Everton Wants RB Leipzig to Pay £28 Million for Ademola Lookman

According to several sources, Everton F.C are requesting a transfer fee of over £28 million for Ademola Lookman. The recent report comes after Everton allegedly tuned down a bid of £22 million from RB Leipzig.

The young winger spent most of the second half of the previous season at the German club on-loan. Ralf Rangnick, the manager of RB Leipzig, started earlier this year “He wants to come and we want him back.” Marco Silva, the manager of Everton, has stated more than once that Lookman forms part of his plans over the long term. However, it looks like Everton might sell if the right price is agreed upon, as the RB Leipzig transfer window is still available until 31 August 2018.

Big reputation but Delivers very Little

Ademola Lookman has managed to earn a big reputation during his stay at Charlton before he was transferred to Everton as a bright young prospect for a fee of around £10 million. Since his transfer to Merseyside, The under-21 England international has managed to deliver very little. There are only two memorable moments that come to mind since Lookman put on the blue shirt and that’s a debut goal while playing against Manchester City and forming part of a goal in last season’s FA Cup against Liverpool. Apart from these two memorable moments, Lookman hasn’t produced anything noteworthy which is exactly why 3 Everton managers have overlooked him for starts since he joined the club. However, during his short spell at Germany on loan, he looked great. Perhaps the Bundesliga is the perfect place for him to further develop his skills.

Attitude and Body Language is reportedly Poor

Most Everton players want him to stay, as they are well aware that he could potentially develop into a star. However, his attitude is reportedly poor during training prior to the Wolves game. Silva also mentioned that his attitude improved before the win against Southampton. Lookman started the match on the bench. However, he didn’t make it on the pitch as he looked rather disinterested during his warm-up.

Silva was planning to bring him on as a substitute, but Lookman’s attitude and warm-up failed to impress, and therefore Oumar Niasse was brought on instead. After the win against Southampton, several players stayed behind to sign autographs, while Lookman merely walked past while wearing headphones. He is obviously upset with the way Everton managers are treating him during his short time at the club. In truth, he hasn’t achieved much since his move to Everton and seems to be going on like he is a proven talent in the Premier League. Although he might turn out to be a fantastic player in the future, it looks like he already left Everton mentally. A move to RB Leipzig might be the best move for his career, as Everton is not the right place for Lookman to enjoy playing football.

How is Manchester City going to perform without Kevin De Bruyne?

Kevin De Bruyne is going to be out for at least three months after suffering a knee injury. Fortunately, no surgery will be required, Manchester City confirmed. The sensational midfielder injured the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) during a Wednesday training session in his right knee. Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva, and Riyad Mahrez played behind Aguero as Kevin De Bruyne entered the game as a substitute during the 60th minute during last weekend’s match against Arsenal where they claimed a 2-0 victory.

Kevin De Bruyne, who was voted Player of the Year for Manchester City last season, only managed to make a return to the club last week after receiving extended time away from the club following his involvement in the Belgium national team during the FIFA World Cup. The former Wolfsburg and Chelsea midfielder missed over two months during the 2015-16 season following a knee injury against Everton during a league tie while playing at Etihad Stadium. Manchester City is scheduled to face off against Huddersfield this coming Sunday in their first fixture for the 2018-19 season.

How will Kevin De Bruyne’s injury affect the team for the next three months?

Manchester City will obviously need to come to terms with the knee injury suffered by Kevin De Bruyne, but how is the team going to cope without their title-winning talisman from last season? Most are backing the star-studded Manchester City squad led by Pep Guardiola and are in high hopes that the team will succeed even though Kevin De Bruyne won’t be involved for at least three months, but will everything be as seamless for Guardiola as predicted?

Manchester City is currently in uncharted waters. After De Bruyne joined the club in 2015, he failed to start a mere 20 games in the Premier League. However, the team will now be left without De Bruyne for a significant chunk of the upcoming season. Whether it be successful passes, second assists, assists, goals, chances created from set pieces, overall chances created, or open play, Kevin De Bruyne has been Manchester City’s standout performer since he arrived in the squad. In fact, without the Belgian influence, Manchester City’s figures take a sharp nosedive in almost every department.

Who will replace Kevin De Bruyne for the next three months?

It should come as no surprise that Pep Guardiola has a wealth of talent to call upon in this situation as he attempts to fill the gap with the recent injury by Kevin De Bruyne. Most teams in the Premier League feature one or two players with the same quality as that of De Bruyne, while Manchester City boasts with three or four. After signing Mahrez, Manchester City possesses an incredible midfielder with the second-most goals in the Premier League since Kevin De Bruyne started his career at the squad. The team also has David Silva, a renowned Spanish player that can easily fill the gap going forward.

Arsenal Should Remain Positive – Despite the Most Recent Defeat

Hector Bellerin, the right-back players for Arsenal FC has come to peace with the idea that the team has a long way to go before they are playing at their peak performance, especially playing against Manchester City. Though despite the 2-0 defeat that happened during Unai Emery’s Emirate debut, Bellerin can still look at the positive outcomes from the match.
Throughout the game, the team tried their hardest to play from the back. However, Matteo Guendouzi could not hide his nervousness while on the field during the debut. On the upside, it can go without saying that he had a numerous amount of chances during the game.

Emirates Displayed Tactical Skills

On the opposing side, the Emirates did display their skilful tactical side as they allowed for an early substitution during the second half of the game, one that can be called an impressive speciality of Arsene Wenger. However, Bellerin showed his optimism as he spilled his thoughts on the game in an interview with the official Arsenal FC site. He started off by saying he only saw the game as something positive, even though the odds weren’t in the favour of the team. He reflected back onto how the team played last year and how much their skills have improved within the last few months, according to Bellerin, the team had chances to score and to impressive during the second half – something that was not as likely with their playing style from the last year. He continues on to talk about his opponents – stating that they were playing against a team that has been around for a while and have a room filled with new players who were previously crowned champions on the field – so with that knowledge, it’s not like the team faced an easy loss to a lower grade team.

The team is scheduled to travel to Stamford Bridge, which will show itself to be another tough challenge. This will serve as also being another chance for the FC to begin to get familiar with the working on their new manager as well. While Bellerin is remaining positive, he did emphasise the importance of each and every point, which can be hard to watch go away to another team, such as Chelsea. Though despite the loss, Arsenal is using this as motivation to show the opposers up and display that they can match and succeed their playing skills.

The FC is using this time to prepare themselves for the match as they have a week to improve their skills and come up with a gameplay. This is helpful as they have faced off against Chelsea before and have a solid understanding of what they’re up against. On the upside for Arsenal, Bellerin did notice that Guardiola did not have the instant success that everyone was looking for, which can be used to the FC benefit as the player has probably not fully adjusted to the workings of Arsene Wenger and the constant changes.

MLS All-Star Game Won on Penalties by Juventus

“I was offside”, Martinez said as he smiled, but still “I scored against them with Torino”. Josef Martinez rebelliously posed alongside the goal as Atlanta fans watched. Through a translator, Martinez said that it was a very important moment in a hugely important game. Massimiliano Allegri, manager of Juventus, said it was good preparation and a wonderful game. For the Italian powerhouse starting with eight Serie A titles won in less than three weeks, it was only a warmup.

The celebrations belonged to Juventus in the end. It was a huge let-down for the 72,317 crows as the Italian powerhouse triumphed in the MLS All-Star Game on penalties after the match on Wednesday night ended on a 1 – 1 draw. It was the A-T-L that got to see their favourite do what he does well, Martinez scored for the MLS the lone goal as part of what can only be described as a record-shattering season.

Juventus Dominated the Penalty Kick Stage

Juventus was the one who scored on all five penalties and won when De Sciglio kicked one past goalkeeper Steffen. The New York Red Bulls, Wright-Phillips left the door open after the MLS scored on the 1st three penalties. It is the second year for the All-Star Game to end in a draw of each team scoring 1 and that had to go into penalty time to be decided. Last year it was Real Madrid that triumphed at the Chicago’s Soldier Field over the MLS squad with 4 -2. In just 23 league games, Martinez with 24 goals is on par to outshine the scoring record of 27 goals of MLS and basically accepted the Golden Boot even though a third of the season remains. Martinez shared that it just adds pressure and therefore he is not thinking about the chance of becoming the prolific scorer of the league, he is just leaving it in the hands of God.

The 33-year-old, Cristiano Ronaldo, five-time FIFA play of the year decided to remain in Europe to train and rest after his pricey transfer from Real Madrid and the elimination of Portugal from the World Cup. With only a few days to blend together the all-star squad, the MLS team faced challenges of its own. The 23-team league squad did not include LA Galaxy forward, Ibrahimović who played from 2004 to 2006 with Juventus, the 36-year old who ranks 2nd with 15 goals in the MLS needed rest. Tata Martino, Atlanta United coach, said he thought everyone on the team did an exceptional job, taking into consideration that they only had two days of practice together.

In the 21st minute of the game Juventus gave the Italians too much room, allowing Pereira to escape unchallenged during a left-foot pass near the goal, Favill flicked the ball past Brad Guzan, although this lead lasted only around five minutes. Martinez’s pure persistence fling the Atlanta fans into turmoil with his goal.

The Excuses From Jose Mourinho are Running Thin

Jose Mourinho admitted that he had a problem – though, despite it, he was working on bettering himself, so his job performance can increase as well. Though, he made this claim way back in 2015 during one of his interviews. During that time, Mourinho directed the teams he managed to win league titles while having spectacular games that fans were going crazy for. In the following months and now even in 2018, this started to change drastically, and it’s safe to say that Mourinho wasn’t expecting it himself. It all started in December of 2015 with his team losing to Chelsea, despite having an impressive lead and matches which caused many viewers to believe that the win was secured for Mourinho. Afterwards, a steady flow of loses, nine out of the sixteen league matches, caused the axe to be drawn on Mourinho and credibility to his name being lost as well.

Losing the Spark

The football world is constantly changi0ng with the influx of new players and managers that are pulling all the cards needed to ensure their personal wins. At one point in time, Jose Mourinho was on top of the game. His record and trophy collection led him to the top and gave him the title of being one of the most successful football managers in the world. While he still has that special title, it seems as if Mourinho is losing his footwork in the football world.

Mourinho has an impressive history to match. The manager grew to fame for his management skills and cool demeanour. Nowadays it seems as he’s doing a 360 by his constant moaning on the field, his declining adaptability skills, as well as the behind the scene videos of him losing that cool demeanour and grip while addressing the players in the locker rooms.

If anything, the manager lost his spark and become well versed in complaining constantly and losing more respect from the fans, other teams, and possibly his own team as well. Though, the complaining tone is the perfect adjective to describe his career with Manchester United which he only seems to berate the players and say the foulest things to them on a constant basis.
It just seems as if he is a completely different manager since his winning streak of fame and success in 2012. He was present during a record-breaking season with the team he was currently managing, Real Madrid, until the team gained a large following and had their names in the news next to anything relating to winning another match.

Though Jose Mourinho changed in the last year and it became even more notable with Manchester United. The players have lost their spark as well due to Mourinho foul behavior to the point where stars such as Anthony Martial shimmer has seemed to have been dulled by the manager.

One thing is for certain. It wouldn’t be too much of a shock for Mourinho to begin to appear less and less in the news if he keeps spiralling down.



Gotze had just played a volley above Romero’s hand into the net. The cross Coming from fellow substitute Schuller, Germany was World Champions for the 4th time same as Italy and just one World Cup behind Record wonders Brazil .

Four years later in kasan, Gotze and Schuller wouldn’t be around to save the Germans as they became the first casualty of a queer World Cup.

Russia 2018 World Cup is the 21stFIFA World Cup mad the 3rd to hold in East Europe. Beyond the stats is a World Cup that has impressed on the field and off it.

The first surprise of the World Cup was a 5-nil drubbing of the Saudi Arabian National team by the host team.

The host team has been described as poor in mildest terms and unsurprisingly so.  The least ranked team playing in Russia 2018 just 3 steps below the Saudi Arabia team, they surprised the world with their goal scoring prowess. They showed the world that it wasn’t a one off by condemning the Mohammed Salah Egyptian team to their second loss out of the 3 games Egypt would go on to lose.

The Russian team have lived a fairy tale until they were knocked out  via an entertaining penalty lottery by Croatia another team living the dream in Russia.  The Russians were not given a chance but they preservered to the quarters, sending Pre tournaments favourites the Spainish nationalteam back to the warmth of Spain.

Russia 2018 has seen it’s share of wonderful goals, Goal keeper blunders, of uninspiring performances by the game best players ,break out performances and the introduction of the Video assisted refeering  on the biggest stage.

Off the field antics like Maradona showing his middle fingers to a Nigerian fan during their game against his beloved team Argentina or the face of Peter Schemechiel after his son Kasper Schemechiel saved Modric’s last minute penalty are two events at opposite ends of a spectrum at this World Cup.

Russia 2018 imitates other World Cups held before it in bringing fans from different  countries together, fans can be sending at fan zones mingling together and enjoying the company of their foes before the games.

The World Cup is seen arguably as the biggest sporting event bringing the best of the sport together for one year to win the biggest prize of their careers;  The golden cup . This is why the inconsolable tears, the depressed shoulders and the heart wrenching pain felt by both fans and players after being booted out of the football mundial is quite understanding

The World Cup in Russia is already at  Semi Finals,  with 4 teams who have delighted millions of football fans around the world with their talent, discipline, tenacity and strong will over the last three weeks slugging it out. In another week the winner of the 21st edition of the World Cup would be known but this World Cup wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry.

The Faces of joy, incredulity and pain of fans are etched in eternity. The Goal celebrations ranging from the funny, the deeply emotional, the respectful and the political celebrations wouldn’t go forgotten.  Neither would the volleys,the belted thunders, curlers and the numerous last minutes goals that have decorated this World Cup is all part of the miracle called Russia 2018.

Russia 2018 would be ending by the night of the 15th of July without gang fights, unprovoked hostilities and other dangers that fans have been warned about before the tournament started.

Rather it would end with a thunder, a bouquet and a pure stream of joy that has always been the epitome of the world most emotional Event.

It is Russia 2018, it is the Queer World Cup .

Favorites Of The Russia 2018 World Cup

Favorites Of The Russia 2018 World Cup

Before the first ball was kicked in Russia on June 11, some fans felt the much coveted World Cup would find its home to their countries.

You would agree with their lofty belief especially if they were nationals of Brazil,Spain, France, Argentina ,Belgium and the defending Champions Die Manchaft of Germany

Brazil was tipped to win a record 6th World Cup in Russia this summer. And they had all the arsenal to capture the trophy and bring it to their football crazy fans in the beautiful country of Brazil especially with Neymar coming back from a season ending injury.  Brazil won all their Pre tournament friendly games in style with Neymar showing why he is seen as a perennial contender for the balon d’or .

All that promise fizzled out when Brazil met Belgium in one of the most interesting games of the Russia 2018 World Cup leaving Neymar disconsolate and scarred once more.

Brazil might have had the flair and biggest threat but Germany was tipped to defend the World Cup trophy. The team chosen to repeat this feat still had players who won the World Cup 4 years ago. If that team was stellar this German Team was only stellar in names only. An insipid performance against the Mexicans saw them lose , it was followed by a game won only at the last second by a kroos curler against the swedes and a loss against the less fancied South Korean team.

Germany was knocked out and it was quite unpredictable. Spain might have gone one further than Germany but they fell short of the high  placedon them by their

2 days to their first match, Julien Lopetegui was sacked after being announced as the Coach of Real Madrid starting after the World Cup.

The announcement came as a shock but his sack by the Spanish FA came as a bigger shock. While the impressive showing in the first game against Portugal might have doused the fears, the roja blancos couldn’t go pass the host nation. Some quarters blame the sacking of Lopetegui on the failure of the team to reach it’s full potential at the World Cup .

But if there is one team amongst the pre tournament favourites who still retain the tag of favourites to win the trophy at the semi final stage, that team is the Les blues of France.  The team has continued to grow from strength since the beginning of the tournament.  They have defeated strong opponents including the Messi led Argentinian team and the well organized machinery of the Uruguay team. With Mbappe, Kante, pogba and Greizmann playing fantastic football it seems the World Cup is theirs for the taking.  But would they be able to go through an impressive Belgian team who have continued to impress all through, not even loosing or drawing a single game in the tournament. The only team to do so in this tournament and they have been able to do so with the help of a marauding hazard, clinical lukaku and a Courtois who has rediscovered his red hot form.  Belgium might just continue their impressive record and put an end to France chances just as they did to Brazil.

England seems to have an outside chance but a better chance at getting to the final if they can manage to muzzle Modric who has been fantastic so far at this World Cup,  and get the ball 4th o their talisman  Harry Kane who is the current highest goal scorer.

Croatia might fancy their chances as long as Modric keeps destroying midfields as he has continued without stop since the beginning of the tournament.

But their chances are slim but they might as well take it especially if it comes to a penalty shootout

Maybe England France or Belgium might win the World Cup or just maybe the men with the finest President at the World Cup, Croatia might just create history.