Manchester United Face Challenges in 2020/21 Season

Both Manchester City & Manchester United are facing notable challenges in the upcoming 2020/21 Premier League Season. These challenges were noted late into 2019/20s season, with other clubs like Liverpool & Chelsea proving more formidable than these two squads from Manchester. Additional trials have arisen after the Premier League announced their 2020/21 Fixtures List on August 20th. The challenges mainly arise with Manchester United, who’ve been placed against serious contenders for several back-to-back games.

Fixtures for all other football clubs in the Premier League were also released, with Liverpool learning their first game will be against Leeds FC on September 12th. This comes after Leeds has waited sixteen years to repromotion into the Premier League, and Liverpool acquired their first championship victory in thirty years. Unsurprisingly, the Fixtures List places these two clubs against one another, with their former Premier League rivalry historically remembered amongst supporters. It’ll be interesting to see how Liverpool Head Coach Jurgen Klopp will approach Leeds FC in the Premier League.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Premier League organizers to create an unusual calendar of fixed matches, accounting for prior games that’d been postponed in the previous season. It’s known that Manchester United will compete against Burnley FC in their opening game for 2020/21, who are listed as the 2nd highest-rated team in the Premier League to date. Manchester City is going up against Aston Villa, while Arsenal FC is going against Fulham. The final fixture for opening day is Tottenham Hotspurs vs Everton, which will be a highly viewed match-up.

The Hurdles for MU

Challenges for Manchester United will continue after competing against Burnley FC, with their next fixture being against Manchester City. Then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will have to compete against Tottenham Hotspurs and Leeds FC. After what’s expected to be multiple losses for United’s Head Coach, they’ll compete against Liverpool FC on May 1st. Another round of matches then follows with Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham. All these clubs have dominated Manchester United in the Premier League standings throughout recent seasons. Without the cheers & screams of supporters in the stadiums, Manchester United hasn’t the motivation required to compete for championship contention in 2020/21.

Kevin De Bruyne Named Premier League’s Player of the Year

The Premier League have announced their Player of the Year, confirming that Belgian-native Kevin De Bruyne has acquired the title. It’s nothing short of amazing to become named the Premier League POTY, as this reward is given to some of the best footballers in European history.

It’s been known that the Belgian International was one of several to receive the honorary award. Competitors against Kevin De Bruyne for Manchester City include Trent-Alexander Arnold, Nick Pop, Jordan Henderson, Jamie Vardy, Danny Igns, and Sadio Mane. Manchester Cities most notable Player was able to fend off competitors from Liverpool FC, Leicester FC, Southampton FC, and Burnley FC.

This marks the 1st Premier League Player of the Year Award for Kevin De Bruyne, standing as the 3rd Belgian-native to acquire this status. De Bruyne now stands alongside Vincent Kompany and Eden Hazard. Kompany received the POTY Award in 2012 for Manchester City & Hazard obtained his status as POTY in 2015 for Chelsea FC.

Kevin De Bruyne maintained a formidable season through 2019-20, growing his skillsets throughout the pandemic. It became evident after the Premier League returned & allowed De Bruyne to succeed Virgil Van Dijk from Liverpool FC as POTY. It should be clarified that Kevin equalled the Premier League Record help by Thierry Henry of 20 Assists, while also obtaining 13 Goals.

Even with the formidable skillsets displayed by Kevin De Bruyne, it wasn’t enough for Manchester City to overtake Liverpool FC & become knocked out of the UEFA Champion’s League. This doesn’t mean that Manchester City won’t return throughout the 2020-21 Premier League Season to dominate over their rivals of Liverpool, which could be challenging if individual players leave the organizations. It’s known that Kevin De Bruyne is remaining on with Manchester City until 2023.

De Bruyne Talks Upcoming Future

Discussing his future in the Premier League for the off-season, De Bruyne clarified he’ll spend the majority of this period with his wife. That’s because they’re expecting a child & Kevin wants his newborn to know its father. The sex, name, and future birthing location has been kept private by the De Bruyne family.

Manchester United’s League Position

It is tough to recognize what to make of Manchester United at the min. A couple of weeks back, Head Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looked out of his deepness with his United future in concern. With the previous Southampton employer sought-after, he might well sign up with one more club before United’s excellent run of kind ends. On paper, Pochettino looks to be the best employer for Manchester United. If Solskjaer desires to maintain his work, and also the group wants to examine proceeding after that, those are the video games United require to keep winning.

It is hard to understand what to make of Manchester United at the min. A couple of weeks back, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looked out of his deepness with his United future in concern. I did assume the United board were early in offering him the permanent duty. This period has been a rollercoaster, resulting in an enigma over his future as a United manager. The last couple of efficiencies have shown that Solskjaer can obtain the finest out of the existing team of gamers. If Manchester United had played as they performed in the last couple of games at the start of this new period in their history. There would undoubtedly be a couple of individuals questioning Solskjaer future as a manager.

The Concerns of Pochettino

The implausible beginning to the period and Mauricio Pochettino’s departure from the United have unavoidably reignited the tales of the Argentinian ending up being United Head Coach in the future. Unless Solskjaer remains to win video games, that will be hanging over the Norwegian up until Pochettino locates an additional task. With the previous Southampton manager sought-after, he might well sign up with one more club before United’s excellent run of type ends. Theoretically, Pochettino seems the best employer for Manchester United. He functioned doubt Tottenham on a little budget plan, albeit without winning any cutlery.

The task he performed in north London result in Pochettino getting enormous credibility on the planet and also a European video game. His online supervisory reputation is much above Solskjaer. The Norwegian has not obtained a lot of credibility of note. The circumstance is just that Solskjaer requires his group to maintain winning video games. If he continues winning after that, there is no factor for him to leave.

Their Placement

United’s win at City last break relocated the Red Devils approximately fifth-place in the table as well as merely 5 factors behind out of type Chelsea. If there is an average run, the Red Devils can complete in the leading 4, something that looked extremely not likely a couple of weeks back. United are still the 6th favourites to complete in the top-four up in arms of 4/1. With the sort of Marcus Rashford as well as Anthony Martial fit as well as shooting, United might do the unimaginable as well as nick a top-four area.

Naturally, thus far, Solskjaer full-time power has educated us that they battle to do regularly. A residence game this weekend break versus Everton has been made a lot more the more difficult by the Toffees acting consultation as head trainer of among their club symbols in Duncan Ferguson. The huge Scot won his opening suit 3-1 versus Chelsea. The Merseyside’s must be a harder possibility than they would certainly have been than under Marco Silva. If Solskjaer desires to maintain his task, and also the group desires to inspect advancing after that, those are the games United require to keep winning.

Racial Abuse Condemn by Man United

The 26-year old player for Manchester United, Paul Pogba, became another casualty of online racial abuse after missing a penalty during a game against the Wolves. Even though he made a penalty during the second half of the game which then resulted in a draw of 1-1, he was on the receiving end of disturbing comments from angered supporters.

A Regular Occurrence in the World of Football

Pogba is only one of many football stars who have received verbal lashings on social media platforms in the form of racial abuse. One other such an unfortunate player is Chelsea’s striker, Tammy Abrahams. Abrahams was criticized for missing a penalty against Liverpool during the UEFA Super Cup Final. Abrahams’s defence is that he will answer his critics with playing a quality game to let his abilities speak for themselves.

Reading had also had to suffer some abuse when midfielder Yakou Meite was attacked after their game against Cardiff. According to the organization which is focused on eliminating racial discrimination within the sporting world of football, Kick It Out, the occurrence of racial abuse is still happening too often, and more strict action should be taken against these perpetrators. This is a statement with which the management of Manchester United couldn’t agree more.

Manchester United Responds

Manchester United has a stringent no-tolerance policy against such behaviour. They are even committed to various campaigns advocating that such abuse should be eliminated and that those who make themselves guilty of it should be severely punished. They furthermore stated that all possible efforts will be made to determine the identity of the people who made these racial comments and that they will be punished. Since the social media stir took off, however, a number of these comments were deleted, and in some instances, entire profiles were removed. They also expressed their appreciation for those fans who condemned the remarks.

Manchester United also requested that social media companies should join them in the effort to eradicate such behaviour. It was even suggested that such companies should consider that people should verify their true identities when opening accounts, to limit such actions which can be done in anonymity.

Harry Maguire

Another teammate of Pogba, Harry Maguire, also expressed his concern in regards with angered supporters which use social media platforms to express their negative feelings in an unaccepted manner. He, as well as fellow teammates, stated that in Manchester United they always strive towards achieving unity within the team. When supporters leave remarks as they did now, they are not only disrespecting the club’s values and ethics but are also causing friction. This is disrupting the unity in the team. Criticism of one player is indeed considered as a criticism of all.

For as long as that social media offers people the opportunity to express themselves without any limitation, it will, unfortunately, be a medium which can harvest racially abusive comments.

How Solskjaer Can Fix Manchester United

The Manchester United manager ripped into each of his players following a horrible 2-0 defeat at home against Cardiff City on the last day of the Premier League, informing them that they were an embarrassment to both themselves and the club. Solskjaer is spot on, but it will necessarily be him that will lose his job if things don’t turn around after an awful 2018/19 season.

Finishing in sixth place, with 32 points behind Manchester City is a complete disgrace for Manchester United. However, the Norwegian has a clear picture of which players are a problem and which players need to stay. He had a total of 6 months to evaluate the team and allowed each of them to prove themselves on the pitch.

Solskjaer as Head Coach

Some are under the impression that it was a huge mistake to make Solskjaer a full-time head coach in March. However, no one said anything when he defeated Paris-Saint Germain during the Champions League two months ago. Unfortunately, Manchester United has been rotten ever since then, and Solskjaer must take some blame. However, there’s loads of credit still left for the head coach, and most of the fans remain on his side.

One huge advantage when he was appointed in March was that he was allowed to plan carefully for next season. He understood that recruitment was a major priority and requested that Mike Phelan become a permanent staff member on his team. Solskjaer’s request came to life after his employers drew up a contract for Mike Phelan last week.

Manchester United’s Plan for 2019/20 Season

Manchester United are well aware of which areas need to be strengthened in the team and the type of footballers the club needs. Solskjaer is planning to get players in early to lift the spirit and hopes in fans around the world. Avoiding the unnecessary mess that was created last year will help too. Manchester United was also taken by surprise when they were informed late that another central midfielder was required on the pitch.

These types of players are complicated to find, especially from now-wealthy clubs, such as Leicester City. If the head coach doesn’t get it right, the club will slip behind the likes of Wolves, Everton, and Leicester.

Manchester United’s recruitment is being monitored very carefully because it previously fell short and turned out to be a disaster. Solskjaer also wants each of his players to be much fitter as well, which is why there have been loads of changes when it comes to his fitness staff too.

Solskjaer is not a puppet or an idiot when it comes to the club and dismissing the necessary team members. He understands that the job will eat him alive if he doesn’t get his players to perform, and he knows he needs to make a few bold moves to get rid of the problematic players in the dressing room. He can make these decisions without hesitating once.

Vincent Kompany’s Extravagant Goal for Manchester City

There was no way that Vincent Kompany would score a goal from there. His manager knew it, his teammates knew it, and more importantly, the Leicester City players knew it too.

There were only 20 minutes left in a game of cloying tension at the Etihad Stadium on Monday evening when Aymeric Laporte passed the ball to Vincent Kompany halfway inside the Leicester half of the field. This is the situation Manchester City was in, the team’s centre-backs were camping on the halfway line, while their forwards were ineffectively clustering around the penalty area. They managed to throw everything at Leicester City without any results.

With a record of 12 consecutive victories that preceded this match, Manchester City only took the lead after the 63rd minute of the game. For Pep Guardiola’s side, this w1as considered uncomfortable and unfamiliar terrain.

Vincent Kompany’s Goal

Kompany decided to kick the ball a couple of feet in front of him. The opposition was in Manchester City’s faces throughout the match, but here, they surprisingly decided to back off due to the identity of the player. Both Hamza Choudhury and Wilfred Ndidi continued to run across the outer edge of the penalty area, while James Maddison decided to stay off. Therefore, Kompany agreed to take another touch before he decided to let the ball fly.

The perfect camera angle to witness the shot was behind Kompany as it provided the best story for his remarkable goal. He managed to strike the ball with his right foot, lifting both his feet off the ground in his effort to get the most out of his shot. The ball travelled high towards the goal, far beyond the capable hands of Kasper Schmeichel, ending up in the top-right corner to give Manchester City the lead.

This was considered a one-in-a-million strike, a wonder goal, and the more you look at it, the more sensational it becomes. This was the first goal for Kompany in more than a year. It also provided his primary goal in the Premier League from outside the box. He hasn’t been able to hit the goalie from outside the penalty area since December 2013.

The Reaction After the Goal

In Manchester City stands, there was a massive explosion of relief and joy. When the cameras focused on the Manchester City manager, Pep was in a messianic pose with his hands towards the sky along with a sea of limbs in the background.

When Pep was asked what he thought before Vincent went for goal, he responded that he didn’t want Kompany to go for the play at all. However, once the ball landed in the back of the net, he stated that it was a sensational goal and was relieved it managed to pass the goalkeeper. This will be the last season for Kompany at Manchester City as his contract comes to an end. However, if this is his good-bye, he certainly did it in style.

Manchester City’s Lead Over Liverpool Comes Down to Millimetres

It would be fitting, after a relentless chase between Liverpool and Manchester City, if the title race of the season was won by the leanest of margins. However, it will also feel cruel at the same time. At Merseyside, hearts must have sunk when the referee signalled the close-range effort from Sergio Aguero after it crossed the line. It managed to beat the desperate lunge of Matt Lowton by only 29.51 millimetres.

In two weeks, Jurgen Klopp could be looking back at the priceless moment that occurred in January when both contenders clashed, and John Stones managed to stretch out to his limit much like Lowton, hooking the ball away from the goal line even though nine-tenths of it crossed the line. Before the technology surrounding the goal-line was introduced, when officials had to rely on guesswork and instinct, the two decisions could have been reversed. It’s quite clear that justice has been done. However, never has the thinnest of distances been felt quite in the same manner as the contingency by Manchester City.

Manchester City’s Victory Over Burnley

Manchester City did not expect anything for free while playing at Turf Moor. In the previous season, the team endured a 1-1 draw in the same location against Burnley. However, it proved to be far less consequential when it came to their title hopes compared to any stumble that might have occurred on Sunday. It had all the ingredients to be considered another upset, and it should have been one at the end.

Instead, Manchester City managed to avoid a couple of awkward moments in the beginning, shut out the suggestion made by Klopp that it would be a difficult assignment on Thursday, and brilliantly completed the job. It was mainly an afternoon filled with experienced and calm heads where Guardiola was purring after the occasion.

During the first 20 minutes, it looked like Vincent Kompany could have been in for an enormous battle against Barnes, a player who scored while playing against Chelsea and is renowned for taking down the big guns in soccer. However, Kompany managed to end the struggle at the top, and Sergio Aguero, who didn’t see much of the ball during the first half, also got much stronger. This was the 20th goal in the Premier League for Aguero and managed to achieve this for five consecutive seasons.

Manchester City resembled a thunderstorm during the first 18 minutes of the second half, and once Aguero pounced, it was inevitable that a goal would be scored. On a day where Bernardo Silva and Raheem Sterling completely misfired, it was no coincidence that Aguero would be the one to settle the nerves for the team. Manchester City continues to win games in the Premier League, even if the win is calculated by millimetres. It’s these close encounters, with difficult VAR decisions that will see Manchester City take the title this year if they can continue winning in their last remaining games.

How Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Can Finish in the Top 4

The title race for the Premier League between Liverpool and Manchester City is alive and well. However, when you look at the clubs behind them, things are equally compelling in the fight for the top-four places. With just 3 points between Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham, it’s finally possible to make a case as to where each team might end up.

Tottenham Hotspur

The wait is finally over for Tottenham to make their return to White Hart Lane. The stadium has offered a crucial morale boost for the club that is currently struggling after they only made 1 point in the last five games. The 2-0 win against Crystal Palace doesn’t solve the question entirely of how well each player adjusted, but fans are much happier in the great new arena, following two years of travelling from London to Wembley. A place that never honestly felt like home. Tottenham Hotspur also has a relatively easy run going forward. Apart from Manchester City, they can enjoy a few simple home games against Everton, West Ham, Brighton, and Huddersfield along with an away trip to face Bournemouth.


The 2-0 win against Manchester United in March represented the last fixture against a Big 6 club, which means their remaining run is much easier on paper. Arsenal has also managed to collect 16 points in their previous 6 matches. Unai Emery has also managed to get the perfect balance with his team after spending the first half of the season changing and chopping. If things continue down this glorious path, Arsenal will be in the top 4 of the Premier League.


The 3-0 win against Brighton might prove crucial, especially when you consider that Maurizio Sarri’s brand-new changes made a significant impact on the field. Fans of Chelsea remain anti-Sarri. However, the use of Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Oddi proved very popular on the pitch, giving Chelsea a breath of fresh air going forward. If the club can create a winning streak going forward with new players on the field successfully doing what they need to do, Chelsea can make a significant impact on the top 4 teams in the Premier League.

Manchester United

Manchester United has four matches at home out of 6, with the away games being played against Huddersfield and Everton. There’s also a feel-good atmosphere at Old Trafford, and while the likes of Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba haven’t been in the same form, they showcased during the first few months under Solskjaer, the overall improvement on the tenure of Jose Mourinho is very clear. Manchester United are the least favourite team to make it to the Champions League semi-final this year because they are playing against La Liga giants, Barcelona. However, this gives them the perfect opportunity to place all their focus on the remaining Premier League games to ensure they reach the top four.

The Ultimate Attacking Trios in Football

Three can definitely be considered a magic number, especially when it comes to football. It’s for this very reason that we decided to take a look at the most potent and important trios in the game of football and what makes them so amazing.

Liverpool – The Lords of Open Space

This sensational threesome flourishes on open space and peaks when there’s room for running and attacking behind a rushed retreating defense. They perfectly fit the high-pressure ideals of Jurgen Klopp and are fully equipped to completely exploit the most innocuous change in possession. The blistering conviction and pace of Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, and Mohamed Salah is what makes them so deadly when they have the ball in their possession. The Liverpool trio requires open space to operate sufficiently and once they receive it, the front three is unmatched.

Manchester City – Assassins in the Penalty Area

It almost seems unfair to showcase the trio of Sergio Aguero, Leroy Sane, and Raheem Sterling given how remarkable Pep Guardiola’s entire team is at destroying opponents. However, the truth of the matter is that these three football stars are the most proficient at applying the final touch to claim victories. Their overall strength doesn’t lie in the creation of chances, but more in the conversion.

Paris Saint-Germain – The Creative All-Stars

If you believe it’s completely unfair that Ligue 1 squads need to deal with Mbappe, Kylian, and Neymar, you’d be right. To be honest, its an embarrassingly creative trio within the French league. However, what’s even more impressive is how three world-class football stars at their previous clubs have jelled and worked as a functioning unit without their egos getting in the way. Unfortunately, the squad has struggled a bit in the Champions League this season, but their incredible combination of style and skill makes them rather impossible to stop, regardless of who they are facing every week.

Barcelona – The Potent Champions

What this miniscule threesome lacks in stature, they quickly make up for in pound-for-pound brilliance and potency. Whether they are playing away or at home in Camp Nou, in the Champions League or La Liga, the three-headed monster of Luis Suarez, Philippe Coutinho, and Lionel Messi has a nearly telepathic connection on the field, allowing them to easily extract the most from their penalty areas, even if it’s over crowded. The Barcelona threesome haven’t hit their absolute best too often but 2018 was the perfect indication of how well these three perform together, accumulating 67 goals along with 29 assists during the La Liga alone.

Tottenham Hotspur – The Superior Group

There’s no denying that this can’t be considered the conventional attacking force when you compare it to the teams mentioned above. However, where would Tottenham Hotspur be without Happy Kane, Christian Eriksen, and Dele Alli? To be completely honest, only Harry Kane can be considered a reasonably top-tier football player, but the magnificent beauty of the triple threat in Tottenham is that they each compliment each other on the field, creating perfection each and every time.

David De Gea’s Uncertain Future Plans at Manchester United

Manchester United’s Player of the Year in four of the last five seasons is goalkeeper David De Gea. No other Man Utd goalkeeper, not even Edwin van der Sar or Peter Schmeichel, has ever claimed this award. As De Gea’s performance rose to be considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, so did the speculation that he might be leaving. This speculation will obviously dip when he signs a brand-new contract, but the fact that he might eventually leave is never far away.

David De Gea’s Contract

At 27 years of age, David De Gea has made 325 appearances for Manchester United in a total of seven, and the fact that he hasn’t signed a new contract as of yet means that he won’t be at Man Utd in 2019. If De Gea doesn’t sign a new contract, Man Utd will exercise the option to prolong his current agreement to 12 months. Manchester United will need to protect itself by avoiding De Gea to leave for free in 2019. They also need to ensure that he doesn’t leave in 2020 for free, especially due to the fact that goalkeepers are starting to attract a premium.

Factors in Man Utd’s Favour

There are actually two factors that will help swing the situation in Manchester’s favour. One is the stability and support De Gea receives at Manchester United since he joined the squad, a club that has never pushed him or messed him around like Atletico Madrid once did against the goalkeeper’s wishes. De Gea fully understands that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and he once stated that is feels really loved at Manchester United. Jose Mourinho also stated that feels that De Gea would sign a brand-new contract really soon.

Fans of Manchester United have backed him for a long time, even when they thought De Gea would leave the club to join Real Madrid in early 2015. Manchester United expected fans to turn on him in the final matches on the season, but they instead applauded him. Manchester United also supported De Gea during the early months he spent in England which is something David De Gea has never forgotten. He also hasn’t been attacked by the media in England, leading a tranquil life which he truly enjoys in Manchester. However, in Spain De Gea is a frequent fixture when it comes to gossip due to the fact that his partner is a pop star.

Should David De Gea feel that Manchester United is on their way back to the top, where he can challenge the best, he will undoubtedly sign a new contract in January 2019. However, if this doesn’t occur and he sees his close friends Ander Herrera, and Juan Mata depart, he’ll still stay with Man Utd. Manchester United are extremely fortunate to have David De Gea as goalkeeper. However, he needs to decide if he wants to leave England and join another club or remain at the club to see how everything turns out. One thing is for sure, he has the time to decide.