La Liga Launches Twitch Account

Streaming officially licensed sports properties is increasing worldwide thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Sporting institutions like Formula One saw a prominent rise of popularity behind F1 eSports throughout March to June 2020. Their growth has prompted multiple professional leagues to announce their respective eSport offerings. For La Liga, that meant being the 1st sporting institution to create a Twitch account.

La Liga selecting Twitch for their eSports Package follows after popularity for “La Liga Santander eSports” rose during the pandemic. Instead of focusing on gamers that have zero affiliations with La Liga, the official Twitch account will permit contracted footballers to compete in eSport events during the off-season. It’s presumed that popularity will increase tenfold from players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi potentially competing in an eSports event.

This announcement benefits Twitch, which has worked towards creating eSports content with official leagues for months. La Liga being their 1st prominent account holder, will prompt other professional sports to consider the service. It’s been rumoured that Nascar & IndyCar in North America could sustain Twitch accounts by 2021. These motorsports joining Twitch would cement its position in the eSports community.

Corresponding to the announcement that La Liga has registered for an official Twitch account, details regarding upcoming content was revealed. It’s known that La Liga eSports will release Compilations, Special Programs, Highlight Clips, and Streams that’ll be available in English or Spanish. Revealed information also noted that “La Liga eSports – North America Division” will work alongside the Relevant Sports Group to provide exclusive content for Mexico, Canada, and America.

Exclusive Shows for North America

American content will comprise of Matchday Reviews, One Minute Highlights, Upcoming Schedules, Long Streams, and Short Streams from eSport matches. There’ll occasionally be exclusive matches for North American viewers, enabling La Liga to reach wider audiences in this massive region. It should be mentioned that the Director of Digital Strategy for La Liga has clarified that new content formats will create a greater global fanbase. The popularity behind Spain’s La Liga has been sustained in the European Union. There have always been challenges when approaching a global audience, which could change with La Liga eSports.