Achara – The New TFC Hero

There’s a new talent in the Toronto Football Club that’s grabbing the attention of supporters. This follows after Greg Vanney, the Head Coach for TFC, announced that Ifunanyachi Achara would be receiving his first taste of Major League Soccer on March 7th. Instead of this young athlete performing on the basic level, he proved himself to be a quality asset for TFC. This 22-year-old could’ve acquired potentially three goals while TFC competed against NYFC. However, these goals were limited to one with the determination of referees. When questioned on this player, Greg Vanney mentions that Achara displays formidable confidence and composure. It’s suspected this young footballer will become of the first starts for Toronto.

Multiple sporting analysts were looking forward to seeing Ifunanyachi Achara, who was acquired as the 25th Draft Selection for the 2020 MLS Season. Most were expecting him to maintain a standout performance, with Achara proving them right before twenty-five minutes into the first half. After losing his 1st goal in Major League Soccer, he kept pushing forward and eventually acquired his first professional shot-on-net. It should be noted that Greg Vanney told Achara that he’d be starting ninety-minutes before this official match. It’s impressive how quickly this player composed himself and moved forward.

Achara spoke with MLS Reporters, where he stated: “When they told me I was going to start, I was like, Okay, I’m going to go out there and do my thing and try to score goals and be in the right position. Two goals would have been much better. But I’ll take one.”

Endoh Removed

It was initially anticipated that Endoh would be placed into the starting lineup on March 7th. However, he wasn’t able to attend this event after hurting his left knee. Endoh couldn’t perform the testing series held by TFC, which ensures every player is capable before the start of an official match. Greg Vanney was forced to bench one of his star athletes, which ended up working out for the head coach. Those wanting to see this shot-on-net can skip 81 minutes into the TFC vs NYCFC game. Though it should be mentioned that this was one of the best football matches in recent MLS history.