Liverpool Supporters Disregard COVID-19 Protocols

Anfield Stadium became the location of Great Britain’s latest spectacle of disregarding COVID-19 protocols. That’s because fans of Liverpool arrived in thousands to the stadium after the team obtain Premier League Championship status. Demands from law enforcement to remain indoors were ignored, with a large percentage actively throwing smoke bombs & fireworks nearby law enforcement to deter their further involvement.

Liverpool’s Police Department requested that fans obey COVID-19 protocols, not risking their respective lives & the lives of their fellow man. Initially, hundreds of supporters disobeyed the rules and arrived at the stadium before Liverpool beat Chelsea at 5-3. Convergence onto the street saw supporters releasing red flares & launching fireworks, creating small blazes that were quickly extinguished.

After supporters continued not to abide by police orders, Liverpool law enforcement implemented the “48-Hour Dispersal Zone Act”. After forty-eight hours police are permitted to use crowd dispersal tactics, which often involves the usage of rubber pullets & riot sheets. Law enforcement was pleased after crowds began dispersing roughly six hours after Liverpool acquired victory. However, 911 in Liverpool was overrun by reports of public disturbances until morning. It’s suspected that dispersed crowds began partying in smaller groups, roaming various neighbourhoods & causing minor disruptions to homeowners.

Crimes in Liverpool

Liverpool FC was aware that supporters wouldn’t obey COVID-19 protocols. Social media comments reflected that hundreds, or possibly thousands, would arrive at Anfield Stadium before kick-off had started. Team officials fenced off the stadium, which would be torn down by supporters at 9:45 pm into the evening. An hour later, new fans were still arriving with alcohol & drugs often being taken from their person by police. Video evidence shows that multiple civilians passed-by police with confiscation of their mind-altering substances.

Local politicians were angered & expressed their disappoint through social media, indicating that those who entered “Double Decker Busses” illegally & consumed substances that aren’t permitted for street usage, would be inevitably arrested. The fact that Liverpool FC Supporters destroyed the property of their team destroyed property in their city and mostly wasted their tax dollars should be regarded in public shame.