Canadian MLS Teams Facing Border Restrictions

Major League Soccer has experienced a period of continuous charge during the COVID-19 pandemic. That won’t change anytime soon, with the “MLS is Back Tournament” slated to end in the coming weeks. This will prompt the revival of regular-season games, which could be challenging for Canadian teams. The Government of Canada has refused to allow teams based in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary compete against their American opponents. The Canadian and American Borders have remained closed amid COVID-19 Restrictions. It’s now prompting MLS to question if Canadian teams will be forced to compete exclusively against each other.

Organizers in Major League Soccer are continuously delegating with Government Officials, Health Authorities & Club Owners to implement one of several scenarios. An inside source working in-correlation with these delegations confirmed that Canadian Clubs are likely to compete on a smaller scale for a short period. Once border restrictions are lifted by the American & Canadian Government, conventional matches held in the Eastern & Western Division will return. This means that the Montreal Impact, Toronto FC, and the Vancouver White Caps are being forced to contend against exclusively each other.

Implementing this strategy provides Major League Soccer a short timeframe to continue delegations with the Canadian Government. Sports analysts anticipate that MLS Organizers will find themselves struggling to adhere an agreement with the Canadian Government. The Toronto Blue Jays forced delegations onto Government personnel, which influenced an untimely denial to compete at the Rogers Centre. Following what happened to the Blue Jays suggests that American teams won’t be permitted at BMO Field.

Continued Discussions

The inside source promises that discussions with Canadian Politicians are still active and that an agreement could be finalized by next week. Similar sentiments were issued by the Toronto Blue Jays, making analysts question the accuracy of an approval to compete with American Clubs. It’s been months since Toronto FC competed against an opposing team at BMO Field, with Major League Soccer forced to postpone their 2020 Season on March 12th. This occurred two weeks after their season had a standard, with professional football not resuming until early July. The “MLS is Back Tournament” ends on August 11th, with TFC expected to enter the Semi-Finals to Finals.