Griezmann Signs with Barcelona

It’s finally happened, after months of speculation, Antoine Griezmann is a Barcelona player. More than 12 months after the broadcast of The Decision, a documentary where Griezmann was agonising over the decision to transfer to either Barcelona or Atletico Madrid, only to turn down Barcelona, Griezmann is making his way to Camp Nou after all. He regretted his decision to play for Atletico Madrid and reversed it rather quickly to now play for Barcelona.

The Transfer of Antoine Griezmann

Barcelona initially hoped to negotiate the transfer of Griezmann by paying the large sum of the cash through several instalments. However, in the end, the buyout clause had to be paid in full. This was always going to take place as the buyout clause is essentially what made this possible for the club and the player. Because the buyout clause decreased from €200 million to £120 million, it was primarily seen as an open invitation for Barcelona, and they accepted it with open hands.

Paying the buyout clause took longer than expected, which we considered being quite silly. Barcelona knew months in advance that Antoine Griezmann would play for Barcelona in the 2019/20 season and they knew it was going to take place on 1 July 2019. Barcelona had to gather the large sum of the money, prepare the paperwork, get it signed off, and assist Griezmann with the transfer. Thankfully, everything has been taken care of. Before Griezmann joining the team for preseason warm-up, he will need to participate in photoshoots, thumbs up pictures, and a couple of words on his recent transfer. From there, it’s full steam ahead.

The Possible Transfer of Neymar

This takes us to our next topic of discussion where another football star is trying his best to make his return to Barcelona where he recently left the club to play for Paris Saint Germain. We are talking about Neymar and his desire to return to Camp Nou. With Griezmann taken care of, six long weeks in the transfer window could end up with Neymar on the squad for the 2019/20 season. However, it’s way too early to make any concrete statements on this subject.

Neymar has stated on numerous occasions that he would like to make a return to Barcelona and his teammates, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi, have also shown their interests to have the player back on the attacking side of Camp Nou. It’s also worth mentioning that PSG is no longer interested in Neymar after forking out such a large sum of money for the Brazilian striker. Many supporters of Barcelona will start asking themselves if the transfer of Neymar is worth it, especially with Griezmann now on the team.

Most people don’t think it is and that’s because the player has way too much baggage at the moment. Barcelona won’t lose anything if they don’t sign Neymar and we believe they already have a fantastic line-up of players on the attacking side.