Spain’s La Liga Resumes Training

Supporters of Spanish Football were thrilled over the weekend, with La Liga permitting their official organizations to resume training at the lowest level possible. This meant supporters saw Lionel Messi training for the 1st time in 60+ days, with the infamous footballers forced to reside indoors after a national lockdown was implemented in Spain. The Coronavirus pandemic prompted lockdowns worldwide, with the Spanish Government starting the 1st phase of lifting lockdown measures. This meant that La Liga could permit footballers to engage with individual training sessions.

The 1st three clubs permitted to begin their training was Barcelona FC, Villarreal FX, and Sevilla FC. Neither of these outfits has completed their regular routines since March 14th, which followed after Spain and Italy both became pandemic zones for the novel coronavirus. After two months of overwhelming conditions, both nations have found it possible to resume the economy, albeit on a considerably smaller level than usual.

La Liga Spain permitted two other outfits to begin training on May 8th. Those included Real Madrid FC and Atletico Madrid, with these five outfits and all other organization in the La Liga being informed that seasonal play will resume on June 1st. Civilians won’t be permitted as spectators, with teams having to implement strict guidelines for their safety and the protection of on-site personnel. Refusal will prompt substantial fines and the immediate banning from all remaining seasonal games.

Challenges with Training

Executives with La Life Spain demanded that team personnel, coaches, players, and filming crews be tested before entering the facility. Those same tests were maintained for individuals leaving the facility. Results haven’t been released publicly by La Life, with Spanish News Outlets claiming three unnamed footballers from the five teams training were confirmed with COVID-19.

Some are calling for the lockdown of La Liga Spain to remain active until late summer, with executives ignoring these pleas for safety. Ultimately capitalism requires money to thrive, and La Liga team owners want profits immediately. That will always come first when making such a substantial investment. It should be mentioned that cleaning crews are continually working in these training facilities, ensuring that all surfaces are clean from the virus. La Liga hopes this’ll stop the spreading of COVID-19 amongst their athletes.

Norman Hunter Passes Away From COVID-19

One of the most infamous legends in British football history has passed away after contracting the novel coronavirus. This individual was Normal Hunter, who played with Leeds United as a forward. He’d dominate over the competition and become known for tackling players to the ground when it was still permitted. Norman acquired the nickname, “Mr Bites Yer Legs”. Norman Hunter would be a critical asset during Leeds United most infamous and historical era in football.

While playing with Leeds United, Norman spent fourteen years at the LUFC home stadium of Elland Road. During this significant campaign, two league championship titles would be acquired. These victories gave him a specialized seat on the 1966 England National Football Team, who won the World Cup. Older and younger fans behind Norman Hunter were shocked to learn he’d been admitted into an unnamed hospital. It’d follow after he’d test positive for COVID-19.

Condolences for this significant loss immediately were provided through social media. Eddie Gray, a former teammate of Norman Hunter with Leeds United FC, mentioned that he was one of the best athletes to play the sport. Gray also noted that Norman was more than a tackler but a notable footballer with professional capabilities. Most forget that Norman Hunter wasn’t provided with the opportunities deserved because his legend was dominated over by the iconic Bobby Moore.

Leeds United FC provided a formal statement regarding the passing, expressing that an unfilled void has been left in this football family. It was remarked that LUFC Fans wouldn’t forget the legacy of Norman Hunter. Sentiments from Leeds United finished with their thoughts and prayers towards the Norman Family.

It should be mentioned that Normal Hunter joined the Leeds United Association at fifteen, experiencing his entire career with a singular association. Throughout his lengthy career of fourteen years, more than 700+ professional matches were played. Norman stands as the 4th longest-playing footballers in Premier League History, which is an accomplishment not easily reached. It’s expected that organizers with Leeds United FC will honour Norman Hunter once the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded in Great Britain. It’s not known when the Premier League will begin their 2020 Season, with it being postponed indefinitely until Great Britain lifts their nation-wide lockdown.

Eden Hazard Is Currently the Best Player in the Premier League

You can easily compare Eden Hazard’s performance to that of Pele and Diego Maradona after his incredible match-winning goal against Liverpool. The Belgian football star came off the bench and managed to score a phenomenal solo goal only 5 minutes from full-time to make it a 2-1 final score against Liverpool. This occurred after the header from Emerson cancelled out the opening goal from Daniel Sturridge.

Jamie Carragher on Eden Hazard

Jamie Carragher, the former Liverpool defender in the Premier League, was full of praise for the composure and strength displayed by Hazard as he managed to beat several defenders before he presented a beautiful shot past the Liverpool goalkeeper, stating that it’s reminiscent of the greatest football players in the world.

“All the best football players have the power. Think of Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, and you can even go as far back as Pele and Diego Maradona. These players can’t be bullied when it comes to football. You continuously think how on earth are you going to stop them?”

“You won’t be able to knock them away from the ball, and each of these players have the strength and power in the backside and in their legs. The same can be said for Eden Hazard. When you look at the Liverpool goal, you could clearly see that he wasn’t in the best position to receive it, but he still managed to score a tremendous goal from it.”

Hazard is a superstar, there’s no denying it. In the previous domestic cup match, Hazard played in the FA Cup final where he won a penalty and managed to score from it. He won this Premier League match as well.”

Eden Hazard’s Current Contract

Eden Hazard hinted that he wanted to be transferred to Real Madrid over the summer, but the transfer failed to materialize even though the club sold Christiano Ronaldo. Jamie Carragher is suspecting that the Chelsea forward, who currently has less than two years left on his contract, will be the centre of attention in the coming months. “When January rolls around or when we get to the end of the Premier League season, there’s certainly going to be questions asked when Hazard is left with a year on his contract.”

Although Eden Hazard is quite happy with Chelsea at the moment, it won’t stop Barcelona or Real Madrid from getting their hands on him when they want him in their club. It’s extremely difficult to hold onto your star players when another club is on the hunt, especially when you consider that its every player’s dream to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid. Liverpool had Luis Suarez and Xabi Alonso, and Manchester United had Christiano Ronaldo. So if Eden Hazard gets his way and Real Madrid makes him an offer, there’s no denying that Chelsea will be in serious trouble when summer rolls around. He is undoubtedly the best player in the Premier League at the moment and only time will tell where he’ll end up.

What Is Happening To Leroy Sane?

Manchester City managed to defeat everyone in their path in last season’s Premier League, breaking multiple records under Pep Guardiola. One star in the Man City squad was Leroy Sane, a German attacking midfielder. The former star from Schalke was in his second season with Manchester City after joining the Citizens for big money in the previous season.

During the 2017/18 season, Leroy Sane managed to score ten goals along with fifteen assists during the Premier League where he won the PFA Young Player of the Year award. Everyone thought that he would produce the same standard during the 2018/19 season, but unfortunately, this has not been the case.

Excluded from Germany World Cup Team

The problems for the 22-year-old started when he was excluded from Germany’s World Cup team, a decision made by Joachim Low, the head coach for the German squad. Sane went into summer after experiencing the best run as a professional footballer. There’s no doubt that he should have played in Russia as all cylinders were firing. Instead, he was excluded from the squad which was a very strange decision by Joachim Low.

Failed to Start in Opening Games for Manchester City

Another problem for the German midfielder was not starting for the Man City squad at the start of the Premier League. Sane enjoyed a summer break as he was not selected for the Germany World Cup team, so in essence, he was able to hit the ground running for Manchester City. The majority of the Citizens midfielders were gone due to the World Cup, leaving Sane to start the early top-flight games for Manchester City. However, Sane failed to start any of the top-flight games for Manchester City this season.

There were several reports that Pep Guardiola wasn’t satisfied with his fitness levels and training. However, a couple of days ago Guardiola claimed that he saw the same player who made an impression during last season’s Premier League. The head coach also stated that he excluded Sane not due to his performance but due to the fact that he had several other choices at his disposal.

Sane Should Improve As The Season Continues

Looking at his performance during last season, there’s no doubt that Sane will improve as the season unfolds this year. Manchester City has loads of options for the position that the German midfielder players in, but Sane is undeniably a very talented player who certainly has the potential to become a football star.

From all the talent in the Man City squad, Leroy Sane should play a key role for the Manchester City team. Perhaps his exclusion from the Germany team has knocked him down somewhat and could be the main reason he hasn’t started for Man City in the Premier League as of yet. Another reason could be that Guardiola prefers other players over him.

Hopefully, Sane will start in the next few games and thrive for Manchester City. Sane is an absolute joy to watch and one of the main reasons Man City was so entertaining during last season’s Premier League.

Everton Wants RB Leipzig to Pay £28 Million for Ademola Lookman

According to several sources, Everton F.C are requesting a transfer fee of over £28 million for Ademola Lookman. The recent report comes after Everton allegedly tuned down a bid of £22 million from RB Leipzig.

The young winger spent most of the second half of the previous season at the German club on-loan. Ralf Rangnick, the manager of RB Leipzig, started earlier this year “He wants to come and we want him back.” Marco Silva, the manager of Everton, has stated more than once that Lookman forms part of his plans over the long term. However, it looks like Everton might sell if the right price is agreed upon, as the RB Leipzig transfer window is still available until 31 August 2018.

Big reputation but Delivers very Little

Ademola Lookman has managed to earn a big reputation during his stay at Charlton before he was transferred to Everton as a bright young prospect for a fee of around £10 million. Since his transfer to Merseyside, The under-21 England international has managed to deliver very little. There are only two memorable moments that come to mind since Lookman put on the blue shirt and that’s a debut goal while playing against Manchester City and forming part of a goal in last season’s FA Cup against Liverpool. Apart from these two memorable moments, Lookman hasn’t produced anything noteworthy which is exactly why 3 Everton managers have overlooked him for starts since he joined the club. However, during his short spell at Germany on loan, he looked great. Perhaps the Bundesliga is the perfect place for him to further develop his skills.

Attitude and Body Language is reportedly Poor

Most Everton players want him to stay, as they are well aware that he could potentially develop into a star. However, his attitude is reportedly poor during training prior to the Wolves game. Silva also mentioned that his attitude improved before the win against Southampton. Lookman started the match on the bench. However, he didn’t make it on the pitch as he looked rather disinterested during his warm-up.

Silva was planning to bring him on as a substitute, but Lookman’s attitude and warm-up failed to impress, and therefore Oumar Niasse was brought on instead. After the win against Southampton, several players stayed behind to sign autographs, while Lookman merely walked past while wearing headphones. He is obviously upset with the way Everton managers are treating him during his short time at the club. In truth, he hasn’t achieved much since his move to Everton and seems to be going on like he is a proven talent in the Premier League. Although he might turn out to be a fantastic player in the future, it looks like he already left Everton mentally. A move to RB Leipzig might be the best move for his career, as Everton is not the right place for Lookman to enjoy playing football.

How is Manchester City going to perform without Kevin De Bruyne?

Kevin De Bruyne is going to be out for at least three months after suffering a knee injury. Fortunately, no surgery will be required, Manchester City confirmed. The sensational midfielder injured the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) during a Wednesday training session in his right knee. Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva, and Riyad Mahrez played behind Aguero as Kevin De Bruyne entered the game as a substitute during the 60th minute during last weekend’s match against Arsenal where they claimed a 2-0 victory.

Kevin De Bruyne, who was voted Player of the Year for Manchester City last season, only managed to make a return to the club last week after receiving extended time away from the club following his involvement in the Belgium national team during the FIFA World Cup. The former Wolfsburg and Chelsea midfielder missed over two months during the 2015-16 season following a knee injury against Everton during a league tie while playing at Etihad Stadium. Manchester City is scheduled to face off against Huddersfield this coming Sunday in their first fixture for the 2018-19 season.

How will Kevin De Bruyne’s injury affect the team for the next three months?

Manchester City will obviously need to come to terms with the knee injury suffered by Kevin De Bruyne, but how is the team going to cope without their title-winning talisman from last season? Most are backing the star-studded Manchester City squad led by Pep Guardiola and are in high hopes that the team will succeed even though Kevin De Bruyne won’t be involved for at least three months, but will everything be as seamless for Guardiola as predicted?

Manchester City is currently in uncharted waters. After De Bruyne joined the club in 2015, he failed to start a mere 20 games in the Premier League. However, the team will now be left without De Bruyne for a significant chunk of the upcoming season. Whether it be successful passes, second assists, assists, goals, chances created from set pieces, overall chances created, or open play, Kevin De Bruyne has been Manchester City’s standout performer since he arrived in the squad. In fact, without the Belgian influence, Manchester City’s figures take a sharp nosedive in almost every department.

Who will replace Kevin De Bruyne for the next three months?

It should come as no surprise that Pep Guardiola has a wealth of talent to call upon in this situation as he attempts to fill the gap with the recent injury by Kevin De Bruyne. Most teams in the Premier League feature one or two players with the same quality as that of De Bruyne, while Manchester City boasts with three or four. After signing Mahrez, Manchester City possesses an incredible midfielder with the second-most goals in the Premier League since Kevin De Bruyne started his career at the squad. The team also has David Silva, a renowned Spanish player that can easily fill the gap going forward.