Incredible Records Obtained for TFC in September

The Toronto Football Club has regained its prominence through Major League Soccer and become one of the more feared teams after the “MLS is Back Tournament”. Their growth throughout the 2020 season has been extensive, and two TFC footballers are being awarded for their improved skillsets. The first came with Richie Laryea, a defender for TFC. He was named MLS Player of the Week, for Week 14 of 2020.

Richie Laryea obtained two assists & One goal during the September 27th match-up against Columbus Crew SC. Toronto FC was already in the lead when Laryea received the 3rd goal of this match, with Columbus Crew having one goal against TFC. What Richie Laryea displayed during his assists & goal was formidable talent, with the defender weaving between opposing players. Richie shot between the legs of Eloy Room, the Columbus Crew FC Goalkeeper & everyone at that moment knew that TFC had stood victorious of this match-up.

The award marks Richie Laryea’s 1st MLS Player of the Week, which is surprising when considering the Toronto-born native has competed with TFC for two seasons. It should be mentioned that throughout the 2020 season, Richie Laryea has scored four goals & made eleven appearances in official matches with two assists.

TFC Midfielder Becomes Player of the Month

Richie Laryea wasn’t the exclusive member of TFC to be awarded a significant title. Alejandro Pozuelo received the “MLS Player of the Month” title for September 2020. It marks the 5th notable title for Alejandro Pozuelo since arriving in Major League Soccer for the 2019 MLS Season. Unlike Richie Laryea, Pozuelo has competed in fewer games because of injury. His record stands at 3-2-1 for a period of six games. 15 of the 24 goals obtained this season were acquired by Alejandro Pozuelo, showing domination as a team leader.

Alejandro Pozuelo has obtained four other titles since arriving in Major League Soccer. He’s stood victorious as MLS Player of the Week for the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th weeks for the 2020 Season. These titles evoke fear amongst competing teams & will likely allow TFC Head Coach to employ Alejandro Pozuelo in a strong offensive position.