Mauricio Pochettino Proves His Worth at Tottenham Hotspur

By now, everyone should know better than to doubt the skills and abilities of Mauricio Pochettino. The dismantling done by Tottenham Hotspur against Borussia Dortmund was a clear reminder that Pochettino will be able to pick where he wants to go when the time comes. The hierarchy of Manchester United are obviously aware of the talents that Pochettino brings to the table. However, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid have also started showing interest in the Tottenham Manager. Moreover, after witnessing the limitations of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer against PSG, you can understand why there no rush to give him the permanent job at Manchester United.

Mauricio Pochettino’s Strategy Against Dortmund

When the announcement was made that Tottenham Hotspur would play against Dortmund, there were loads of questions and head-scratching with regards to the line-up. Four centre-backs? Did Pochettino lose his mind? He placed Serge Aurier on the pitch to mark Christian Pulisic. When you considered that the last six goals by Dortmund were conceded from a cross, why didn’t Fernando Llorente start? What this the match where Pochettino got every wrong? We were quite foolish to think so…

No one can question the wisdom of Pochettino. This season alone he managed to conjure a match-winning player in Moussa Sissoko, created a persistent midfielder from Harry Winks, managed to lose more than half of his goals due to injuries to Dele Alli and Harry Kane and still managed to find a way to win matches. There’s even been a moment when it seemed like he would resurrect the Georges-Kevin Nkoudou wreck.

This is certainly one man you can trust. If Mauricio Pochettino said he will fix your car with a sledgehammer and string, you can give him your keys because he knows what he is doing. This time around, the secret to his success was made by Jan Vertonghen in a left wing-back position as opposed to full-back which he occasionally plays. The centre-back from Belgium let loose as he provided one of the most impressive crosses to Son Heung-Min to score their first goal. Later during the match, he managed to arrive at the perfect time to provide the second goal for Tottenham.

Mauricio Pochettino Is The Real Deal

Pochettino is definitely the real deal. A proper football coach that can occasionally feel dissatisfied with the players available to him, he is thankfully proactively of the best way to utilise them as opposed to complaining about it excessively.

“Football is a beautiful sport where everyone, unfortunately, has their own opinion,” Pochettino stated. “It’s my responsibility to create the perfect strategy. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. However, in the end, it’s only we that truly know,  it’s only us that can successfully measure the level of a specific player and what we ultimately want from each match. Our knowledge, our intuition, our feelings. We have all the necessary information to make the correct decisions.”