Brad Stuver Signed to Austin FC

Goalkeeper Brad Stuver has received another contract in Major League Soccer, confirming he’ll sustain an eight campaign in the prominent sport. Austin Football Club elected Brad Stuver after NYCFC departed ways with the goalkeeper. Stuver becoming a free agent saw multiple teams make contact for potential contract acquisition. Austin FC would stand victorious over the negotiations, allowing Stuver to become their third goaltender in one season.

Brad Stuver has sustained several seasons in Major League Soccer, with his career starting at Columbus Crew SC. After four years under contract with Columbus Crew, Brad was transferred to New York City FC. Leaving that club after three seasons saw Stuver become a free agent for the first time, where he elected Austin FC as his latest home. That’s a notable change from less than a decade back, which saw Stuver competing for Cleveland State University.

An official announcement regarding his acquisition was released by AFC Sporting Director, Claudio Reyna. She mentioned that Brad Stuver sustains the qualities needed for a goaltender at Austin Football Club, with Claudia Reyna believing that Stuver selecting AFC will enable himself to compete for the championship again. Sentiments ended with clarifying their excitement into integrating Brad Stuver into Austin FC for the 2021 MLS Campaign.

Fierce Competition at AFC

Brad Stuver will compete for on-field time with Brady Scott & Andrew Tarbell, the two other individuals elected as goaltenders for AFC. Tarbell finalized his contract before Christmas Eve, with Brady Scot being signed during the Expansion Draft. These three men sustain similar skillsets, making it harder for coaching personnel to determine which goalie should defend AFC in upcoming matches.

Fifteen players have been signed to Austin Football Club, with the latest outside of goaltending being Hector Jimenez. He holds a prominent relationship with Brad Stuver, as both were teammates in 2014 at Columbus Crew SC. Their expected to work professionally & create unexpected opportunities for AFC in future matches.