Brazil Victorious at 2019 Copa America

Brazil claiming a Copa America victory at home shouldn’t come as a surprise. The country has hosted the competition a total of 5 times, and after defeating Peru 3-1 during Sunday’s final, they have been victorious five times.

Not only did the tournament show that Brazil was able to handle being the favourites, proving that they did not choke on the anticipation as they did five years ago in the World Cup, but that they claimed victory thanks to a progressive, modern playing style. Brazil achieved this glorious win without Neymar who was injured throughout the competition. This is one victory that Tite will remember forever, a win that occurred without an imbalanced Neymar.

The Brazilian Manager

When Brazil was defeated by Peru three years ago in Foxborough, eliminating them from the Copa America group stage, it marked the beginning of a modernity shift for Brazil. Dunga was out while he was replaced by Tite, who didn’t have the narrow-mindedness of his predecessor. He decided to go to Europe and learn from others, study other players, and adopt a unique football style by pressing.

However, even though he incorporated this new and improved technique in the World Cup, he was always going to be hampered by the galactic ego-minded Neymar. Someone who no one can rely on when it comes to pressing as he slowed down the game. During the World Cup, there were several moments where Brazil showed that they had what it takes to be winners, but the imbalance of Neymar quickly ruled this out.

Without Neymar playing in the team, the squad transformed into something spectacular. It took a few attempts with a roster of players, but once everything merged, it turned into a phenomenal team, especially when you consider Gabriel Jesus and Everton as flanks, while Firmino dropped deep from a central role.

Peru vs Brazil

Gabriel Jesus managed to set up a beautiful opener for Everton during Brazil’s match against Peru. Everton was also the man who created the late penalty for the third goal, while Gabriel Jesus scored the second goal after Firmino won the ball, while Arthur surged forward. The midfielder from Barcelona played a vital role in midfield while Coutinho was considered the playmaker. Arthur was undoubtedly a player that Brazil missed during the last World Cup.

The only sad part about the match between Brazil and Peru was the fact that the ticket prices were far above average. This meant that only idle classes made up the bulk of the crowd at the stadium and plenty of seats were left open during the duration of the Copa America. This is something that needs to be looked at during the next Copa America as more ticket sales lead to more benefits for both team and football association.

Brazil deserved the win after their incredible performance, and we hope that the referees hear Lionel Messi and his concerns regarding corruption in Copa America.