Manchester United Face Challenges in 2020/21 Season

Both Manchester City & Manchester United are facing notable challenges in the upcoming 2020/21 Premier League Season. These challenges were noted late into 2019/20s season, with other clubs like Liverpool & Chelsea proving more formidable than these two squads from Manchester. Additional trials have arisen after the Premier League announced their 2020/21 Fixtures List on August 20th. The challenges mainly arise with Manchester United, who’ve been placed against serious contenders for several back-to-back games.

Fixtures for all other football clubs in the Premier League were also released, with Liverpool learning their first game will be against Leeds FC on September 12th. This comes after Leeds has waited sixteen years to repromotion into the Premier League, and Liverpool acquired their first championship victory in thirty years. Unsurprisingly, the Fixtures List places these two clubs against one another, with their former Premier League rivalry historically remembered amongst supporters. It’ll be interesting to see how Liverpool Head Coach Jurgen Klopp will approach Leeds FC in the Premier League.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Premier League organizers to create an unusual calendar of fixed matches, accounting for prior games that’d been postponed in the previous season. It’s known that Manchester United will compete against Burnley FC in their opening game for 2020/21, who are listed as the 2nd highest-rated team in the Premier League to date. Manchester City is going up against Aston Villa, while Arsenal FC is going against Fulham. The final fixture for opening day is Tottenham Hotspurs vs Everton, which will be a highly viewed match-up.

The Hurdles for MU

Challenges for Manchester United will continue after competing against Burnley FC, with their next fixture being against Manchester City. Then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will have to compete against Tottenham Hotspurs and Leeds FC. After what’s expected to be multiple losses for United’s Head Coach, they’ll compete against Liverpool FC on May 1st. Another round of matches then follows with Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham. All these clubs have dominated Manchester United in the Premier League standings throughout recent seasons. Without the cheers & screams of supporters in the stadiums, Manchester United hasn’t the motivation required to compete for championship contention in 2020/21.