Canadian Premier League Championship Match Announced

European football has become a prominent sport in Canada, with the Canadian Premier League being a defining organization leading young athletes towards Major League Soccer. An unfortunate regulation in the Canadian Premier League allows for teams in MLS to compete against lower divisions, prompting an unfair advantage.

Lower-division teams don’t have the monetary components required to contract high-paying footballers, with their players often aged between 18 to 21 from local regions in Canada. When looking to teams in Major League Soccer, player acquisition funds are worth millions. It means young adults contracted in the Canadian Premier League haven’t the skillsets required to dominate over MLS athletes.

An Unfair Advantage for Toronto FC

Announcements were made again that Toronto FC from Major League Soccer will compete in the “CPL Championship Final” in Q1 2021, marking the team’s sixth consecutive entry into the season-ending matchup. Toronto is battling against Forge FC from Hamilton, Ontario. Details regarding an official date & location weren’t released by CPL personnel. It should be noted that scheduling of the championship final has been postponed, with Covid-19 cited as the main reason.

Whichever team dominates over the other will stand victorious of more than the CPL Championship Trophy. The winner receives qualification opportunities to compete in the 2021 Concacaf Champions League. There’ll be an exclusive attribute that TFC cannot account for coming into this match, with Toronto having never battled against Hamilton’s Forge FC.

Toronto FC doesn’t compete under the Canadian Premier League. The team is permitted to battle for the CPL Championship Trophy after finishing 1st of all organizations in Canada. Football analysts in Canada aren’t shocked by TFCs advancement, with the team dominating Canada’s Championship event for five consecutive seasons. Standing victorious in 2021 would mark their sixth successive victory and eighth overall.