Top Athletes Announce Positive Tests for Coronavirus

International football supporters were shocked on October 13th. The Portuguese Football Federation revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for the coronavirus. It’s meant his immediate removal from international duties with Portugal National FC. Fans are concerned that supporting footballers won’t contend against Sweden FC without Cristiano Ronaldo’s formidable skillsets as the first lineup forward.

Infection of the virus would’ve been sustained while competing against the national clubs for France, Lisbon, or Spain. Contract tracing of Ronaldo’s positive condition has been challenging, eliminating any opportunity to curb the international outbreak amongst footballers. Portugal National FC conducted rapid tests of their players & team personnel, with the best-case scenario occurring for Head Coach Fernando Santos.

Fernando Santos spoke for Portugal National FC during a press conference. He evoked that there isn’t a football club worldwide that’ll do better without its primary player. However, Santos stated that statistically that the team has shown the capacity to handle matches without the influence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Fernando Santos also mentioned that Ronaldo is doing better than expected & managing the infection with positivity.

Santos ended his statements by stating Ronaldo is still engaging with team discussions for the 2021 season, through virtual meetings & conversations held via his balcony three floors above. Dedicated supporters of Portugal National FC are disappointed by the revelation of Ronaldo’s infection. It means he’ll be unavailable for international contention until 2021.

PGA Tours Top Athlete Announces COVID Contraction

The international sports community wasn’t exclusively shocked by the revelation that Ronaldo had contracted COVID-19. Another World #1-Ranked Athlete also tested positive for the coronavirus on October 13th. The Professional Golf Association announced that Dustin Johnson has COVID-19 with minor symptoms, meaning that unlike Ronaldo, his infection isn’t asymptomatic.

The Professional Golf Association has a minor outbreak of COVID-19 after the United States Open. Multiple healthcare experts predicted that the PGA Tour wouldn’t avoid coronavirus infections after the US Open. All professional golfers that’ve sustained a positive case for COVID-19 include:

  • Dustin Johnson.
  • Tony Finau.
  • Sam Horsfield.
  • Scottie Scheffler.
  • Chad Campbell.
  • Nick Watney.
  • Cameron Champ.
  • Denny McCarthy.

UEFA Resuming Football by August

The United European Football Association announced that they’d implemented strategic plans that’ll see football resumed by the latest of August 2020. Domestic leagues under the UEFA were informed not to terminate their respective seasons, ensuring that these competitions will be played to guarantee the integrity of European Football. This decision was approved by the European Club Association and European League Commission. Multiple athletes, medical experts and politicians have advised against this plan until the pandemic is confirmed to be eliminated.

The President of UEFA provided this announcement during a public streaming event to supporters. The ECA Chairman and ELC President joined him. These three men determined that their analyst’s predictions for an August restart are accurate. However, it was noted that government authorities would dictate the conditions of a reset. The European Club Association President urged domestic leagues to keep their seasons active. Player associations with European nations could demand immediate closure for personal safety. Multiple sporting analysts believe this’ll happen with the Premier League and European Football League.

Players with the Europa and Champions League would be forced into competing. This doesn’t mean that Player Unions under UEFA haven’t been reviewing the legal requirements and regulatory frameworks associated with this association. Any incarnation of legislation that allowed for the safety of players during global events will be implicated. Most athletes worldwide don’t want to risk their safety for the finances of executives, who are already wealthy.

The Plan

Analysts with the United European Football Association are continuously reviewing the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes assessing the different legislations and self-isolation measures enacted. Nations like Italy aren’t supporting sporting events for a prolonged period, which will more than likely extend past Summer 2020. This will continue toward the United Kingdom and Germany, who are also facing high rates of infection.

Executives with the UEFA are being too hopeful and could find themselves being fined by European Governments for not listening to the advice of medical experts. It should be noted that European Leagues with UEFA are maintaining a teleconference call on March 3rd. They’ll provide their input on this decision, which could force the hand of executives to terminate UEFA Events for an entire season.

Asymptomatic Footballers & Officials with Covid-19

The Covid-19 Global Pandemic has affected the international football community drastically over the last month. All notable football leagues have been postponed, including the Premier League and Major League Soccer. This extends to the Mexican Liga Soccer League, who confirmed their President had acquired the Covid-19 Virus on March 20th. Enrique Bonilla expressed that he isn’t displaying any severe symptoms. Acting as the league president, he stands at an older age. There are serious concerns amongst investors that his older age will prompt Covid-19 to take Enrique’s life. Regardless, Bonilla will continue to operate the Mexican soccer league while in self-isolation.

The First-Division Football Matches for Liga MX were postponed last week. Their remittance into official play wasn’t confirmed, with Enrique Bonilla expressing that the decision had been made for the safety of supporters and Mexican Communities. Postponing the league followed before any respective officials were confirmed with Covid-19. Enrique Bonilla wasn’t the 1st to become affected. Alberto Marrero also became infected with Covid-19, making the Team Head concerned for his life. It should be mentioned that the Mexican Government hasn’t implemented Mass Gathering Restrictions, with them instead of encouraging minimal social distancing measures. It’s for this reason that there’s been a rapid rise in confirmed cases.

Paulo Dybala Acquires Coronavirus

The Mexican Football Division isn’t the only affected league, with a Spanish player with the Italian Series A being confirmed with Covid-19. Paulo Dybala tested positive for the coronavirus, showing no symptoms of the disease. He’s the first amongst the international professional football community to be asymptomatic. Being soccer forward for Juventus and the Argentina National Football Team, his health has become a top priority for coaching staff. It’s prompted his immediate enclosure for self-isolation until March 31st, with potential extensions until April 15th.

It should be noted that this decision was voluntary, and Paulo Dybala is expected to live from Covid-19, with his physical body and no previous medical conditions assisting in his fight against the disease. Some medical experts believe his athletic capabilities are helping with the asymptomatic conditions that Paulo Dybala is displaying. Those presumptions can’t be confirmed until testing on Covid-19 from international organizations is complete.

MLS Weekly Roundup for February 17th

Three significant new stories were released to MLS supporters this week. The 1st is related to the LA Galaxy, who announced that they’re considering to contract out Lionel Messi. Born in Argentina, Lionel Messi includes the option to leave Barcelona yearly with the end of each season. The latest contract for this professional athlete expires following June 2021, leaving countless outfits in the Premier League and Major League Soccer, negotiating for Messi’s updated contract.

The announcement that Lionel Messi could join the Los Angeles Galaxy Football Club came from Radio Continental. Guillermo Barros Schelotto, the Argentina Head Coach for LA Galaxy, confirmed to this radio channel that they’re interested in this potential contract. It’d follow after Zlatan Ibrahimovic didn’t adhere to his contract with LA Galaxy, who abruptly left to enter an illegal agreement with AC Milan.

Differences in leagues forced this otherwise illegal action to go unnoticed for punishment. Guillermo wants to avoid this going forward with any other potential famous athletes, with Lionel Messi infamous for his loyalty to new outfits. It should be noted that neither Guillermo Barros Schelotto nor Lionel Messi has begun discussing if he’ll move State-Side following the 2021 MLS Season.

Javier Hernandez Starts Preseason with LA Galaxy

Another announcement regarding the Los Angeles Galaxy Football Club was made this week as well. Representatives with the team confirmed that Javier Hernandez had made his debut preseason appearance on Saturday, February 15th. LA Galaxy competed against the Toronto FC, who dominated over Los Angeles by 2-1 at the Dignity Health Sports Park.

Javier Hernandez was considered one of the best components for the LA Galaxy’s side, with him being the single-player to acquire a goal. When it applies to the Toronto Football Club, two points were achieved through Alejandro Pozuelo and Infunayachi Achara. These points were obtained through the false strategic behaviours implemented by Guillermo Barros Schelotto. The LA Galaxy Football Club competed next week on the 22nd against Chicago Fire FC.

LA Galaxy will have to formulate new strategies to compete for the MLS Championship. Both the Seattle Sounders FC and Toronto FC are looking to be the best teams in 2020. It’d follow a similar pattern from last season, which works against LA Galaxy, who used to be considered the team outfit in MLS with David Beckham. They’d hope similar popularity with Zlatan, who let down team owners and managers by leaving without any warning.

Top Premier League Scorers

Being ranked as one of the top goal scorers in the Premier League is a prestigious position which is the result of brilliant talent, absolute passion and built upon the foundation of hard work. Therefore the success of Jamie Vardy created quite a stir within the circles of Premier League when this former amateur player forced football legend, Christiano Renaldo, to move one down in the rankings.

This past Sunday saw a match between Leicester City and Newcastle United. The final score was 5-0 in Leicester City’s favour. Two of these five goals came from none other than Jamie Vardy. Vardy’s first goal came from within the box, and the second was a header. These two goals tallied his total amount of goals on 85, which is one more than Renaldo’s record of 84.

Vardy’s new personal record also placed him ahead of Carlos Tevez who was previously in action as a striker for both Manchester United and Man City. Vardy is now also in an even run with two names from Chelsea, Fernando Torres and Eden Hazard. An additional prestige to his achievement is that Vardy who only entered the Premier League at the age of 27 years old, managed his record in 183 games, while it took Renaldo 196 to achieve his career.

His Playing Career

At the age of 16, the now 32-year-old started playing for Stocksbridge Park Steels. After three years for the Steels, he moved on to the Northern Premier League Club, F.C. Halifax during 2010. Here Vardy managed a whopping 25 goals during his first season, and he was hence named the club’s Player’s Player of the Year. Then he spent some time at Fleetwood Town before Leicester took a massive gamble on him. Leicester City paid a record-breaking amount in transfer fees at the time for him totalling at £1 million. This was money which brought a high return on investment though.

Vardy scored 20 goals for the club during his first two seasons playing for them. The 2015-16 season was, however, when he showed his actual value. Vardy excelled under the guidance of the Italian, Claudio Ranieri. During this season Vardy managed 25 goals for Leicester City, moving them into promotion into Premier League. It was also during this season that Ranieri started to describe him as a priceless player and his transfer fee was increased from £2.1 million to £18.8 million. His weekly salary was also adjusted to £80 000 per week.

During 2016, Arsenal made a bid on Vardy of £22 million, a proposal that Vardy rejected. Arsenal couldn’t promise him a place in his position, and their offer was denied, and Leicester came to the table with some improvements to his contract. Vardy’s contract was set to expire in 2019, but Leicester City did the sensible thing and extended his contract once again until 2022.

Liverpool eager for more after cementing Champions League legacy

Liverpool’s success in last season’s Champions League was the culmination of what had been a roller-coaster ride to the final.

The Reds’ 2-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur was achieved in comfortable fashion, although the road to Madrid had been anything but smooth.

Read on as we look at how Liverpool overcame the odds to lift European club football’s most prestigious trophy and assess their chances of repeating the trick this season.

Epic fightback stuns Barcelona

Liverpool sneaked through the group stage, before comfortably disposing of Bayern Munich and Porto in the first two knockout rounds.

They looked to be on their way out of the competition after losing 3-0 against Barcelona in the first leg of their semi-final tie.

However, they produced a stunning comeback in the reverse fixture to seal a memorable 4-3 aggregate victory.

With Spurs also recovering from a three-goal deficit in their last four tie against Ajax, the final contained two English clubs for the first time since 2008.

Liverpool make it six

The result of the final never looked in doubt from the moment Mohamed Salah put Liverpool ahead from the penalty spot after just two minutes.

Spurs failed to create many chances and on the rare occasions they did break through they found Reds goalkeeper Alisson in fine form.

Divock Origi’s late goal was the icing on the cake for Liverpool in a game that struggled to live up to the drama provided by the semi-finals.

However, with only Real Madrid (13) and AC Milan (7) ahead of them in the list of winners of the competition, Liverpool can rightly claim to be one of Europe’s finest clubs.

Defending the trophy will be tough

Madrid won the Champions League three times in a row between 2016 and 2018, but no other side has retained the trophy since Milan achieved the feat back in 1990.

Liverpool were beaten by Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla and Napoli during pre-season and will have to play much better when the competition gets underway in September.

Manager Jurgen Klopp has yet to make any major signings this summer and that could hinder their hopes of success this time around.

However, Liverpool proved last season that it is foolish to write them off and they will be eager to make it to through to their third successive Champions League final.

Liverpool Claim Glory at the Champions League Final

None of the Liverpool fans will care too much about the banners that were unfolded in Madrid and the fact that they now look completely outdated. Liverpool managed to claim their sixth star and when the team returns next season, we will undoubtedly see ‘Madrid, 2019’ added to the white, yellow, and red flags that have been flapping from lampposts, hotel windows, and balconies in Spain in memory of Paris, 1981, Wembley, 1978, Rome, 1984 and 1977, and Istanbul, 2005.

Liverpool’s Glorious Victory

For Liverpool, this will be the sixth time in the history of the prestigious football club where they managed to bring back the shiny old pot. Only Real Madrid, with a total of 13 times, and AC Milan, with a total of 7 times, boast with a more superior record when it comes to the Champions League. In the English Premier League, Liverpool has managed to win the tournament more than any of the other clubs combined.

Mohamed Salah will finally understand the feeling of scoring a decisive goal in the biggest soccer tournament Europe has to offer, along with Divock Origi who is now considered the ultimate hero for his club after scoring a phenomenal goal during the 83rd minute of the match. The rewards that come at this level will be so prestigious that Jurgen Klopp and his team won’t be bothered with the fact that they could have performed at a much more sophisticated level.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Pain

As for Tottenham Hotspur, it gave the impression of a breath-taking painting being torn apart. The players in the team along with Mauricio Pochettino will never be able to forget the evening where they had the opportunity to claim the most prestigious trophy in the 137 years since the club’s inception.

They will feel especially hurt that the goalkeeper for Liverpool didn’t make any significant saves until the second half of the match and realized the hard way that there’s no glory in a final while the other team is on the winner’s podium. It must be a genuinely numbing feeling to witness the trophy in all its glory and not being able to hold it in your hands at the end of the night.

Liverpool’s Remarkable Performance

Although Liverpool completely understands how Tottenham felt in the evening, they made 100% sure that they wouldn’t feel like it again. Liverpool had Salah on the field for a more extended period this time around which helped. The Reds were also playing against a club that was 26 points behind them in the Premier League.

Origi was another unlikely hero for the evening that many did not expect, but his goal during the 87th minute was the end of the duel and everything in the stadium, and those watching from around the world, knew it. After Liverpool scored the 2nd goal, it didn’t take long for the club to throw Jurgen Klopp in the air.

How Solskjaer Can Fix Manchester United

The Manchester United manager ripped into each of his players following a horrible 2-0 defeat at home against Cardiff City on the last day of the Premier League, informing them that they were an embarrassment to both themselves and the club. Solskjaer is spot on, but it will necessarily be him that will lose his job if things don’t turn around after an awful 2018/19 season.

Finishing in sixth place, with 32 points behind Manchester City is a complete disgrace for Manchester United. However, the Norwegian has a clear picture of which players are a problem and which players need to stay. He had a total of 6 months to evaluate the team and allowed each of them to prove themselves on the pitch.

Solskjaer as Head Coach

Some are under the impression that it was a huge mistake to make Solskjaer a full-time head coach in March. However, no one said anything when he defeated Paris-Saint Germain during the Champions League two months ago. Unfortunately, Manchester United has been rotten ever since then, and Solskjaer must take some blame. However, there’s loads of credit still left for the head coach, and most of the fans remain on his side.

One huge advantage when he was appointed in March was that he was allowed to plan carefully for next season. He understood that recruitment was a major priority and requested that Mike Phelan become a permanent staff member on his team. Solskjaer’s request came to life after his employers drew up a contract for Mike Phelan last week.

Manchester United’s Plan for 2019/20 Season

Manchester United are well aware of which areas need to be strengthened in the team and the type of footballers the club needs. Solskjaer is planning to get players in early to lift the spirit and hopes in fans around the world. Avoiding the unnecessary mess that was created last year will help too. Manchester United was also taken by surprise when they were informed late that another central midfielder was required on the pitch.

These types of players are complicated to find, especially from now-wealthy clubs, such as Leicester City. If the head coach doesn’t get it right, the club will slip behind the likes of Wolves, Everton, and Leicester.

Manchester United’s recruitment is being monitored very carefully because it previously fell short and turned out to be a disaster. Solskjaer also wants each of his players to be much fitter as well, which is why there have been loads of changes when it comes to his fitness staff too.

Solskjaer is not a puppet or an idiot when it comes to the club and dismissing the necessary team members. He understands that the job will eat him alive if he doesn’t get his players to perform, and he knows he needs to make a few bold moves to get rid of the problematic players in the dressing room. He can make these decisions without hesitating once.

Liverpool and Manchester City Complete a Phenomenal Season

There weren’t any unexpected twists on the last day of the Premier League. Just two of the best clubs that England has ever seen doing precisely what they’ve been doing in every league game in the last couple of months: winning.

Manchester City has managed to accumulate 198 Premier League points out of a possible 228 over the last two seasons. That showcases a level of dominance that has never been seen before in the Premier League, and it offers cause to think when it comes to those that ridiculed the achievements by Pep Guardiola at Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Equally impressive is the fact that Manchester City was pushed until the end by the Reds, which is a true statement of the work done by their rivals. Most of us were too focused on the overall storylines that we never stopped to marvel at the work both these managers achieved in the 2018/19 Premier League season. Both individually and collectively as well as in the way they represented their clubs in the campaign. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at each of these clubs.

Manchester City

Manchester City was defeated 2-1 by Newcastle towards the end of January. From there on in, Man City only conceded four goals in the last 14 games. This occurred although Fernandinho only started in 5 of these games even though he is considered irreplaceable when it comes to the defence. Down the field, Pep Guardiola put his trust in two footballers who only a handful would have seen as critical contributors to their victory, one old, one young.

Oleksandr Zinchenko started as a winger but was under the radar for most of last year. However, in the previous 3 months, he was an ever-present left back, which gave the impression that he’d been part of the team for years. Vincent Kompany, a player who was slowed by injuries, seemed to have become a non-playing footballer in the last couple of years.

However, he was a secret weapon in the final weeks, especially when he scored his phenomenal goal while playing against Leicester City. He is one of the reasons why Manchester City lifted the trophy.


Liverpool, on the other hand, only lost one league match the entire season while boasting with the best defensive record within the league. Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson as full-backs, along with Alisson and Virgil van Dijk, received loads of praise.

However, has anyone considered Joel Matip? Eighteen months ago, when he suffered from injuries and when van Dijk arrived, he seemed the had fallen behind. However, he joined the starting line-up in January and has been ever-present ever since.

Look at Naby Keita and Fabinho, two wildly expensive players that didn’t do much during the first three months. Klopp worked on them during the season, and both of them played vital roles in midfield.

Vincent Kompany’s Extravagant Goal for Manchester City

There was no way that Vincent Kompany would score a goal from there. His manager knew it, his teammates knew it, and more importantly, the Leicester City players knew it too.

There were only 20 minutes left in a game of cloying tension at the Etihad Stadium on Monday evening when Aymeric Laporte passed the ball to Vincent Kompany halfway inside the Leicester half of the field. This is the situation Manchester City was in, the team’s centre-backs were camping on the halfway line, while their forwards were ineffectively clustering around the penalty area. They managed to throw everything at Leicester City without any results.

With a record of 12 consecutive victories that preceded this match, Manchester City only took the lead after the 63rd minute of the game. For Pep Guardiola’s side, this w1as considered uncomfortable and unfamiliar terrain.

Vincent Kompany’s Goal

Kompany decided to kick the ball a couple of feet in front of him. The opposition was in Manchester City’s faces throughout the match, but here, they surprisingly decided to back off due to the identity of the player. Both Hamza Choudhury and Wilfred Ndidi continued to run across the outer edge of the penalty area, while James Maddison decided to stay off. Therefore, Kompany agreed to take another touch before he decided to let the ball fly.

The perfect camera angle to witness the shot was behind Kompany as it provided the best story for his remarkable goal. He managed to strike the ball with his right foot, lifting both his feet off the ground in his effort to get the most out of his shot. The ball travelled high towards the goal, far beyond the capable hands of Kasper Schmeichel, ending up in the top-right corner to give Manchester City the lead.

This was considered a one-in-a-million strike, a wonder goal, and the more you look at it, the more sensational it becomes. This was the first goal for Kompany in more than a year. It also provided his primary goal in the Premier League from outside the box. He hasn’t been able to hit the goalie from outside the penalty area since December 2013.

The Reaction After the Goal

In Manchester City stands, there was a massive explosion of relief and joy. When the cameras focused on the Manchester City manager, Pep was in a messianic pose with his hands towards the sky along with a sea of limbs in the background.

When Pep was asked what he thought before Vincent went for goal, he responded that he didn’t want Kompany to go for the play at all. However, once the ball landed in the back of the net, he stated that it was a sensational goal and was relieved it managed to pass the goalkeeper. This will be the last season for Kompany at Manchester City as his contract comes to an end. However, if this is his good-bye, he certainly did it in style.