Mexico Nationals Joining MLS

Major League Soccer has begun to engage with Mexican football leagues for acquisition purposes. For twenty-five seasons there has been a minimal presence for Mexican nationals playing in the American league. Considering that Mexico citizens account for 11.3% of the American population, there has been a considerable desire for more Mexican players. Entering their 25th season, MLS allowed for the San Jose Earthquakes to purchase Oswaldo Alanis for a loan contract. Playing for the Mexican national team, Oswaldo Alanis will have a permanent role with San Jose. However, whenever he’s required for an international game with Mexico, the Earthquakes must return Alanis for a short period. Analysts believe that acquiring one of Mexico’s most popular players will assist the growth of MLS in this community.

There was another Mexican addition made into Major League Soccer, with Javier Hernandez being selected to the Los Angeles Galaxy football club. This follows after this professional athlete ended his career with Sevilla FC, noting that this marks the beginning of his retirement. These statements offended executives with Major League Soccer, who are trying to remove the notion that MLS is for players wanting to retire. Ageing stars from European Leagues have infamously switched over to this American league. Considering that a former Mexican national by the name of Andrea Pirlo players with New York City FC, hearing Hernandez state that he’ll be retiring shortly after joining MLS at 31, comes as a significant disappointment for potential fans.

Hernandez Struggles

This Mexican-born national has struggled throughout the last three seasons, with age becoming a significant issue. Before his skillsets began to decline, Javier Hernandez would acquire double digital goals by seasons-end. He recently hasn’t surpassed this mark, meaning he’s obtaining less than nine goals per season. Moving over to Major League Soccer, Hernandez believes that he’ll receive double digits and continue his legacy. This emphasizes that there’s the belief that players in MLS don’t have the skillsets of European Leagues.

However, numerous young players have switched over to American organizations. Javier walks into MLS as an enemy against his new employer, which could see his career-ending pre-emptively. Those interested in seeing what Javier Hernandez can accomplish in Major League Soccer can see by March 1st. Analysts suspect that his unsatisfactory behaviour will prompt significant losses to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Still, the question remains instead Mexican nationals will begin to support MLS will the increased presence of their community.