Liverpool FC Shamed by Their Fans

Supporters for Liverpool FC have disgusted & shamed their club, which follows after ten thousand civilians in this region gathered in the downtown area. Proceedings that were initiated by fans were deemed “Wholly Unacceptable” by Liverpool FC. Not exclusively because of COVID-19 & the drastic risks that are brought after civilians meet in mass congregations, but also because of the significant damage that unfolded across the Liverpool Waterfront.

The actions of thousands have prompted for 34 Liverpool citizens to be injured, with three in severe conditions. Those three individuals aren’t expected to recover from their injuries & could die in Hospital, upon which manslaughter charges will be laid upon unnamed criminals. Liverpool Firefighters also confirmed that Liver Building was lite into flames, forcing these men to extinguish the blaze in hopes of avoiding physical damage. This wasn’t possible & Liver Building, a landmark piece of architecture for this region, now needs significant repairs.

The £10,000.00 in damages to Liver Building was initiated by a nineteen-year-old from Scarisbrick, Lancashire. Law enforcement arrested this man under Arson Charger, with video evidence placing this individual as the original instigator for this blaze. The unnamed man lite a firework & shot it directly towards Liver Building, which prompted fifteen others to implement identical actions. Those fifteen individuals are now charged with Violent Disorder. Many others have been arrested for Assault on Law Enforcement, with police officers being subjugated to violent altercations throughout the night.

Attacks on Police

The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police clarified that law enforcement has projectile missiles thrown at them, with two officers being attacked after protecting civilians from assault. Law enforcement was attacked whenever trying to arrest someone that committed violent acts was found & apprehended. Bottles were thrown & glass shards penetrated these officers. Liverpool Law Enforcement is requesting that civilians with information on those responsible for attacking officers come forward, their info won’t be released. The likelihood of that happening in the current climate of law enforcement is unlikely.

It should be mentioned that Liverpool Politicians condemned the actions of their civilians. The local government noted it’s impossible to move forward from this virus with thousands meeting up, increasing the danger associated with COVID-19 & possibly re-enforcing social distancing measures.