Player Salaries Reduced by FC Barcelona

Shocking announcements were made by coaching staff with FC Barcelona. They confirmed that players would receive reduced salaries amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic. Players were informed via the public statement, which was made on March 26th. FC Barcelona Representatives noted that proportional reduction in valuation would admit to all contracted players. It should be noted that contracts aren’t being terminated and players are still employed during the suspension period. FC Barcelona made this decision after the Spanish Government revealed that employers could limit their labour costs while ensuring that employed individuals will return to working conditions by summer.

SkySports and EuroSports Reporters questioned FC Barcelona on the limited salaries. Team or League Representatives didn’t provide details on how much will be lowered. Sporting analysts estimate that contract valuation will deplete by 30% over the COvid-19 Pandemic. This would ensure that players are provided adequate salaries, while also guaranteeing the prolonged livelihood of FC Barcelona. It should be noted that Spain’s Professional Football League shut down their operational activities amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic.

It’s not surprising that FC Barcelona has implemented these salary limitations. Throughout the 2019 Season, it cost this football club more than $727 Million to pay for their respective players. It should be noted that FC Barcelona also maintains a handball, basketball and squash ball outfit. On average, this football outfit maintains an annual expense account of $1.05 Billion.

Multiple sporting analysts and supporters of Spanish football have publicly backlashed this decision. Throughout history, where everyone needs to support their fellow man, various football clubs and sporting associations have turned their backs on the people that make them millions. It’s expected that multiple Player Association Strikes will be held throughout 2021. These strikes would be the fallout of the Covid-19 postponements on sporting events seen worldwide.

Paris Saint Germain Shows True Honor

The Paris Saint Germain Football Club have taken the alternate route. They’ve continued to payout the standard costs for each associated player. Paris St Germain has also raised $221,320.00 towards healthcare professionals taking on the Covid-19 Pandemic. This was accomplished by selling a Limited Edition Jersey, which is a replica of their 2020 Seasonal Jersey. Alterations were made to the wording and logos, allowing owners to pledge their support to health care workers.

Asymptomatic Footballers & Officials with Covid-19

The Covid-19 Global Pandemic has affected the international football community drastically over the last month. All notable football leagues have been postponed, including the Premier League and Major League Soccer. This extends to the Mexican Liga Soccer League, who confirmed their President had acquired the Covid-19 Virus on March 20th. Enrique Bonilla expressed that he isn’t displaying any severe symptoms. Acting as the league president, he stands at an older age. There are serious concerns amongst investors that his older age will prompt Covid-19 to take Enrique’s life. Regardless, Bonilla will continue to operate the Mexican soccer league while in self-isolation.

The First-Division Football Matches for Liga MX were postponed last week. Their remittance into official play wasn’t confirmed, with Enrique Bonilla expressing that the decision had been made for the safety of supporters and Mexican Communities. Postponing the league followed before any respective officials were confirmed with Covid-19. Enrique Bonilla wasn’t the 1st to become affected. Alberto Marrero also became infected with Covid-19, making the Team Head concerned for his life. It should be mentioned that the Mexican Government hasn’t implemented Mass Gathering Restrictions, with them instead of encouraging minimal social distancing measures. It’s for this reason that there’s been a rapid rise in confirmed cases.

Paulo Dybala Acquires Coronavirus

The Mexican Football Division isn’t the only affected league, with a Spanish player with the Italian Series A being confirmed with Covid-19. Paulo Dybala tested positive for the coronavirus, showing no symptoms of the disease. He’s the first amongst the international professional football community to be asymptomatic. Being soccer forward for Juventus and the Argentina National Football Team, his health has become a top priority for coaching staff. It’s prompted his immediate enclosure for self-isolation until March 31st, with potential extensions until April 15th.

It should be noted that this decision was voluntary, and Paulo Dybala is expected to live from Covid-19, with his physical body and no previous medical conditions assisting in his fight against the disease. Some medical experts believe his athletic capabilities are helping with the asymptomatic conditions that Paulo Dybala is displaying. Those presumptions can’t be confirmed until testing on Covid-19 from international organizations is complete.

Colorado Rapids Lose First Pre-Season Game to TFC

The Toronto Football Club is continuing to display their dominance after losing the MLS Championship last season. The 2020 Pre-Season has seen TFC compete against their first notable organizations, winning the slated matches. The winning streak began against the Colorado Rapids, who lost by four points to nothing in California. Featuring two sixty-minute halves, this game was longer than usual and tested these athletes to their full capabilities. Notable players like Jonathon Osorio, Jozy Altidore and Erickson Gallardo acquired the first three points. It was the younger Jacob Shaffelburg from Newfoundland that earned the 4th goal, which is his first of the pre-season.

This marks the first during the 2020 Pre-Season that the Colorado Rapids were defeated. Fans shouldn’t be concerned about the Rapids though, as their next matches are against college programs in the United States. Colorado’s football team has competed in multiple pre-season competitions, with this marking Toronto’s first of the year. It shows the overwhelming dominance of Toronto, with the only organization able to defeat them in recent memory being the Seattle Sounders. Toronto FC will compete against the Los Angeles Football Club on February 12th, with the Colorado Rapids competing in their next MLS pre-season match against the New England Revolution. Both organizations will compete in minor training sessions before their respective events.

Montreal Impact Defeated by Orlando City

The Montreal Impact faced their first pre-season loss in 2020, with Orlando City dominating over the Canadian-based football club. This followed after Luis Nani, and Pedro Gallese performed at heightened levels. Located at Exploria Stadium, both organizations displayed formidable defence that forced delayed reactions with shots-on-net. However, a free-kick from Luis Nani allowed Orlando to acquire a singular point.

Pedro Gallese is being praised for the two points he saved minutes after the 39th-minute goal from Nani. Considering that the Orlando City football club couldn’t acquire championship contention last season, losing to them causes significant concerns for supports of the Montreal Impact. They’ll shortly be competing in CONCACAF and with these skills, will quickly be eliminated after February 20th.

Costa Rica Calls Upon MLS Players

Professional players in Major League Soccer have been requested to join the Costa Rican National Football Team. This included several players from MLS organizations. Those players include Marvin Loria for the Portland Timbers, Carlo Gonzalez from the LA Galaxy, Luis Diaz from Columbus Crew SC, New York FC’s Ronal Matarrita, Randall Leal from Nashville SC and Ulises Segura from DC United. Ronald Gonzalez will direct them with the Under-23 National Team. These events are slated to begin on February 1st, 2020.

The most athletic and capable player with these several professionals is Ronal Matarrita. He’s appeared in eight-five professional games since joining the New York City Football Club in 2016. Standing at twenty-five years of age, he’s participated in numerous events for Costa Rican football teams since 2015. The oldest and most knowledgeable player engaging in this specialized unit is Carlo Gonzalez. Throughout his career, seventy-one appearances have been made, twenty of them with LA Galaxy. When it applies to Ulises Segura, he’s one of the few players to exceed 1500 minutes of playtime. This follows with fifty-six professional experiencing dating back to 2018. He’s one of the highest desired athletes for the 2020-21 MLS Season.

Marvin Loria maintains the highest-scoring record of these several players, allowing him to have a formidable role as a head striker. Managing to make more than forty professional goals, Marvin Loria is the only athlete on this squad to play a USA Championship. The youngest athlete competing for the Costa Rican national football team is Luis Diaz, with the Columbus Crew SC player standing at twenty years of age. Costa Rican selected Randall Leal for the midfielder position, with him acquiring eight goals last season for Nashville SC.

New Signing to LA Galaxy

Coaching staff with the Costa Rican national football team weren’t the only individuals making exclusive trades this week. It was confirmed that Javier Hernandez would be transferred to an undesignated team. Afterwards, supporters of MLS learned that Atlanta United would acquire Julian Gressel for $750,000.00. That valuation could jump to more than $1,000,000.00 with subsequent bonuses. Julian Gressel will now take a leading role with Atlanta United, who maintains numerous trophies in Major League Soccer. It’s the most significant move of Gressel’s career. Unfortunately, details regarding how long this contract will remain effective weren’t provided by Atlanta United. Sporting analysts believe that for the cost of $750,000.00, it’s a one-year service contract under targeted allocation funds.

Punishments for Racist Behaviour Beginning

It wasn’t long ago that we reported that significant penalties would be handed out to individuals who commit racial behaviour. The first of those severe punishments have been revealed, with Italian Law Enforcement arresting a middle-aged man for racial abuse. This ignorant and unwanted behaviour applied to Mario Balotelli, a Striker for Lazio. The unidentified man has acquired a five-year ban from all football facilities in Italy. When crowds began to turn against Balotelli, he brutally kicked the ball towards the masses and caused personal injury to a select few. However, Mario hasn’t received any penalties or suspensions for his actions.

When the announcement that this unidentified man had been arrested by Verona Police and was banned from football matchups, it was believed this applied to Italy. Sky Sports then reported that this ban applied under the European Union, across all sporting events. This applies to local sports bars and designated sporting areas. Verona Police quickly confirmed after their original announcement that twelve other individuals were under investigation and that racial behaviour won’t be tolerated anymore.

All those identified for their racial remarks and behaviour towards Mario Balotelli were caught on CCTV Cameras. Individuals located around these racist men were questioned, with police acquiring confirmation to their suspension. These punishments are following after years or racial abuse in European soccer leagues. Those caught for their behaviour in the past received fines but never a Europe-wide banning. Lazio FC expressed that future racial chants or behaviour will prompt immediate suspension of games.

The Problem & Pushback

Most aren’t aware that racism has been growing substantially in the European Union, with new mindsets being reflected at various sporting activities and public events. Italians have been at the forefront of this issue, often pushing back against authorities. Subsequently, every weekly development for Lazio FC has resulted in racist chants for two months. Anti-Racism Campaigns are often destroyed, stadiums have been defaced, and African-American athletes are required extensive security in Italy.

Italians are pushing back against organizations will millions of dollars at disposal. That’s why the Series A-League has provided Lazio FC permission to fight back against this racist behaviour. Another banning that occurred recently was directly from Lazio FC, who refused to allow the Corriere Dello Sport newspaper back into the stadium. This follows after a reporter for the paper participated in the chants and advocated for them online. Mario Balotelli prays that by the end of this decade, racism won’t be a factor in European soccer.

FIFA Bans African Soccer Official

Shocking news has come out of the Football International Federation Association, with them announcing that they have banned one of the most significant officials representing the African Football Culture. FIFA has banned Patrice-Edouard Ngaissona for participating in war crimes during the Hague Events. This termination will be sustained for several years under the charges of discrimination of human dignity. Patrice’s charges extend to Failure to Respect, Protect or Safeguard FIFA Integrity. The ban also includes a significant fine of $500,000.00, which must be paid immediately for Patrice not to face a prison sentence.

Patrice-Edouard Ngaissona was elected as the Central African Republic Body President for the football international federation association. He continued to proceed with his role after he was elected to the Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football. Collectively, Patrice-Edouard Ngaissona has more than a decade of experience leading the nations football endeavours.

Information was revealed to the football federation, indicating that Patrice-Edouard Ngaissona was the Leader and President of the Christian Anti-Balaka Militia during 2013 and 2014. This militia targeted Muslim Followers and are accused of breaking human rights for more than 200,000 thousand Muslim people. The judges that ruled over this FIFA Case noted that this man was found of committing torture, executions, sexual offences and religious vandalism.

The Football International Federation Association has received considerable backlash with this announcement. Information also revealed that when Patrice-Edouard Ngaissona was committing these atrocious crimes, he was also working with the World Cup Panel under the FIFA association. They claim that nobody was aware of the second life being lives by Patrice but immediately terminated after the data was proven to be correct.

Prison Sentence

There hasn’t been any confirmation if Patrice-Edouard Ngaissona will face prison time for his numerous illegal actions. However, it has been twelve months of hearings to determine if the ban should be prolonged or permanent. He was initially taken into custody in December 2018 and then transferred to the Netherlands.

Patrice-Edouard Ngaissona now faces 111 Charges, with judges determining what his punishment should be going forward. Most anticipate that he will spend a minimum of ten years in prison, guarantying that he can’t enforce a bad name onto the football international federation association. We will keep our readers updated with any new details or information regarding the case against Patrice-Edouard Ngaissona. We can only hope that this corrupt man learns from his illegal actions.

Toronto FC Loses MLS Cup

After a prolonged battle into the cold, bitter winter months of Canada, Toronto FC has lost their fight against the Seattle Sounders for the MLS Playoffs Cup. This came as a major disappointment for fans, who suffered a hard season where the team couldn’t get out of 7th or 6th position. However, towards the end of the season, Greg Vianney and his team turned things around to gain a spot in the playoffs. Considerable efforts from Michael Bradley, Alejandro Pozuelo and Omar Gonzalez enabled for the team to make it to the final matchup of the 2019 MLS Playoffs. Unfortunately, after one of the longest matches in MLS history, Toronto lost 3 to 1 against the Seattle Sounders. This loss came on Sunday, November 10th, 2019.

Most sports analysts were anticipating that Toronto FC would win another MLS Playoff Cup. However, after a shocking and incredible performance from the Sounders, they gained the goals necessary to win the match. These goals came after the team was struggling for the majority of the game, with Toronto having priority control over the ball. Towards the end of stoppage time, the Sounders released a final burst of energy and succeeded with two goals in a short period.

Fans of both teams were excited at the prospect of their sporting organizations receiving a second cup. The Sounders won the 2016 MLS Cup after a prolonged shootout, and Toronto won the series in 2017 with a two nothing lead. Even with Toronto’s majority possession of the ball, Toronto was vulnerable for counter-attacks without Altidore to assist Pozuelo. Seattle continually put pressure on Alejandro Pozuelo, who surprisingly danced around their defence until nearly the end of stoppage time when his body gave up. Pozuelo himself feels they could’ve won the cup if Jozy Altidore wasn’t on the bench for the final match of the season.

Seattle’s Story

The Seattle Sounders began their breakthrough against Toronto FC on the 57th Minute. It was here that Seattle’s Ruidiaz found his teammate Leerdam at the penalty box. Leerdam took a shot, which went between the legs of Chris Mavinga and then his Justin Morrow. It was then that the ball flew into the right corner of the net. Rubbing it in, the Peruvian Player ran off and threw his jersey in the air before swinging it around. Ultimately, this resulted in a yellow card and him being removed from the MLS Championship. It wouldn’t be until after stoppage time was nearly over that Seattle gained their second goal. It was considered a tie until the referee’s determined that Ruidiaz made a legitimate shot, even after he showboated. TFC Fans were left unimpressed.

UEFA Still Struggling with Racism

This week saw another outcry against UEFA for being unable to curb racism in the sport. Currently, the request is that teams should be held responsible for the action of the fans, but is that even a legitimate way of dealing with racism? The outcry is the result after a game between England and Bulgaria had to be stopped twice due to the crowds showing Nazi signs and making monkey chants to the black players representing England this week in Sofia.

Racist Abuse

A UEFA Euro 2020 qualifier game took place in Sofia between England and Bulgaria on Monday. During the game, the racist abuse from the fans of Bulgaria towards the black players in the English team became so bad that the game had to be halted at the 28th minute and again later on at the 43rd minute. The abuse was in the form of fascist salutes, and the crowds make monkey noises mocking the players. When the game was halted, the masses were told over the PA announcer that they need to stop their behaviour, but that did not affect them. During half time the coach of Bulgaria requested the crowd to stop their behaviour, but that too was without avail. Sporadically the groups could still be heard making monkey noises. England opted to complete the game, and they finished 6-0 in the end.

UEFA’s Rules Considering Racism

UEFA has a set number of rules which defines their anti-racism protocol. Announcing the PA system would be considered the first step to take against this kind of action. The second step is for the players to be taken off the pitch by the referee while another announcement is being made over the PA system. The third and final step is to stop play immediately and abandon the game. The criticism against UEFA for this lack or enforcing protocol is based on the fact that during this game, the referee never took any more steps beyond the first step, even though the racism and slurs didn’t stop afterwards.

Bulgaria’s Manager Completely Unaware

According to Krasimir Balakov, the manager of Bulgaria, he isn’t aware at all of anything that presumably happened. Yet because there were already 5 000 seats of the Levski National Stadium cordoned off before the game on Monday due to previous events where the Bulgaria fans were chanting racist slurs, it seems somewhat ignorant. During a match against Kosovo as well as one against the Czech Republic resulted in racism from the opposing team’s fans. Even before the game, the English team was asked about what action they would follow if something like this occurred. The reply was that they would probably walk off the field as a team. The Bulgarian officials were at that stage unhappy about the question even being asked to the English team since they considered it to be offensive also to suggest that it would happen.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Farewell

This week’s announcement by Bastian Schweinsteiger that he is retiring from football is probably the most significant change to happen in the future of the Chicago Fire. The 35-year-old German announced his retirement on social media about an hour before Chicago Fire’s formal announcement of their return to the Soldier Field.

During Schweinsteiger’s career, he varied in positions between the wide midfielder and central midfielder. The German signed with Bayern Munich in 1988 as a youth team player. Soccer was a career path which the youngster has chosen above ski racing, another sport in which he excelled. He managed to move up in the ranks at Bayern Munich and during his early career often managed to land up in the papers as a rebel on the field. He has grown since then, and the insurgent was no longer seen, only an excellent player with a significant influence on the team. At the age of 18, Schweinsteiger had his first opportunity to debut in the UEFA Champions League.

The team was up against RC Lens, and Schweinsteiger made a significant impact immediately when he created a goal for Markus Feulner within the first couple of minutes of play. This led to him signing his professional contract the next month. Most of his career was spent playing for Bayern Munich, and during the period of 17 seasons, he represented the team on the field for 500 matches and scored 68 goals. During this period, he also served the national team of Germany and was captaining them from 2014 onwards. Between 2004 and 2016 Schweinsteiger was involved in winning eight Bundesliga titles, a UEFA Champions League title, seven DFB-Pokal titles a UEFA Super Cup and a FIFA World Cup title. During 2015 the star signed with Manchester United where he played for only 18 months before moving on to Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire

Playing for Major League Soccer, Schweinsteiger debuted in 2017 when the club took on Montreal Impact, a game that ended in a 2-2 draw. Due to his brilliant success in assisting with guiding the club towards the top, his contract was extended for another year. Schweinsteiger is still a very successful and influential player, and it is sad to see him leave.

Schweinsteiger is the man who placed Chicago Fire on the map. He scored eight goals for the club and had 15 assists while playing in 85 MLS matches. As Don Garber, MLS Commissioner stated, he is one of the greatest players in the history of football. Garber also noted that it was an honour to have Schweinsteiger in the League. Also, Joe Mansueto, owner of the Fires, stated his appreciation for the significant contribution which Schweinsteiger made to the club. Schweinsteiger noted on Twitter that he is sad to leave but to look forward to the changes ahead in the future and always promised to remain faithful to the sport.

Iranian Women Allowed to Soccer Matches

Only a few weeks after the death of Sahar Khodayari, FIFA now finally had success in gaining access for females to the game set against Cambodia in October. The Iranian women died after setting herself alight when she heard that she would be going to prison after being caught at a soccer match where only men are allowed.

The announcement was made this Sunday in Milan by Gianni Infantino, president to FIFA, at a FIFA conference concerned with women’s football. Infantino “assured” the audience that women will be allowed to enter and attend football games within the country starting from the next upcoming international match set to take place on the 10th of October against Cambodia. This is a breakthrough for gender equality in the country. Women haven’t been allowed in male-dominated soccer stadiums for more than 40 years. Only a few exceptions were allowed during this time. During these few occasions, men and women weren’t allowed to be seated next to each other, and a particular part of the stadium was designated for the female supporters while the remainder of the stadium was for the men attending.

Why the Ban Existed

During 1979 the country was the setting where the Islamic Revolution took place. Shortly after the revolution, women were banned from attending soccer matches because they weren’t allowed to enter the stadiums were men’s games were played.

Since June already, FIFA was involved in negotiations with Iranian officials in order to get their approval of allowing women to watch these games, especially with the international games set to take place within the country. The pressure on the Iranian government was increased after the death of Khodayari, when social media took the story of Blue Girl, as she was nicknamed after a blue wig which she wore as her disguise, went viral. She had to appear in the Tehra court after being caught out by officials within the Tehran Stadium when an altercation occurred. Upon being informed that she is facing some time in prison, the news wat too much to bear for her and she set herself alight upon the steps of the local courthouse. Through her death, she managed to focus the attention of the world on this matter. During 2018 at the Russia World Cup Group B football games, she was requesting and urging the Iranian officials to allow their female supporters into the stadiums.

The 49-year-old Infantino expressed, during the conference, the international need for sport and especially women’s sports to expand and move forward with the times. He stressed that it is vital to allow women to attend these games and that the world needs to push for this in a big, yet respectful way.