Kevin De Bruyne Named Premier League’s Player of the Year

The Premier League have announced their Player of the Year, confirming that Belgian-native Kevin De Bruyne has acquired the title. It’s nothing short of amazing to become named the Premier League POTY, as this reward is given to some of the best footballers in European history.

It’s been known that the Belgian International was one of several to receive the honorary award. Competitors against Kevin De Bruyne for Manchester City include Trent-Alexander Arnold, Nick Pop, Jordan Henderson, Jamie Vardy, Danny Igns, and Sadio Mane. Manchester Cities most notable Player was able to fend off competitors from Liverpool FC, Leicester FC, Southampton FC, and Burnley FC.

This marks the 1st Premier League Player of the Year Award for Kevin De Bruyne, standing as the 3rd Belgian-native to acquire this status. De Bruyne now stands alongside Vincent Kompany and Eden Hazard. Kompany received the POTY Award in 2012 for Manchester City & Hazard obtained his status as POTY in 2015 for Chelsea FC.

Kevin De Bruyne maintained a formidable season through 2019-20, growing his skillsets throughout the pandemic. It became evident after the Premier League returned & allowed De Bruyne to succeed Virgil Van Dijk from Liverpool FC as POTY. It should be clarified that Kevin equalled the Premier League Record help by Thierry Henry of 20 Assists, while also obtaining 13 Goals.

Even with the formidable skillsets displayed by Kevin De Bruyne, it wasn’t enough for Manchester City to overtake Liverpool FC & become knocked out of the UEFA Champion’s League. This doesn’t mean that Manchester City won’t return throughout the 2020-21 Premier League Season to dominate over their rivals of Liverpool, which could be challenging if individual players leave the organizations. It’s known that Kevin De Bruyne is remaining on with Manchester City until 2023.

De Bruyne Talks Upcoming Future

Discussing his future in the Premier League for the off-season, De Bruyne clarified he’ll spend the majority of this period with his wife. That’s because they’re expecting a child & Kevin wants his newborn to know its father. The sex, name, and future birthing location has been kept private by the De Bruyne family.

Liverpool Supporters Disregard COVID-19 Protocols

Anfield Stadium became the location of Great Britain’s latest spectacle of disregarding COVID-19 protocols. That’s because fans of Liverpool arrived in thousands to the stadium after the team obtain Premier League Championship status. Demands from law enforcement to remain indoors were ignored, with a large percentage actively throwing smoke bombs & fireworks nearby law enforcement to deter their further involvement.

Liverpool’s Police Department requested that fans obey COVID-19 protocols, not risking their respective lives & the lives of their fellow man. Initially, hundreds of supporters disobeyed the rules and arrived at the stadium before Liverpool beat Chelsea at 5-3. Convergence onto the street saw supporters releasing red flares & launching fireworks, creating small blazes that were quickly extinguished.

After supporters continued not to abide by police orders, Liverpool law enforcement implemented the “48-Hour Dispersal Zone Act”. After forty-eight hours police are permitted to use crowd dispersal tactics, which often involves the usage of rubber pullets & riot sheets. Law enforcement was pleased after crowds began dispersing roughly six hours after Liverpool acquired victory. However, 911 in Liverpool was overrun by reports of public disturbances until morning. It’s suspected that dispersed crowds began partying in smaller groups, roaming various neighbourhoods & causing minor disruptions to homeowners.

Crimes in Liverpool

Liverpool FC was aware that supporters wouldn’t obey COVID-19 protocols. Social media comments reflected that hundreds, or possibly thousands, would arrive at Anfield Stadium before kick-off had started. Team officials fenced off the stadium, which would be torn down by supporters at 9:45 pm into the evening. An hour later, new fans were still arriving with alcohol & drugs often being taken from their person by police. Video evidence shows that multiple civilians passed-by police with confiscation of their mind-altering substances.

Local politicians were angered & expressed their disappoint through social media, indicating that those who entered “Double Decker Busses” illegally & consumed substances that aren’t permitted for street usage, would be inevitably arrested. The fact that Liverpool FC Supporters destroyed the property of their team destroyed property in their city and mostly wasted their tax dollars should be regarded in public shame.

Liverpool FC Shamed by Their Fans

Supporters for Liverpool FC have disgusted & shamed their club, which follows after ten thousand civilians in this region gathered in the downtown area. Proceedings that were initiated by fans were deemed “Wholly Unacceptable” by Liverpool FC. Not exclusively because of COVID-19 & the drastic risks that are brought after civilians meet in mass congregations, but also because of the significant damage that unfolded across the Liverpool Waterfront.

The actions of thousands have prompted for 34 Liverpool citizens to be injured, with three in severe conditions. Those three individuals aren’t expected to recover from their injuries & could die in Hospital, upon which manslaughter charges will be laid upon unnamed criminals. Liverpool Firefighters also confirmed that Liver Building was lite into flames, forcing these men to extinguish the blaze in hopes of avoiding physical damage. This wasn’t possible & Liver Building, a landmark piece of architecture for this region, now needs significant repairs.

The £10,000.00 in damages to Liver Building was initiated by a nineteen-year-old from Scarisbrick, Lancashire. Law enforcement arrested this man under Arson Charger, with video evidence placing this individual as the original instigator for this blaze. The unnamed man lite a firework & shot it directly towards Liver Building, which prompted fifteen others to implement identical actions. Those fifteen individuals are now charged with Violent Disorder. Many others have been arrested for Assault on Law Enforcement, with police officers being subjugated to violent altercations throughout the night.

Attacks on Police

The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police clarified that law enforcement has projectile missiles thrown at them, with two officers being attacked after protecting civilians from assault. Law enforcement was attacked whenever trying to arrest someone that committed violent acts was found & apprehended. Bottles were thrown & glass shards penetrated these officers. Liverpool Law Enforcement is requesting that civilians with information on those responsible for attacking officers come forward, their info won’t be released. The likelihood of that happening in the current climate of law enforcement is unlikely.

It should be mentioned that Liverpool Politicians condemned the actions of their civilians. The local government noted it’s impossible to move forward from this virus with thousands meeting up, increasing the danger associated with COVID-19 & possibly re-enforcing social distancing measures.

Liverpool’s New Training Centre Almost Complete

One of the Premier League’s most popular teams has been hard at work building a new training complex. Today, it was announced by Liverpool that their new £50 Million Training Facility will be completed before the beginning of the 2020 – 2021 Season. Liverpool’s builders have created a modernized facility with state-of-the-art features, with released images indicating that progress is rushing. Liverpool also provided concept photos for how the training site will look by summer 2020.

Liverpool has located their new training complex in the Kirkby, which is located twenty minutes away from the metropolis city. The football sporting organization revealed that the compound is 9200 Square-Metres, with multiple fields and features to assist footballers with their training. This massive facility won’t only host the Liverpool Premier League Team but will also have all academies operating at the same site. This is the first time that the Academy and Professional teams will engage with each other in the club’s history.

Building progress indicates that the rate of speed has increased significantly, with all the internal and external brickwork being laid. Builders have begun completing the interior portion of the Liverpool Training Complex, while outdoor crews create the new training fields. Landscaping has already started before the winter-season, showing that Liverpool wants to finish all outdoor work before the snow comes down on England. These landscaping crews are using artificial fibre for the fields and surrounding grass, enabling for training to remain active throughout the winter season. Ground maintenance will include pitch irrigation and smaller sites for local children clubs.

Details on the Complex

Liverpool’s new training complex wouldn’t have been built if it wasn’t for Jurgen Klopp, the Head Manager for the Premier League team. He consulted the team’s owners and multiple city officials in regard towards a new complex. Working alongside architects and builders, he made numerous proposals for sites located around Liverpool. It would take two years before Kirkby would accept his bid.

Throughout development, Jurgen Klopp has mentioned multiple times that Liverpool’s longstanding history will be displayed throughout the training complex. Those training at this facility can expect two gyms, an indoor sports hall, hydrotherapy service, heated pool and sports rehabilitation services. There will also be a dedicated media centre with press conference rooms, a television studio and multiple offices. Outside of the facility, there will be two pavilions, stands for season pass holders and community areas to meet the players. However, Liverpool hasn’t announced which days the facility will be publicly open for seasons pass holders.

Liverpool eager for more after cementing Champions League legacy

Liverpool’s success in last season’s Champions League was the culmination of what had been a roller-coaster ride to the final.

The Reds’ 2-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur was achieved in comfortable fashion, although the road to Madrid had been anything but smooth.

Read on as we look at how Liverpool overcame the odds to lift European club football’s most prestigious trophy and assess their chances of repeating the trick this season.

Epic fightback stuns Barcelona

Liverpool sneaked through the group stage, before comfortably disposing of Bayern Munich and Porto in the first two knockout rounds.

They looked to be on their way out of the competition after losing 3-0 against Barcelona in the first leg of their semi-final tie.

However, they produced a stunning comeback in the reverse fixture to seal a memorable 4-3 aggregate victory.

With Spurs also recovering from a three-goal deficit in their last four tie against Ajax, the final contained two English clubs for the first time since 2008.

Liverpool make it six

The result of the final never looked in doubt from the moment Mohamed Salah put Liverpool ahead from the penalty spot after just two minutes.

Spurs failed to create many chances and on the rare occasions they did break through they found Reds goalkeeper Alisson in fine form.

Divock Origi’s late goal was the icing on the cake for Liverpool in a game that struggled to live up to the drama provided by the semi-finals.

However, with only Real Madrid (13) and AC Milan (7) ahead of them in the list of winners of the competition, Liverpool can rightly claim to be one of Europe’s finest clubs.

Defending the trophy will be tough

Madrid won the Champions League three times in a row between 2016 and 2018, but no other side has retained the trophy since Milan achieved the feat back in 1990.

Liverpool were beaten by Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla and Napoli during pre-season and will have to play much better when the competition gets underway in September.

Manager Jurgen Klopp has yet to make any major signings this summer and that could hinder their hopes of success this time around.

However, Liverpool proved last season that it is foolish to write them off and they will be eager to make it to through to their third successive Champions League final.