Kevin Silva Enters MLS with TFC

The Toronto Football Club is continuously acquiring new players that’ll increase their chances at obtaining a 2nd MLS Championship. They’ve come close to reaching this goal multiple times but lost to notable teams, like the Seattle Sounders. Greg Vanney & the TFC Squad hope to avoid repeating history after finalizing contract negotiations with Kevin Silva. He’ll stand as the third Goalkeeper for TFC, backing the likes of Quentin Westberg & Alex Bono.

The chances of supporters witnessing Kevin Silva in the “MLS is Back Tournament” is minimal, with Westberg holding priority placement. Under the off chance that Quentin cannot compete in this competition, Alex Bono takes the reigns. Both these Goalkeepers must be terminated from the tournament from a COVID-19 infection before Kevin Silva can defend for TFC.

Kevin Silva was issued a “Loan Contract” from TFC II, the subsidiary team that competes in USL League One. Most soccer analysts are shocked that Greg Vanney provided Kevin Silva with an opportunity into Major League Soccer, with the Goalkeeper appearing eight times for TFC II. Twice those appearances would end in shutouts that didn’t favour Silva. Vanney indicated that January became the period when Silva was becoming considered, with the Goalkeeper showing notable improvements over his recent training camp.

The General Manager for TFC indicated that Kevin Silva had improved his performance in USL League One, becoming an essential asset for TFC II. Matching that with a respectable & driven attitude, Ali Curtis suggested Silva to Greg Vanney. Both the General Manager and TFCs Head Coach anticipate formidable skillsets from Kevin Silva with some professional-grade training. It should be noted that Silva was born in Pennsylvania, eventually moving to Europe, and then returned home in hopes of obtaining MLS placement. That dream has now been accomplished.

TFC Concerns for Safety in Florida

The chance that Kevin Silva will be permitted to compete in the “MLS is Back Tournament” is unlikely. Those chances are dwindling for all TFC Punters, with Greg Vanney & Ali Curtis determining they’ll remain in Florida. Significant penalties would ensue the Toronto Football Club if the General Manager, Head Coach, and Players all rejected the concept of competing.

It should be mentioned that cases of COVID-19 have drastically increased throughout the last fourteen days in Florida. This follows after Florida Politicians reopened their economy without any social distancing requirements. Thousands per day are contracting the virus, including active personnel & players with professional sports teams. TFC doesn’t want an outbreak of COVID-19 in their camp, which could prompt an early departure from the “MLS is Back Tournament”.