Gareth Bale’s time at Real Madrid is Finally Up

It seems like the war between Zinedine Zidane and Gareth Bale has finally reached its breaking point. The Real Madrid coach has recently stated that he hopes Bale will leave soon as it will be best for everyone. The manager noted this after the 3-1 defeat against Bayern Munich on Saturday.

This means that a transfer is on the horizon. Jonathan Barnett, the agent for Gareth Bale, responded afterwards by calling Zinedine a disgrace. There’s no turning back now.

The Gareth Bale Situation

A massive clue was given away 45 minutes before the start of the match on Saturday that something was wrong at Real Madrid. Bale was originally part of the starting squad as a substitute. However, word got out that he wasn’t involved at all, and due to his troubled relationship with Zidane, it certainly wasn’t due to an injury.

Zidane’s patience has run out with Gareth Bale, and he doesn’t see the player forming part of the team’s revival. Bale transferring to PSG would mean Neymar form part of Real Madrid. However, the club just spent €100 million to acquire Eden Hazard for the same position that Neymar specializes in.

There’s also rumours that Real Madrid is targeting Paul Pogba for €200 million. However, Florentino Perez, the president of Madrid, loves annoying Barcelona, so acquiring Neymar would do the trick.

There’s also the possibility that Gareth Bale can move to Manchester United with some swap along with a cash deal. However, Bale will need to fancy the Europa League and be ready to carry the torch for a team that is currently going through a difficult time. Does he even have a choice in the matter?

What about Tottenham Hotspur? A comeback to his former club could be very appealing, and it would keep him in the Champions League. However, even that might be too late for the Welshman.

Outside the European Leagues

So who else can afford to take Gareth Bale from Real Madrid that is not situated in Europe? There are talks that Jiangsu Suning and Beijing Guoan from China might be interested. However, is a truckload of money enough for Gareth Bale to transfer to a brand-new country along with a significant culture shock and a drop in competition?

The list of suitors for Gareth Bale at the moment is tiny, and the football star doesn’t have much of choice anymore. Zidane is spot on by saying that its time for a significant change for someone that has completely lost their way at Real Madrid. At the age of 30, along with an extensive list of injuries, one is left to wonder whether Bale has the same desire and hunger as he once did. Will he be able to recover from the devastation he is currently in? That is precisely what potential suitors are asking themselves.