Austin Football Club Acquires Alex Ring

Major League Soccer teams have initiated trades for the upcoming 2021 campaign. Millions in general allocation money are being spent to acquire new footballers, with incentives based exclusively on performance. Announcements regarding acquisitions are being made regularly, with MLS analysts never anticipated Alex Ring would leave New York City FC.

Austin Football Club issued a press release, where revelations that Alex Ring is joining their club was confirmed. General allocation money reserves for Austin FC saw $1.25 Million awarded for a multi-year agreement. This marks the most prominent salary any US National player has received in MLS history, showing that amidst alterations to MLS Legislation, teams are willing to spend large percentages of available finances to acquire the best.

Austin FC didn’t acquire Alex Ring through team-wide merits, with the 29-year-old defensive midfield holding close ties with the AFC Sporting Director. Claudio Reyna & Alex Ring know each other from 2017 when Reyna worked for NYCFC. Sentiments were issued by all three parties involved with this acquisition, incentivizing primarily that Alex Ring’s time at NYCFC won’t be forgotten.

Issued statements from Austin Football Club remarked excitement for Alex Ring joining the organization by 2021. Praise was issued to Alex Ring by AFC, noting the skillsets & talents of this footballer since performing in Major League Soccer. Press released statements from AFC emphasized that Alex Ring played critical roles in making NYCFC a legendary club since 2015. For someone supporting such professionalism on & off the field, it’s unsurprising Austin Football Club would spend $1.25 Million for Ring.

Why Does Alex Reyna’s Acquisition Matter?

Austin Football Club enters their first official season in Major League Soccer during 2021. Team owners want to showcase league-wide that brand new organizations can hold prominence & compete for championship contention. When questioned on his position behind electing a new squad, Alex Ring responded that challenges await & that it’ll be an incredible experience to overcome those hurdles alongside Claudio Reyna.

Alex Ring’s lifespan throughout Major league Soccer began in 2016 with New York City FC. Four seasons maintaining the position of defensive midfielder saw Alex Ring acquire ten goals & thirteen assists, which was sustained over 113-Matches. His talents saw reward when nominated for the 2018 MLS All-Star Player Award.