Man Utd Hire Solskjaer After Sacking Jose Mourinho

By the summer, Man Utd will have five managers appointed after the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, including Jose Mourinho, Louis Van Gaal, David Moyes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as caretaker, and another permanent boss that has yet to be decided. Every time, the debate regarding the identity of the newly appointed manager has focused heavily on the identity of the club. Does the manager get the club? Does he understand the traditions? Is the new boss considered a Man Utd manager?

Ole Gunnar Replaces Sacked Mourinho

The decision to hire Solskjaer to take the role of the new Man Utd manager after the club sacked Mourinho is probably the most shocking decision in Premier League history. Solskjaer might be a temporary fix for the club, but more than half the season still remains, and Man Utd are also in the Champions League Round of 16.

Solskjaer is regarded as a bright and experienced coach, but he only managed to succeed in Norway where the top-flight team can be compared against the Kazakhstan Premier League as per the coefficients of UEFA, and he contributed to the relegation campaign for Cardiff in 2014. Manchester United might be struggling at the moment, but they remain the biggest club in England and its impossible to recall another coach who made such a sudden leap into the Premier League.

The main reason for Solskjaer’s appointment is purely based on the fact that he known the club. He spent more than a decade up front for Man Utd and managed to coach the reserves for several seasons. To be honest, it’s not about Solskjaer knowing the club, it is about the club knowing Solskjaer. Man Utd fans are delighted to see a familiar face again after they got sick of the gloomy frown always presented by Mourinho.

Is there a benefit to Solskjaer?

In all honesty, it is hard to imagine any real benefit when it comes to Solskjaer knowing Manchester United. Solskjaer will probably be familiar with most faces around Carrington and won’t require any directions to find the dressing room in Old Trafford. However, the implication is that he understands the playing traditions of the club.

What this means is still unclear. The modern history of the club is completely dominated by Sir Alex Ferguson who is the only manager for Man Utd to win the title in the last 50 years. Under Ferguson, Man Utd had no permanent approach, no grand philosophy, which is exactly why the club was so feared and so successful. They managed to win in any manner that was possible.

Ferguson’s Man Utd squad played positively and were always title contenders, pushing for wins in situations that other clubs wouldn’t dream of. This allowed them to become England’s richest club which allowed them to acquire top-class players who provided imagination and flair. What exactly should Solskjaer do to formulate such a brilliant team going forward? That is the biggest question on everyone’s mind at the moment.