The TFC Full-Back leads the “Black players for Change” in Major League Soccer and still didn’t sit out the Montreal Impact match. It’s led multiple competitors to wonder what Altidore’s excuse. Some believe it’s a powerplay from Jozy, which is infamously an attribute of his character when negotiating with clubs. Jozy Altidore could be using the same strategies he’s known for during an influential political climate, which would go against the core nature of supporting the BLM movement.